Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Country Living Series: New offer, great deal

We are pleased to announce the availability of the complete collection of 52 Country Living Series ebooklets for one low price of $20.

These ebooklets represent a compendium of experience we've garnered over the past 17 years here at the Rural Revolution homestead.

Last year, I took CDs of the collection with me to the Northwest Preparedness Expo in Prosser, Washington, and they went like hotcakes. Every single one sold out. Now we're making the collection available either by digital download (cheaper) or a hard copy physical CD (a touch more expensive because of shipping and handling).

Here are the titles included in the collection. For a more complete description, see our dedicated page.

The Preparedness Series
• Prepper Gardening (18 pgs)
• Are you an ant or a grasshopper? (6 pgs)
• Bugging Out to the Country: Your Obligations as a Refugee (6 pgs)
• Emergency Water (6 pgs)
• Finding a Prepper Community (10 pgs)
• How Hard Can it Be? (7 pgs)
• KISS Your Emergency Preparedness (10 pgs)
• Is Total Self-Sufficiency Possible? (6 pgs)
• Low Tech Solutions to High Tech Problems (11 pgs)
• The Humble Kerosene Lamp (7 pgs)
• Prioritizing Preparedness when Money is Tight (12 pgs)
• A Test of our Emergency Preparedness Systems (10 pgs)
• The Underground Economy (11 pgs)
• You Can’t Prepare for Everything (8 pgs)

The Frugality Series
• 20 Ways to Cut Your Food Bill (9 pgs)
• Disposing of Disposables (10 pgs)
• Plugging the Leaks (6 pgs)
• Ten Cheap Ways to Go Green (7 pgs)
• Our Zero-Waste Experiment (15 pgs)

The Business Series
• Craft Shows: Ticket to Success (54 pgs)
• Freelance Writing (9 pgs)
• The Home Craft Business: How to Make It Survive and Thrive (165 pgs)
• Supporting a Family with a Craft Business (8 pgs)
• Turning a Passion into a Business (17 pgs)

The Canning Series
• Introduction to Water-Bath Canning (11 pgs)
• Introduction to Pressure Canning (12 pgs)
• Canning FAQs: 100 Basic Questions about Canning (29 pgs)
• What NOT to Can (14 pgs)

The Dairy Series
• Basic Cheesemaking (13 pgs)
• Making Yogurt (6 pgs)
• The Question of Pasteurization (6 pgs)
• The Home Dairy (19 pgs)

The Livestock Series
• Bovine Basics for Beginners (8 pgs)
• Dehorning Calves Humanely (7 pgs)
• Dehydrating Eggs (9 pgs)
• Egg Anomalies (6 pgs)
• How to Milk a Cow (9 pgs)
• Jersey Giant Chickens (6 pgs)

Rural Living Series
• A Grocery Store in Your Home (8 pgs)
• Black Gold: Homestead Composting (11 pgs)
• Making Fruit Scrap Vinegar (8 pgs)
• The Death of Knowledge (7 pgs)
• How to Move to the Country (16 pgs)
• The Joy of Strawberries (11 pgs)
• Tire Gardening (14 pgs)
• Bear Poop and Applesauce: An Urban Migration to the Country (188 pgs)

The Simplicity Series
• Confessions of an Imperfect Homeschooler (5 pgs)
• Raising a Reader (5 pgs)
• Raising Simple Kids (7 pgs)
• Ten Secrets of Simple Living (6 pgs)
• The Secret of a Simple Life (9 pgs)
• Why be Normal? (6 pgs)

If you'd like to purchase this collection either by digital download or with a physical CD, click this link. Thank you!


  1. I really enjoyed your husband's website. Is everything okay?
    Every time I try to load it, I get an error message 404 page not found. I miss his humor.

  2. Did your husband take down The Daily Malcontent? The webpage is down.

  3. I know this question does not relate, but what happened to Don's site, it just keeps coming up 404-page not found.
    Looking forward t ordering.

  4. I have wanted this series for some time now. Very excited to start reading through the ebooks as the download just completed. Thank you for sharing your experiences with others who want to take strides towards country living.
    Amanda in WI

  5. Thank you! I cannot wait to read through these. I adore your writing Patrice. -Karla

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    1. Please email

      Our older daughter will take care of you. Thanks!

      - Patrice

  8. just tried to access The Daily Malcontent. got an error message from weebly. Is everything okay?

    kathy in MS

    1. Everything's fine. He just got tired of writing it. I'll be putting up a post to that effect shortly.

      - Patrice

    2. Really enjoyed his site...Hope he reconsiders some time in the near future.

  9. Still have not heard from your daughter regarding the download I paid for but did not receive. What do I need to do?


    1. Actually, she's responded to you twice. Please check your spam or junk file -- her replies might have gotten caught there.

      - Patrice

  10. Nothing there. what email address did she reply from?

    1. Since she's getting your emails but you're not getting hers, please send her an email with your mailing address, and she will be pleased to ship you a physical CD. Alternately, if you'd like a refund, just let her know.

      - Patrice

  11. Can do. Your email is Whitelisted. I have not had this problem before. Thank you for your patience.

  12. I just wanted to pop in and say I had no trouble retrieving the file. It didn’t come through an email though, I was redirected to what looked like a blog page with a link to download. The zip file saved quickly and all files were there. Such a great package, thank you Patrice! -Karla

    1. We had to arrange for a zip file download because most email programs have a size limit for file attachments, and our ebook collection was too large to send via email. Glad you like the contents.

      - Patrice

  13. Do you have a printed hard copy available? We live off grid. No computer or printer. I prefer not to read a lot from my phone.

    1. I'm sorry, but no. It would be hundreds of pages thick, and we're just not set up for it.

      - Patrice

  14. The files can be sent by email to a store like Staples, FedEx or a mailing company and they'll print it for you.