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Monday, October 1, 2018

Why I don't believe Kavanaugh's accusers

Last week I wrote a scathing satirical column focusing on the collected accusations against Brett Kavanaugh. To say I got emails would be an understatement in the extreme. Critics did everything from question my Christian beliefs to express hope our two daughters would be raped so I would feel more sympathy for sexual assault victims.

Here’s the thing: Kavanaugh’s accusers probably did suffer sexual assault during their lives. My belief, however, is that Kavanaugh wasn’t the perpetrator. I believe they’re accusing the wrong man … and they’re doing it on purpose.

I’ve been informed, with the greatest possible profanity, of how horrible it is when women aren’t believed when claiming assault. They ask, “How would I feel as a woman if I weren’t believed when I said I was sexually assaulted?” My response is this: “How would you feel, as a man, if you weren’t believed when you denied it?

To understand my hostility toward Kavanaugh’s accusers in this issue, let me relate a story.

Back in the mid-80s, my cousin “Bob” was working as an engineer in the Silicon Valley, and living in a sprawling apartment complex. One evening around 6 p.m. (in winter, so it was dark), he left his apartment and walked across the complex to buy a soda from a vending machine. Suddenly he was approached by a woman flanked by two police officers. The woman pointed at Bob and said, “That’s him!” Next thing he knew, Bob was handcuffed, taken to the police station, strip searched (including body cavities), and jailed.

My uncle and aunt were awakened around 2 a.m. by Bob, informing them of his situation and asking them to engage a lawyer on his behalf. His accused crime? He allegedly exposed himself and performed an extremely personal act on this woman’s back porch, right at her glass door.

Fast forward three months. Tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees later, the case went to court. It took three days – three days! – to present all the “evidence” the woman had up her sleeve. My cousin denied everything. Then the jury retired to deliberate, and our family was tied in knots for hours and hours until finally, at last, they came back as a hung jury. The judge declared a mistrial, and the case was dropped.

After it was over and my cousin was free, my uncle – a strong and noble man – broke down and cried for 20 minutes, right there in the court room.

As it came out later, the woman who accused my cousin of sexual misconduct was having an affair. She was nearly caught when her husband came home early, and just in time managed to shove her lover out the glass door onto the patio, where he fled. Then she raised a ruckus, shrieking her victimhood to her understandably distraught husband. He called the cops and they searched the apartment complex. She literally fingered a perfect stranger, accusing him of a vile act.

My cousin came within a whisker’s breath of being convicted as a sexual pervert, required by law to register as a sex offender wherever he went. How would that have impacted him for the rest of his life? How would it have impacted his career, his relationships, his finances, his entire future?

He was never convicted – but the allegations and court case impacted him nonetheless. It was costly not just in money, although it wiped out his own savings as well as that of his parents. It also cast aspersions on his good name, it made coworkers sidle away and eye him warily, and later it took a special and wonderful woman to understand his side and share her life with him.

When I look at Kavanaugh, I see my cousin. I see a good man facing down unprovable allegations from decades before. I see rabid frothing-at-the-mouth feminists clawing him into the ground to fulfill their agenda. In the insane rally among the leftists to defend women’s feelings, they’re forgetting – dismissing – entirely scorning – the feelings of unjustly accused men and their families.

They're also forgetting something else: The presumption of innocence that is the bedrock of our legal system.

I have a husband. I have a father. I have brothers. I have uncles. I have cousins. I have nephews. I have friends. Every single one of these fine upstanding men stands a chance of being accused by a random woman of sexual assault in a “He said/she said” situation … and their only recourse is the courts, a judicial system already stacked against them solely on the basis of their Y chromosome, thanks to the feminists.

Don’t tell me women can’t lie. They can, and they do. I've heard plenty of women lie. If you're an honest woman, you have too.

Critics are wrong when they accuse me of not being sympathetic to women who have been sexually assaulted. On the contrary, I have the deepest sympathy for women who are truly victims.

But I have the deepest contempt for women who level unverified (and unverifiable) charges and accusations against innocent men. “Rape is a devastating crime,” wrote Michelle Malkin in a brilliant column. “So is lying about it.”

I’m not particularly concerned whether or not Kavanaugh gets on the Supreme Court. That’s not my focus. My concern is the loathsome ammunition used against him, the lowest possible weaponry imaginable. It’s devastatingly effective and it never goes away.

It’s almost as if the more honorable a man is, the worse the accusations must be to get rid of him. It’s clear this immoral and destructive tool will be used again and again for political gain. As a result, real assault victims will suffer from the inevitable backlash.

Advocates for assault victims point out how the raw emotions can still come flooding back, even decades later. They’re right. As I wrote this column and remembered what happened to my cousin, the raw choking emotions did indeed come flooding back, a bitter and vile loathing for the woman who accused him.

You can never forget an assault – and that includes a false one.


  1. shades of Joseph and Potiphar’s wife

  2. I think Divine Intervention is needed for the Truth to come out. Unfortunately those involved in the endeavor to keep Judge Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court would tell God to go pound sand.


  3. I feel sorry for your cousin and I'm sure he was a victim...but I'm also sure that Brett Kavanough did all that Dr. Ford said he did.

    The investigation itself will give him a chance to claim innocence till proven guilty or innocent.

    If I were to bet on percentages of rape vs. fictitious guess is that the numbers would be extremely high for rape. J.

    1. How can you possibly believe "Dr." Ford when there is not a shred of evidence for what she is claiming? How can you believe her when her story has not only huge, gaping holes but blatant lies? Are you believing because you want to believe, or because you believe there is valid evidence?

    2. J! Surprise, surprise, surprise! Who would have thought? "I believe in climate change because I "feel it is real" (never mind my sources 'select' data to support my feelings). I believe Dr. Ford because she says so...despite not having any substantiating evidence.

      Yep! Who would have thought?!


    3. So in keeping with your stated logic, I believe Kavanaugh because he said so. Thus lies the need for evidence.

    4. The evidence is forthcoming in the investigation. J.

    5. Once again, the need for evidence is required before any statement of belief is shared. While I shared earlier that I believe in Kavanaugh because he said so, I am honestly waiting until all documents have been published and then read on my own. I do NOT believe the media and almost always read public documents as everyone should. S.

    6. Actually the statistics are really bad. About 57% of claimed rapes are false claims. Why don't we know this? Because there is virtually no penalty to making false claims. If the false accuser had to stand trail and face years in jail then it would be news.

    7. J Honey, apparently you are not familiar with the justice system in this country. Let me help. All defendants (Kavanaugh) are 'innocence until proven guilty'. They is no such concept as ‘proving you are innocent’. The burden of proof is on plaintiffs (Blasey) to prove that defendants (Kavanaugh) are guilty.

      It’s a shame young people are not taught the basics of justice in their own country. I don't agree with those who claim it would be just too complex or emotionally distressing for the young of today. Our homeschoolers have no problem understanding it.

      Montana Guy

    8. Dear "Honey".......Did you read the part where I mentioned only the investigation will show innocence or guilt? Probably not.

      It is only MY OPINION after listening to ALL of the testimony, that the man has totally perjured himself and has done so on a regular basis.

      You might want to ask your fearless leader why he was MOCKING Dr. Ford before the FBI even delivers their findings.

