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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Collij ejukation

This photo comes courtesy of Daily Time Waster. The caption: "Her parents must be so proud."

It also helps explain a little about my current hostility to a collig ejukation.


  1. Huh. It's pretty obvious that she didn't get an education, that's for sure. College is not what it used to be...

  2. That picture is completely fake, of course. Original is here.

    Luckily, going to a prestigious college helped me with critical logic skills.

  3. I guess my favorite part of the other site's spittle-laced fury at this nonexistent young women's illiteracy is all the grammar errors they themselves made.

  4. I'm with krab. Wake up to your fake news. You were scammed again.

  5. Like Krab is saying, fake news is EVERYWHERE and it's going to get worse. IF photoshop itself isn't enough of a worry, check out what one of my favorite vloggers, Mark Dice, has to say about it.

    Steve Davis
    Anchorage, Alaska

  6. Mr Krab, before you throw your shoulder out wack patting yourself on the back for your wonderful critical logic skills, maybe you should delve a little deeper. Yes, photoshopped image. Big whoop-te-do. The internet is littered with 'em. The ENTIRE point of the image not whether the individual's stupidity is evident due to grammar issues, but the idicocy in the thinking that anyone owed a taxpayer funded college education. Nuance.