      (You do know the answers will be filtered through the senate in a non-transparency fashion and kept from the public? No collusion going on there.)

      Even repubs on baby huey's own team are disgusted that he would stoop so low. But I say.....consider the source....I wasn't surprised. J.

    9. And once again, I note what you said, listened. To whom did you listen? The media? I realize that the FBI report has been read to the Sentence committee due to the sensitivity of the findings. So in saying that, I again state, my judgement will not be cast until I can read information myself. It is my desire that Americans will develope the intelligence to glean knowledge for themselves and not rely upon the biased media...liberal or conservative.

      I will take a moment to share that I resented being classified as an uneducated citizen by CNN in that I side with conservative views. Furthermore, it is not my desire to see a conservative or liberal on the bench but a constitutionalist. Which again is why I choose to read Kavanaugh's bio and record as a judge. S

  4. So true. Almost every woman has had unwanted sexual advances, many have been assaulted which should be prosecuted. Many men have been falsely accused and even more chased by assertive females who won't take nice rejection. The kind who go into a separate door from their mother because a boy (Mark Judge) is working there and he looks nervous, or even sick because there's that ditzy girl again to embarrass him in front of everyone. As a female who was counselor to 285 college girls and from a family of 5 sisters I can attest women lie. They can tell it so often they believe it themselves. It gets them attention, it's an excuse for everything that has gone wrong in their life, poor grades, broken relationships, prgnancies. It's not my fault I struggled in school, relationships, whatever. They can get beaucoup bucks from "Go Fund Me" --tax free- , a book deal and maybe a movie--- "I'll be a star". They held her until last minute because they knew she was too ditzy to sell, not knowing there are a lot of Americans who will believe anything.
    No one can say she's a ditz, now and in school, because they are attacking the victim. Those who know her don't dare say anything they are just so relieved she didn't choose to accuse them. Many pity her, but she's still dangerously nuts. Think about paying $30,000 a year tuition to have her teach your son or daughter. God deliver us.

  5. Bravo! As a woman who lost my virginity to rape at the age of 17, I agree with you 100%. I'm not looking for sympathy. I'm looking for the Lord to return and for the Truth in this situation to prevail.

  6. Of course some women lie and men do also. If I was accused, I would demand an investigation as would any innocent person. Dr. Ford asked for a FBI investigation. Brett Kavanaugh side stepped the question about whether he wanted a FBI investigation and would not say yes. But he is so angry about his "good name". Innocent people want to be cleared of any allegations, Brett Kavanaugh is not acting like an innocent person. Therefore, I believe Dr. Ford. I'm sorry for your cousin, but that does not mean Brett Kavanaugh is innocent.

    1. Baloney! He's acted completely like someone who wants to clear his name! How can you believe her when none of the evidence or witnesses she claims back her story? How can you believe her when even her story doesn't back her story, if you understand what I mean? How can you believe her when she has been caught in lies, such as the second door on her house and not being able to fly, or, even being a Psychologist? The second door on her house went in years before she claims and is used for her business she ran out of her home. She flew all the time, jet-setted all over the world. She has no current license to practice Psychology in California and is breaking California state law by claiming to be one.

    2. There was a request for an FBI investigation but only into Judge Kavanaugh. No one wants to confront Dr. Ford. The prosecutor who asked the questions for the Republican senators (so she didn't feel uncomfortable) told the Democrat senators that she didn't even provide enough information to ask for a search warrant. She was inconsistent.

      As for "innocent people" wanting an FBI investigation to clear their name, the list of Democrats who avoid, circumvent and otherwise block investigations must mean that there are a lot of guilty Democrats. Otherwise, under the same idea, they would INSIST on an FBI investigation.
      Kathy in MS

  7. You sure opened a can of worms on your little corner of the sphere Miss Patrice. As a former Army MP and as a nurse that has performed rape protocols I can say with anecdotal evidence most rape allegations fall flat within minutes once the proper authorities have begun their investigations. Under 5 minutes stories change, physical evidence doesn't corroborate, victim becomes combative and verbally profane with those present that are sympathetic and have a true desire to provide comfort and healing.

    1. I'm so glad to hear this! My first question is always, "Didn't anyone notice your distress and dishevelment?" and second, "Did you report this to the police and have evidence taken?" Rape is a serious crime; but then, so is falsely accusing someone, or it should be!

  8. Post Alley CrackpotOctober 1, 2018 at 5:24 PM

    "I see a good man facing down unprovable allegations from decades before. I see rabid frothing-at-the-mouth feminists clawing him into the ground to fulfill their agenda."

    And I see the masses of American men as another Atlas Shrugged in the making ...

    When you hear some woman whinging about how she "can't find a man" in the Anglo-American sphere, ask her whether she supports the kinds of things that turn otherwise willing men into refuseniks.

    When a man can be falsely accused of some vile crime by some woman he's never met who needs to come up with some facile alibi so she won't be found out as the piece-of-crap liar that she really is, you can imagine how most men react to "indicators of interest" from borderline crazy women.

    As for the accuser in this case, if it can be shown in a court of law that she is making maliciously false statements about capital crimes, then I wouldn't have a problem at all with the accuser being imprisoned for life without parole for crimes against the society.

    Execution is also an option under American law since it hasn't been outlawed yet, of course.

    As for the American Leftist visitors who don't like this essentially Singaporean-British way of looking at this matter, I don't recall ever asking any of you lot.

    But the actions of the American Leftists are convincing enough to let those who agree in principle with Trump's rhetoric continue to agree with it: you're behaving like losers who can't win unless they "dog pile on the enemy".

    And here you lot are trying to do it to Patrice because she has the mental and intestinal fortitude to stand up to you and to make fun of you ...

    I get it, American Leftists, that you'd like to win, but you're not winners, you're losers, and playing this "dog pile on the enemy" game doesn't make you into winners.

    All of the false accusations, all of the ridiculous drama ... why, it's almost as if the American Left wants to act like a Borderline Personality Disorder patient not under treatment!

    Is it any wonder that the sensible American man wants no part to do with any of this?

  9. Once the facts became known, he should have sued the living H_LL out of that woman!

  10. And another shoe drops


  11. Let us remember that we are (supposed to be) a land of laws and along with laws comes (hopefully) reason.
    One thing many commenters here are forgetting is about men and about their sons. How many high school and college students went to parties and drank too much when they were younger – and even minors? Should any and every mistake made by an individual follow him or her throughout life? (If yes, then should we release anyone from prison….ever?) Should we do away with the statute of limitations? (“I did not have sexual relations with that women.” Isn’t that perjury? Words under oath of a sitting President regarding actions taking place in the Oval Office. Should he then be in prison now? )
    We have a situation here that would never make it to prosecution out in the “real world”. Why? The accuser has no way to prove anything. The accuser’s social media was completely deleted so there could be no relatively recent investigation of her. Again – this becomes a “he said, she said” with witnesses she has listed unable to corroborate her accusations. What if you were Kavanagh?
    While it is very possible and believable that something did happen to Mrs. Ford at one time she has no way of proving “beyond a reasonable doubt” that she has the right man. Her timeline has varied more than a half a decade throughout her relatively recent reporting of this incident. How many men have been accused and prosecuted with recent evidence only to spend years in jail to be released because DNA evidence later proved the accuser wrong? What if Judge Kavanagh was your husband, your son or your son in law and he was being lynched by the media and much of the public when there is no corroborating evidence? What happened to “reasonable doubt”? Innocent until proven guilty. A man is being dragged through the mud with no proof other than 36 year old “I think maybe” memories? What about parental responsibilities? Her timeline indicates she was between 15 and 19 “or so”. If she was 15 what was she doing there? How come her parents did not know? My parents always knew where I was at that age.
    He did not commit rape as per Mrs. Ford. She was not raped, but someone apparently did terrify her. The credibility of the other “accusers” is highly questionable. They also have no actual proof of anything. Is anyone and everyone who drinks, drank or used to and has not had a drink in 30 years to be considered unchanged and as responsible as they were in High School and College? How many of you posting here have ever tried an illegal drug, had a drink as a minor or even driven over the posted speed limit? Should that information be on public display for your family, current friends and employer to use as a condition for your employment? Glen Beck interviewed a woman who was determined at the time of her rape to have the man put in jail. She made a point of observing every detail so she could get him. She did. She nailed him in the lineup. Eleven years later DNA proved her wrong. They did get the actual rapist, but she now lives with the guilt of taking 11 years of the life a man who is now her friend.

  12. -cont'd
    There are some here who are upset because of his comments about a “smear”. What about Herman Cain? It took 4 years of law suits against accusers, cost him millions and nearly destroyed his family. All of the accusers had nothing, but he was no longer a Presidential candidate and all was forgotten by the political party and those behind it. Mission accomplished. “Binders of women”? Mitt Romney. Is there a not a pattern here? Yet there is always an excuse for William Jefferson Clinton, and currently Cory Booker and Keith Ellison. People laughed and mocked VP Pence because he would not meet with any women without his wife or other mixed company present. Still so funny?
    I am sorry. I do believe that Mrs. Ford sincerely believes that something happened to her. I do not believe that it was him. She does not have the evidence to prove anything. She is being used as a pawn to destroy someone a group does not politically agree with. Besides his job would be to follow the law – as written. Not rewrite it to suit his whim.
    How might this negatively affect women? I will relate my experiences. I have worked in male dominated fields all of my life (starting in the 1960’s as “paperboy”). I am female. I have run a chainsaw (professionally), worked as a park ranger and worked in an electrical generation facility. I will focus on the last one. As a women who was working in an electrical generation facility during the Clarence Thomas hearings I fully understand the ramifications of what the Dems are doing. All of the sudden the guys that I was working with were terrified of me. They felt that I could "have their jobs" if I so chose. That job was what provided security for their families. It took a lot of talking, reassurance and time to regain their trust - which I personally, had done nothing to lose.
    I told my husband that these women (Ford's legal team - and a number of leading female Dems) could not run a business. ("We will only consider negotiating if you meet all OUR conditions before we start".) Imagine the catfight between 2 female CEO's, each with that attitude toward negotiations! And then feminists complain about the lack of female CEO's and others in high ranking positions. Women so often complain they do not have pay equity - but then compare different positions. I don't see them whining because they don't have the pay of garbage "men" or of the workers in a wastewater "sewage" plant. I have gotten the same pay (and sometimes more) than the men working with me in the same position. The women want the straight days and a heated/AC office position without the grunge, filth and sweat with which to make those comparisons. Or they may want the CEO position without earning it.
    All this said, humans are humans – men and women. Both will lie cheat and steal to get what they want. Among them there are stellar individuals – both male and female. Here we have a case where dozens and dozens of women who have worked with Kavanagh have submitted signed documents supporting him and his behavior toward them for a quarter of a century or more. Yet one or two accusers with admittedly foggy memories are being used (and supported – last I read the Ford’s “Go Fund Me” page was approaching three quarters of a million dollars) to smear him. I have told our son and my husband to never EVER stop and help a women on the road with a flat tire or a car in the ditch. She has a cell phone now. It is not worth it. Natokadn

    1. You nailed it also, all the way.

  13. I'm not good at identifying liars. I am, in fact, pretty stupid in that respect. I almost always have to work out the truth by relentlessly applying logic and seeing what breaks.

    When there's sneakiness going on, I'm almost always the last one to wake up to it. I am, however, pretty good at recognizing patterns.

    The allegations against Mr. Kavanaugh fit a pattern of "manly" behavior that was more common than I'd like to admit when I was young (I was born in 1978-- I'm not THAT old). They didn't think of it as rape. They didn't even think of it as wrong.

    There's a reason why there are so many emotions to be stirred up here. I can't count the number of women who have been told (or the number of times I've been told)-- "You owe it to me, baby." "Come on-- I know you're saying no, but I know you want to." "If you get raped, it's your fault for wearing that/being there/hanging around with guys." I heard the last two A LOT-- I had a lot of trouble with depression and insomnia as a young woman, and tended to walking alone for hours at night as preferable to laying in my bed begging God for death. And I am an unnatural, unfeminine woman-- to this day, if it weren't for guy friends, I'd have no friends at all. As if men are dogs, who can't control themselves in the presence of a bitch in heat.

    We need to STOP IT with that attitude. Men can, and should, control their penises just as much as women can, and should, control what we allow our emotions to drive us to do to others. We need to TALK ABOUT sex, and healthy attitudes toward it (whatever your attitude is, unless it's "1-2-3-4, fuck that skag until she's sore!!," chances are there's a healthy way to look at it), and HOW to say no, and that sometimes bad things still happen.

    The behavior on the part of many vocal feminists fits a pattern, too. Hysteria. Witch hunts. A friend posted a scene from "To Kill A Mockingbird" with a caption about convicting people based on feelings in the absence of evidence.

    I've had women throw themselves at my husband (in front of me, none the less)-- and then threaten to accuse him of taking advantage of them because he WOULDN'T!!

    I'm a very awkward person. I've been falsely accused of things before (the perpetrator, in that case, was after money and I think maybe narcissistic supply); I gave up and laid down because she was far, far better than me at manipulating feelings. I'd hate to live in a society where I could be convicted in a court of law (as well as in the court of public judgment), in the absence of evidence, because someone was good at stirring up emotions.

    We're in a mess. Wounded, vengeful women. Men with terrible, soul-crushing ideas of what masculinity means. Other men, the majority of men I think, simultaneously punished for the behavior of a few and emasculated for not engaging in that same behavior themselves. I'm afraid for my daughters. I'm TERRIFIED for my son. God have mercy on us.

  14. Men would slay dragons for women. Yea, I’m so old that I remembers when women embraced femininity Women agreed to marry and have sexual relations and children. In return men would do whatever was necessary to provide and protect them and their children.

    Then Feminism came along. Women burned their bras, protested buck naked, gave away sex, and dressed like Snickers bars. Men adapted as you might expect. Both sexes went down the rat hole.

    Oh, and women murdered 60,768,258 of their babies. This is what the whole Kavanaugh spectacle is all about. Playing the ‘rape card’ is just a means for women to continue killing their babies.

    Me thinks God had it right the first time.

    Dock Guy

    1. I grew up in the '50's when if you dressed like a slut and acted as such, flaunting breasts and drinking at a party with a bunch of frat guys you were treated like a slut. Times are different now. Nowadays I see many teens dress and look like whores, flaunting everything they have....and then get insulted when they are hit upon by a guy or hook up immediately upon meeting. But, then what would one expect from the daughters and granddaughters of the radical feminists of the '60's. Happily, they are still in the minority. How very convenient to cry 'rape' when it suits them. Makes it bad for the real victims. Of course, nowadays, if a guy cops a feel, it is considered attempted rape... We knew how to handle guys like that in the old days. We did not walk half naked down the street alone at 3 am, either.

    2. So I guess the women from Fox News are asking for it considering they all dress like sluts. Got it.

  15. Patrice, you are absolutely on point! The BEST! Top Notch! I've been where your uncle has. Early in my career myself and another co-worker was head to head for a promotion, his wife who also worked with us caused a similar situation just so her husband would be promoted over me. It caused a lot of pain for me and uncertainty with my co-workers. #METOOLIES

  16. Patrice, in your first paragraph you twisted my words from the last blog post you wrote.

    Just to clear things up, this is what I wrote:

    UnknownOctober 1, 2018 at 10:10 AM
    Obviously you were never sexually assaulted. Pray that it never happens to you or your daughters.

    I was assaulted at 15, by a man known to my family while I was sleeping in my bed. I'm 68 now and the trauma is still with me. BTW, my family didn't/wouldn't accept the fact.

    You disappoint me tremendously.

    Nowhere in that comment did I wish for your girls to be raped. As a matter of fact, I did not even use the word rape. You did.

    As a mother of 4 girls and 2 boys and grandmother to 7 girls and 3 boys, I stand by my comment. Regardless of political leanings, sexual assault is a traumatic thing. I still would not wish that on anyone.

    Just for the record, I am a conservative in my politics, have been a christian for probably more years than you have been alive. My husband is also right leaning, a christian and church deacon.

    Lying is never acceptable.

    1. I wasn't referring to your comment. I was referring to emails I received. Many were very ugly.

      - Patrice

  17. I agree 100% with what you're saying. This attack is so mean spirited and politically motivated and stinks to high heaven.

    I also cannot understand how a woman can be too drunk to give consent but a man cannot be excused for being too drunk to determine the same. In my mind both are equally a fault. Being drunk is self-inflicted and never has a good outcome and its unfair to blame someone else for the bad outcome. Really what would you expect to happen from participating in an underage teenaged drinking party?

    I was attacked by a drunk teenager when I was 13 or 14. Fortunately he was so drunk and I was a sober and NOT involved in the drinking also a scrapper so I was able to get away. Should I today drag his good name through the mud. BTW a week after the incident he had no recall of it.

    We were taught to avoid drinking and drunks and to take care of ourselves in negative situations. Now I'm not talking about a violent rape situation, but the everyday nasty stuff that we face. I've suffered more long term angst from being bullied by nasty snobby girls I went to school than I did from the sexual groping by the drunk. I whacked the drunk over the head and escaped but was forced to endure bullying for three years. I consider what's happening to Kavanaugh to be EXTREME bullying for political gain.

  18. The soup du jure is accusing men of some sort of sexual misbehavior, because it cannot be PROVEN false. We've gone from the days of women not being believed unless there was a witness, to women being believed even if there is a witness against her.

    My son was accused by his ex of molesting his son. She claimed she walked into his house and caught him at it. He spent days in jail, nearly loosing his job. It went to trial and I testified that I was there, and she was never there. She couldn't have seen anything.

    So she waffled. Maybe it was some other date. She couldn't remember. It was sometime within a four month period. She didn't call the police the day it happened, she continued to give the children to him on his custody days, she never told anyone about it.

    She was believed! My son was not allowed unsupervised visits with his children for two years. Finally she admitted in public that she had made the accusation at her mother's insistence, and it was her mother she was afraid of, not my son.

    No, women are catty, cruel, sneaky, cliquish, self-serving and conniving. Am I misogynist? To some extent, yet I AM a woman. And I have been exposed to as many examples of men going right past chauvinist and straight to pig as any young and pretty woman has.

    No, this woman has not convinced me she has a case. This country still stands on INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY, and she's proven nothing.

  19. I am very concerned about the impact this is going to have on the judicial system in our country. Every single day men and women are asked to sit and adjudicate on cases exactly like this one. I sat on the jury for a very similar case 10 years ago. Sexual assault cases are HARD. Legally, and emotionally. The one I was juror for involved a male appx 20 years old and a 13 year old girl. There was evidence the male had bought alcohol for him, his friend, the girl and her friend. But that was all the evidence there was. Nobody on that jury wanted the male to go unpunished if he had really assaulted her as charged. But there was not enough evidence. There was not enough evidence to ruin a guy’s life. I will add Kavanaugh has more evidence of his innocence that this guy did.
    That was 10 years ago. What if that case came up today (and I’m sure those cases in fact do, every single day)? Now with the national example from the top of our government of how these things are supposed to go down – believe the female, because she’s a female – in the absence of evidence, dig into the defendants character and see if there is anything you would frown upon – still coming up short, demand more investigation…. Is there any doubt prosecutors and lawyers are going to change their tactics to skirt real justice and get a rule by emotion?
    Dems and Repubs up to and including the President are responsible for this, by pretending evidence or lack thereof doesn’t matter, and creating a sustainable character assassination to substitute for evidence.
    Criminal allegations should have been handed off to the AG at the start (do your job Sessions) to see if there was any merit, and if they came up short, then let’s talk about how much we like or dislike his non-criminal activities (drinking and partying). This terrible blur of here say as evidence is going to bear the bitterest fruit Americans will drink for years to come.

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  21. I absolutely loved your WND post! I am a sexual assault survivor, and I also do not believe the accusations being leveled at Kavanaugh. I do believe that Dr. Ford is a survivor, but I do not believe that Kavanaugh was the perpetrator. There are just too many inconsistencies in her story, as well as those of the other accusers. Do I believe Kavanaugh is a saint? Nope. We grew up in the same era. I know the dumb stuff I did. If we were all to be judged on our behavior as kids/teens, NOT A ONE OF US would get off scot free! I judge my past experiences as a high schooler MUCH differently than actual sexual harrasment and assault I experienced later in life in the work environment. I will get off my high horse here...

  22. Oh come on. The man lied. Repeatedly. Patrice - you've got a good enough BS detector to know that. Seriously, when Judge and Kav asked each other if they have boofed yet - you honestly believe they were asking each other if they've farted yet? I dunno - have you farted yet?

    Now a different matter - anyone directing anything at someone's children yours, his, mine - they are the lowest of humanity and should never have crawled out from under their rock.

    1. In many ways your post exposes the leftist lies. The "boofing" is simply an entry into the yearbook that some senator jumped on to give it entirely different meaning. No evidence, no credible accusation, nothing. So in your mind that "proves" Kavanaugh is somehow guilty of being a sexual predator. But there is actual evidence one of the classmates did in fact come forward and testify that indeed "boofing" was nothing more than a joke about farting. So you ignore the ONLY evidence and prefer the inuendo made up to smear Kavanaugh. You should be so proud!!!

    2. Oh man you really ripped me a new one there. Shux I'll be boofing all the time now. I guess I better stay away from the beans and cabbage - they've been known to cause excessive boofing and with double the number of boofing orfices I really can't take the chance.

  23. So why is the nasty political cartoon involving the Judge's young daughter praying gone unmentioned by the "So called" REAL MSM News?

    It sounds like there may be something emerging from and old boyfriend of Ford's. Have to see if it does...


  24. Whew, these articles really brought the Feminists out of their closets. So much anger. Gosh girls, don't blow a gasket. At least Dr. Blasey can self-medicate.

    Let's all chill out and move on to reversing Roe v Wade and reassess women's right to vote.

    Montana Guy

  25. Everything about CBF is a lie: she is NOT a licensed psychologist, and has never been one. That little girl, almost breaking, is because she held her head down and forced air into a constricted neck position. Her friends deny she was ever afraid to fly; she conveniently forgot to mention she has been employed, as her father currently is for the CIA; this woman cannot remember who, where, or how in any of her supposed maulings. Who scrubs ALL of their social media right before they testify? As a woman, if I had some guy trying to rape me in high school, I'd have been telling my mother, the police, and anyone who would listen to me. This whole obscene debacle just disgusted me. I felt terribly sorry for Kavanaugh and his wife. This was a public lynching. I am, quite frankly, repulsed by the whole mess.

  26. Do women lie?

  27. Latest: It appears that Monica McLean (Ford's CIA buddy who she may have coached for the polygraph test for her CIA job application) attempted to pressure Keyser - the one who brought this coaching to light- to change her statement to "help Christine". Aka, "witness tampering". This is per the Wall Street Journal.

    So do we have perjury here? Is anyone going to be prosecuted? We have many of our politicians and their family's lives being threatened as I type this.

    A Democracy is nothing but mob rule and we are seeing it here. Our founders gave us a Constitutional Republic - the best thought out, most researched government ever conceived. Emotion; often based on little to no evidence, displaces all logic, fact and evidence.
    Unless people (including a lot of women) grow up, listen to reason and logic, and face the music, this country is done for. It may already be too late. Natokadn

    1. Natokadn, you are so right about a Democracy. "It is nothing but mob rule."

      SurvivalBlog reader “Awakened in Virginia” penned this insightful commentary. (Edited for brevity):

      "In watching the Kavanaugh circus I’m surprised at the level of hatred and venom from the left. Stalin killed millions of his own citizens, but he didn’t know many personally. Same with Mao, Hitler, Castro, and all the socialists of the 20th century. However, since 1973, liberals have killed 60 million of their own children. Do you think for a minute they would hesitate to kill conservatives or libertarians?”

      “Now I realize we have bred possibly 100 million morality-free liberals who have been trained through Hollywood violence, video game violence, and abortion clinic violence to have zero respect for life. It is now even more important for those of us who are prepared to keep a low profile, stay out of crowds, stay away from indefensible and confined areas."

      Montana Guy

  28. I believe her original statement to husband that there was some kind of "physical assault" that haunts her nowadays.

    She's proven herself to be a melodramatic, older woman.
    1) She says she insisted on a second front door out of safety. We know now it was to separate a section of the house, possibly for a business.
    2) She insists today she's afraid of flying but has applied that to her entire flying history.
    3) This throws massive doubt that her feelings of possible rape and her statement that she felt that they could possibly kill her as being true back then.

    Basically, there was no sexual aspect to this case.
    1) She originally claimed she called it a physical assault. That's HUGE y'all.
    2) She said that the second boy was jumping on the bed multiple times. This sounds like guys having fun, not trying to sexual assault anybody.
    3) She said the one guy was too drunk to get under her swim suit. This is an opinion. The fact of this case is that they did not get into her swimsuit. If they wanted sexual contact, they could have easily touched through clothing but they didn't.
    4) She claims they were too drunk to get under her bathing suit yet they were sober enough to work together on this, lock a door, and turn up a radio. This shows intense self-control if you ask me.
    5) If they were wrestling like boys do, then yes, clothing would have been untucked and moved around.
    6) She easily got away.

    1. It's clear that you have never been threatened with rape
      -or scared that you might lose your life because someone is not letting you breath to scream.....where's the empathy woman?

    2. Is that it!!! She should believe Ford because she is a woman too?

    3. I have to balance her feelings of the past with her ability to tell me her feelings today. Do you understand this? If she can't get her airplane fears and building fears in order, if those recent memories are unbalanced, how I can believe her when she says thirty years ago I was in fear of my life? I don't, the female prosecutor doesn't, and neither should you.

  29. Forty years ago, I was sexually assaulted by a former professor of mine at college. It was not rape, just an aggressive ‘pass’ with a side-swiped kiss and a grabby hand on my breast. It lasted only a few seconds. It is still clear and crisp in my memory, to include that he was wearing a nice plaid flannel shirt and a tie. I don’t remember the date, but the time of year and which year are in memory as well. I didn’t report it because it was a moment of bad judgement for both of us, me for not seeing his non-academic interest in me and being alone with him, and him for momentarily forgetting that he was married. (Back then few women were enrolled in engineering classes and I suspect I had been his first female student). We were just people who made mistakes. It was a learning experience for me that I never forgot or repeated. The apparent ‘fuzziness’ of Ms Ford’s memory makes me very suspicious of her complaint. I can run mine through my head like a movie without much effort.

  30. Everyone is different...she was only 15.

    The horror of what he did to her with his friends laughing and watching...trying desperately to get help from them for what she thought was a danger to her what stayed with her.

    The rest was blocked out. Very typical of trauma...especially since she was too embarrassed and ashamed to tell anyone. That's also typical.

    You probably could handle it better because you were older.

    At least Mrs. Ford has never had a history of lying under oath.....Brett Kavanaugh has. This is a proven fact.

    Yes I would believe her story long before I would believe a known liar who never wanted an investigation to start with (unlike her).

  31. The horror!!! OK which friends??? She doesn't know. Where, when, how did she get there, how did she get home??? She doesn't know Are we seeing a trend here? All she knows is someone, not sure who, did something, not sure what. and conveniently she remembers after her anti-Trump lawyer friend coaches her to testify.

    There is zero evidence that Kavanaugh lied under oath.

    I have a solution; investigate Ford and here lawyer for collusion, perjury, tampering with witnesses and let the first one who tells us what really happened off scott free and put the other one in jail.

  32. Dr. Ford had no history as she had not been under oath. However; she co-authored a graduate research paper on self-hypnosis to create/change/ retrieve memories in 2008 and then worked with a friend prepping for a polygraph test required for a CIA employment application process. Then, under oath she stated she "knew nothing" about these tests? They are studied as a part of her declaired major! She claimed the "second door" in her house was an escape route, yet years before it was a door to an office for a home business as per the building permit. Not one of her own named "witnesses" could, under oath, corroborate her memories? She herself didn't remember if she was 15 or 19 (or somewhere in between)?

    Do you understand the definition of liar or do you just un questionably believe all women who claim to be a victim and hold all men guilty as soon as accused.. Natokadn

  33. ALL OF THAT was disproved. You're listening to too much propaganda. (Can't imagine where it would be coming from)Ha!

    The polygraph gal backed her up publicly and said she never helped her or talked to her about any polygraph.

    Crimany... WHERE do you get this bogus information?

    1. The Wall Strret Journal for one (as mentioned above).. I listened to the testimony in the hearings. The "polygraph girl") Monica McLean has been accused by Christine's friend Leland Keyser (I would guess former friend now) of trying to pressure her (Leland) into changing her testimony - which she refused to do. Your source(s)?

      There has been little, if anything, proven or disproved as it is ancient history in a court of law. It still boils down to a he said - she said. PERIOD. He is innocent until proven guilty.


  34. Here is one of the numerous lies from Mr.Kavanaugh:

    "The latest instance putting Kavanaugh’s credibility into question comes in an NBC report Tuesday detailing communication between Kavanaugh, his team, and college friends to refute Deborah Ramirez’s claim that Kavanaugh exposed himself to her at Yale, before she had come forward with allegations in an article in the New Yorker.

    "This account is in direct contradiction to Kavanaugh’s testimony last Thursday, when he angrily denied the multiple allegations of sexual misconduct brought against him and said he learned of Ramirez’s claim through the New Yorker"

    There is isn't enough room on this blog to list all of them. Dr. Ford PASSED a lie detector test...Brett refused to take one.....come on, man..connect the dots! J.

  35. The New Yorker? Really? For serious news? The NYtimes reached out and found only one who believed her, but could not recall the incident. A couple of others "may have heard", but didn't really remember. If they had someone who would even testify they would have. This all has to hold up in court.

    Polygraphs are not infallible. There are people who are actually good at passing them. Dr. Ford did research that could influence the outcome of one.

    The latest? The Society of Human Resource Management's survey last week indicated a much higher number of employers will not hire women for positions that will involve private meetings, travel or other situations that might create a perception of improper behavior. Those are the power positions in large companies. It is not worth it to a company. I have seen all of this happen before. History... Natokadn

    1. Nate,

      The only improper behavior statistically recorded lately comes from men exploiting woman in the work place.(There may be very few exceptions to that).

      ...Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, James Rosen, James Franco, Ben Vereen, etc, etc, to name a few......You get the drift.

      Can't say that I've heard of any women lately in high places who have sexually assaulted a man in the work place. why don't corporations measure the credibility and moral high ground of men before hiring them?

      It's just another slanted, sexist survey. Sorry, can't agree with it. J.

  36. BOY...YOU BETTER HOPE THAT'S NOT TRUE, NATE. (I wouldn't take the word of any little insignificant poll such as that one.)

    Face it..."K" was an out of control blubbering baby that was lying under oath.....this....while Dr. Ford was COMPOSED, ARTICULATE AND CREDIBLE (so says our great leader till he didn't)

    Former justice Paul Stevens said "K" wasn't fit for the job because of his obvious EMOTIONAL break-down under pressure and his partisan shots at the Democrats. Judges are supposed to be neutral.

    I would hire a woman long before a man because I know how savvy they are at business and a lot of other things...besides...there are more of them than there are men.

    They have been trying to break the chains from men for centuries. We would all be far better off to work with them than against them. J.

  37. That is your opinion. I only stated what I read as the result of a professional organization's survey.

    Speaking of emotion and temper, I will defer to your opening sentence.


  38. Former Judge Paul Stevens has it right...and that is not my opinion.

    ...but hiring women is and that only comes from working in the workplace.

    My first google on women in the workforce:

    "Although the numbers dwindle at the highest level of HR, women still hold an employment edge when compared to their male counterparts. CEB, a best practice insight and technology company, analyzed 382 HR executive appointments between 2011 and 2016 and found that 55 percent of these new hires are female.

    This coincides with separate data from executive search firm Korn Ferry, which found that from a sample of top 1,000 U.S. companies, 55 percent of CHROs are women." from...."Workforce".

    I guess it just depends on who you believe.

  39. And when it comes to Ford & Kavanaugh it rests on who has concrete evidence that will hold up in a court of law. She just does not meet the "beyond a reasonable doubt" litmus test. He is innocent until proven guilty. That is what sets us apart from other countries. If she had that, I would believe her. Without it she has wasted a lot of taxpayer money.


  40. Nate,

    This is all true...but it wasn't a fair investigation...more of a dog and pony show. Key witnesses that could have helped Ford were not even interviewed.

    One senator said it was a "sham" as he waited in line for his "hour" to read the report. He said there were 100 people left to go and there wasn't even 100 hours left before they had to vote.

    The investigative report should have been transparent...after all...we paid for it.

    Just remember, none of these people interviewed were under oath. They could say anything they wanted to with no consequences.(Mark Judge especially) And why would he? He naturally wanted to save his own @#$%.

    The FBI is the right hand of Trump. After all the other despicable things he's done in his life, why would you think he would allow a fair investigation?

    All the secrecy was my first clue; I think He was pivotal in making sure her voice was not heard via her own witnesses.

    I could never see him allowing HIS pick to fall into another Weisntein debacle. Remember...he's a WINNER!

    Have you ever thought that maybe she was right? Has that ever even crossed your thoughts?

    ..cause if she was telling the truth, we have just stooped to the lowest point all that power to another Harvey Weinstien for LIFE.

    Sounds like you've ruled that out(and in a christian society to boot.) Women get kicked to the curb again.

    By the way, her family is still in hiding from Trump death threats. No one would want all this grief if they wern't telling the truth? Have you ever wondered about that?

    Question more, Nate....J.

    1. Nor were her witnesses under oath. After 35 years nothing could be proven - unless there is DNA evidence - and there is a statute of limitations. Why does the law only apply to some? (Hillary and Bill Clinton seem to be above it and former POTUS Obama stated under oath he knew nothing about Hillary's personal email account yet there were emails sent by him among things in her mailbox) are names that come to mind. The FBI has been trying to take down Trump since he was elected (besides Strozk and Page there are numerous other employees who have been recorded stating they actively work to do this while on the FBI'S dime).

      What about the many, many women who have worked with him since the supposed time of these accusations, who signed letters of support? They far out number the accusers and yet you completely disregard their voices. (And they did not chose to stay anonymous.) Got a problem? Blame Feinstein for sitting on this and using Ford.

      What! They couldn't get it read? Where did that start? "Just pass that ACA and then you can see what is in it."

      First, the more I have learned the less I believe her. I have seen people (both women and men) without the psychological training and study she has, look someone in the eye and lie - with or without trembling voices and tears, to save their bacon. Second - what if she is lying and he is telling the truth? Did you ever consider that? Thirdly, if the statue of limitations holds one responsible for youthful stupidity there would be no reason to let anyone out of jail. I have met some very good people who made a mistake in their youth.

      Was he upset? Would you be? Thirty hours of questioning, 7 FBI background checks, more questions than the last 4 or 5 Justice's combined? His wife, children and other family members dragged through the mud. His reaction was that of a normal person pushed that far, defensive.

      Ford's husband's family signed a letter of support - hers did not. I suspect there is a reason. As far as death threats? What about conservatives? Scalice, Rand Paul, even local radio people where I live? Yet Hillary, Maxine Waters, Cory Booker, Eric Holder are encouraging violence. Hillary stated this week there is no civility until I win.

      I have seen conservatives protest and liberals protest in my area. Conservatives and the place is cleaner than when they arrived. Liberals leave an environmental hazard. I, myself, have seen this.

      J, in your line of thought, if some man (your, brother, father, nephew etc) is accused, without evidence, he are guilty.

      I hope to never live in your world. I work with a lot of men and get along well with them. I respect them and treat them fairly. I get the same in return. I have worked with some very catty women. Miserable. I question plenty.

      Oh-and Amy Klobuchar? There is a recording of her at the Minnesota State Fair stating that it is perfectly normal to drink beer at 6:00 am. She is a Minnesota Senator. I suppose that is just wonderful..


  41. WOW...Don't even know where to begin with you.

    In case you aren't aware of this say - "Liberals leave an environmental hazard?"

    ...The Trump administration has already begun to completely dismantle the EPA....the only program we have left to protect the environment.

    Jeeze...have you ever gone to some of these places in this country and seen the annihilation of the earth? Smelled the air? Tasted the water? (don't light a match after you drink it.) I guess that's just peachy with you as long as there are jobs.

    How deranged and twisted will this get? As long as money talks, we will just have to live in it till we no longer can.

    MOST PEOPLE tend to be appalled at the lack of good stewardship that has not been shown for his planet. We know it doesn't have to be this way. On the other hand, I'm sure this doesn't bump you at all.

    As far as Kavanaugh, I have never seen a person EVADE questions like he did...unless they are lying. When you are speaking the truth, the truth just flows from your mouth. Not the case with him. He knows how to tap dance out of questions.

    There is a large percentage of people that would agree with me (like Senator Murkoski of Alaska...who could not conscientiously vote him in and she didn't.

    Woman with letters of support?

    More Than 650 Law Professors who Opposed Kavanaugh's Nomination signed a letter and asked Trump to reconsider...but Trump does not hear the people's voice or notice the so called "mob" that Mitch Mcconnell referred to outside the white house on voting day.

    Encouraging violence? I guess when you have no say and others don't care what you say, you risk the chance of violence. But you also have to wake up and realize that there is a tremendous unrest in this country that now leans more heavily towards fascism than either democratic or republic.

    I could go on, but I know it would fall on deaf ears because you'll always have a come back of irrelevance to me...(and I do read what you say).

    But I'll say this once again...we should just agree to disagree. J.

  42. She stated she was licensed under oath - which she is not.

    Oh, and the people who want the EPA to keep the world clean for them cannot pickup their own litter. Yes, you and I J, are long past the "we should agree to disagree". And before you complain about Conservative funding you had better look at where Soros is spending his money to destroy the "little guy".

    I will agree with you on the Fascism statement. The "antifa" movement is too stupid to realize that everything they do is the very definition of fascism.


  43. Nate,

    You are "cherry picking" individual behaviors and blowing them up to be the absolute truths for millions of people. You can't do that or you just get caught up in a whirlwind of BS.

    George Soros is one man who I don't particularly always agree with....and there are many like him on both sides of the isle that are not worth giving a thought to...but I don't focus on them because they don't speak for the masses. They are just people who have personal opinions.

    As far as this ridiculous notion about Ford not being licensed...this rumor originated with Chad Moore from (does this really even matter in attempted rape?)

    When investigated...There was no evidence that Ford lied, perjured herself, or violated California law when she stated her job title.

    It's nothing more than a continuing witch hunt to discredit her for those who still doubt kavanaugh's "staged" pass to the supreme court.

    When Moore was asked whether he followed basic journalistic reaching out to the California Board of Psychology, consulting an attorney, or attempting to contact Ford’s attorneys before publishing his report...he did not give a response.

    You see,'s all just blather and irreverent, desperate rumors that have no bottom.

    "Antifa" groups who use violence to change the landscape are popping up due to extreme the oppression of this country. (you can't believe tampered, phony reports from Trump that say we are just "duckie")

    I don't agree with this nor do I support any kind of violence to gain traction to relieve oppression, but I do take note that there IS oppression due to the dismantling of vital programs from this administration.

    ...Programs to protect the air, the water, wages and our safety nets for starters. This administration has been playing with fire and this creates groups like the "Antifa".

    As the middle class moves into the lower class...this may get worse before it gets better.

    Sadly, this reminds me of Marie Antoinette in 1793, France, when the paupers besieged the castle and beheaded her.

    This was due to SEVERE oppression. I don't wish this on any country. It can be avoided when you treat people just and fair and not be catering to the koch's, Lockheed or Raytheon.

    We will never be out of war due to the blatant favoritism of these companies over people. When is enough - enough?

  44. J. Have you traveled off of this continent? If not, you have no understanding of oppression - nor do most in this country. I have tried to find some of your information, but have not been able to verify parts of it.

    You scoff at the "unbelievable" information put out by the EIA and state that NOAA is your go to and that it trumps all. At one point today the ISO (Independent Systems Operator) of my area was managing about 67,500 Megawatts of electricity. Wind, hydro and solar were responsible for 2300 MW of that. Since AC power must be produced at the moment it is used in your world we would be in the dark-always. I know energy - you argue what you wish for - something that cannot happen right now.

    Attempted rape? Prove it. You can't. Neither can Ms. Ford. Her four witnesses did not corroborate her accusations. No matter how much you add, accuse, speculate or believe.

    Ms. Ford can not pass the legal litmus test in a courtroom. At this point you are beating a dead horse. No proof, no conviction. Fienstien sat on this way too long.(Haven't I said this before? )

    I think enough is enough when you realize that the scientific method (repeatable with proven results) and concrete evidence that will hold up in court must come before emotion in every situation. Companies come and go - governments have murdered millions and millions more than any company. Giving the government control of everything from cradle to grave is putting your faith in the most dangerous type of entity there is. Yes, J. When is enough enough? Natokadn

  45. Nate,

    Matter of fact... I HAVE traveled off the continent...Europe, UK, Canada and Mexico to be exact. I've seen what poverty looks like and it is heartbreaking. But that has nothing to do with nothing (other than knowing they are all keenly aware of climate change).

    It was an exceptionally warm ocean that created Michael, the largest storm in recorded history.

    Regarding Ford....when you don't interview all the witnesses that came forward, your investigation is not complete and your proof is buried in time frames and lack of thoroughness.

    It was like the waiting senator in line that I mentioned who said to the newsman "THIS IS A SHAM"! One week, one room, one FBI paper and one hour to view it if you are lucky enough to even get in. REALLY?? you call this an investigation? Who makes up these rules?

    Don't know if you heard the latest:

    WASHINGTON – More than a dozen complaints (15) filed against new Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh for misconduct were transferred to a federal appeals court in Colorado on Wednesday by supreme court justice, John Roberts.

    He's already off to a good start. You wait, his colors will show brightly in the coming months...even more than at the hearing. If it looks like a know.

    Sometime you just have to read between the lines and see the bigger picture. Not everything will always be printed out for you in black and white...which is what you require to get to the truth. J.

  46. I can't believe I am discussing all of this with someone who just told me Canada and Mexico are off the continent. Again J - you must live in another world. Blessings - Natokadn


  47. Touche!

    I was just relating to where I had been...and technically, yes...Canada and Mexico are on "the continent"...but we're talking about people and I really think you missed my point...AGAIN.

    Blessing to you too, Nate

  48. No J, I disagree with your points. I did not miss them. I believe you disagree with my points so again we agree to disagree. We have different experiences. When I am hired I want to be the best applicant - not hired to fill a quota. I have seen women get away with things on the job that would get a man fired. We have different experiences and they are reflected in how we view the world.


  49. Nato,

    It's only an individual's actions that concerns me and how they interact with me and the world. That is my only measure of anyone. I dislike grouping people together into race, religion, color or creed.

    But you're probably right...

    Your experience with women in the work force may have been jaded at best, but it's not fair to throw all women into your own personal experience and put a label on them.

    You never did respond to the recent Kavanaugh debacle.(15 counts of misconduct) Would like to know what you think about that.

    If you dislike women in the work force, that may have had an influence on your decision to not believe Ford's testimony. J.

  50. And you miss my point completely, J. I have worked with a few awesome, hard working (and that means will get dirty and sweaty), women that do a job like men and get paid like the men. I have worked with more who expect the guys to do their heavy, dirty work.

    I have worked in an office setting also with some very catty women. And with women who seem to think that very low cut tops are appropriate to wear in all situations and heaven forbid the "wrong" guy look the "wrong" way at her. (It is fine if it is the "right" guy.)

    Ford accused someone and wanted to stay anonymous. We are done as a society if we allow that. Feinstein should have said you make the charges or there are none. If she decided to the charges should have been made then.
    All the rest of this us time wasting tactics -hoping and praying for a change in the Senate in November.

    Roberts is almost 100 years old and would like the second amendment repealed. Complete lack of appreciation and understanding of our founding documents. That said, he was asked to refer some misconduct accusations. We will have see what - if anything comes of it.

    My experience does not reflect on Ford's believability. Her utter and complete failure to stand firm on any specifics, including her own age (has varied by 5 years) and the underwhelming responses of her chosen witnesses does not pass the "beyond a reasonable doubt test". For some reason that appears to mean nothing to you....


  51. Nato,

    Proved my point (if you just could follow it in all situations). it's the person, not the gender.

    Ford stood firm on the only detail that mattered. Crimeany....she was only 15...and at 15, she was scared, embarrassed and silent.

    ...Typical reaction to forget details when you taste possible death (from lack of air) and an inevitable rape. Do you know anything about PTSD?

    She knew if she came forward, it would turn her world up-side-down. She did and it has. What could she possibly gain from that but a CLEAR CONSCIENCE when she heard Kavanaygh boast about how he would support women.

    I can't believe you are attacking justice Roberts for Kavanauhs slip-ups. Roberts is a republican. He's a younger judge. You really tend to grasp at straws to back up your per-determined ideas.

    15 counts of misconduct are nothing to laugh can only show the true character of the man.

    Keep an eye on the Court of Appeals courts in Colorado. At least that news you can't skew with Fox so called news and propaganda. (in fact, they probably won't even report it)

    The only news you will hear about Ford is that her family is coming home to continue their lives after stepping forward. At least we know one of them will sleep well at night. J.

  52. J, I did make a mistake, I confused Roberts with Stevens. I apologize (and will step up to the plate on that point). Aside from that Ford did not stand firm on her age - and her "dates" changed when his planner was presented as evidence. The year of the party varied by half a decade. Her witnesses all discounted her story- even the woman. Inconsistencies destroy credibility. It would for a man also leaving gender out of the picture. Objectivity is needed in a court of law.

    Kavanaugh has selected only women as clerks (perhaps some everse discrimination happening there), but of course that would not be an issue in your world. If fathers can't support their families it leaves the progressives idea of social programs to control the peons.

    As far as sources, I listen to and read multiple. The Daily Caller was the one place that I consistently found the 15 misconduct charges reported. As stated before we do not have cable and therefore do not get FOX - somehow you cannot get pass point.

    Fords family should be sleeping well - it is the conservatives who are being shot, having their ribs broken by progressive neighbors, being harassed in public, run out of restaurants and the like. For that matter it was a Democratic Senator who just published the names of victims in a newspaper. I hold that among the things that show progressives willingness to use anyone to force their agenda.

    Until the next time - Natokadn

  53. Think about it:

    No one is supposed to know anything about any part of what the investigation turned up. They went to great lengths to make sure it was all kept secret. (which sounds kind of fascist to say the least.) frankly, I don't believe any of the accusations that you are making and I simply dismiss them as trite, newspaper sensationalism, gossipy rumors and propaganda.

    I do give you lots of kudos for not listening to Fox so called News, though. There's still hope for you, Nato. J.

  54. I like lights and heat - you refuse to try to understand the how and why of science. I listened to the hearings in their entirety..I like to make up my own mind. You think with your heart and emotions. Not a bad thing, but objectivity and science are out of the picture. Best of luck, J. "N"

    (That is Natokadn for everyone else.)


  55. I listen to scientific facts on climate change every day. I ignore gossip where I see fit.

    My sources are simply different than yours...but I can see that you don't believe in THOSE particular scientists but you will believe in Koch scientists.(who have a clear motive to create paid liars).

    That's your choice...but here is the latest climate change prediction and the WHOLE WORLD believes it except for in "Trump Land".

    We have roughly only 12 years to get our act together till there is no going back.

    The planet will have no way of reversing the radical temperatures from man made CO2 poisoning.

    The oceans will heat up - the jet stream will fail us - and the weather will be unbearable.

    Now you can either take these facts seriously or not...but lets' face it...

    ... if the rest of the world is spot on (over Trumps denials), then where we get our heat and lights from won't matter anymore anyway.

    We will starve out and we will die out.

  56. Yeah! We will have 12 years. If the grid were to seriously go down for a year - which would happen if we stopped using hydrocarbons as you wish or more the estimate is that 3/4 of the population in the US would be dead in a year.... I guess I will go with the 12. N (Natokadn)

    1. The idea, Nato, is to start our game plan now to get OFF hydrocarbons and start making the transition gradually.

      Of course it can't happen overnight. (first have to admit there is a we're behind).

      Fact is, the rest of the world is not waiting for "Dumps" to get his head out of the sand. The ball is already in motion.

      Question now is, will there be enough time...J.

  57. Remember Feminists parroting “only in the 1st trimester”? It's just murder. Chill out.

    Life was no longer sacred after Roe v Wade. Now all roads lead to death.

    Next will be legalization of assisted euthanasia of children. Parents would not be informed until after their child dies.

  58. Typical right wing mantras.

    You guys are famous for wanting to keep a non-breathing embryos alive, but after a child is born into an unwanted don't care what happens to him after that.

    (Don't you think euthanizing breathing children is a little dramatic?)

    ...No, want to systematically take away programs for healthcare, college and opportunity, etc. because you don't want to PAY for the ever resounding, righteous decision you've made to keep them alive.

    That leaves them with a crap-shoot of a chance at a happy, prosperous existence in an overpopulated world.

    Unwanted children (not always) tend to lack the love they need before they are dumped into society.

    We better hope Roe v Wade survives your efforts to dismantle all programs...if not only FOR the children's sake.

    It is a hypercritical travesty at best.

  59. "Systematically take away healthcare" (not a right), "college" (not a right) and therefore opportunity? No J, - call it what you want, but you want other people's money and in some cases people's lives, because it mollifies your emotions. You want it ALL for everyone, along as you get yours and someone else is paying for it... N.


  60. WOW...your interpretation is startling,Nato

    There are always going to be people who fall on hard times who need a leg up...

    ...people who don't actually like living on the streets and have lost their jobs.
    ...people who want an education for the betterment of this country.
    ...people who just need help to survive and are unable to work (vets, the disabled, mentally challenged, the elderly or injured.

    ...all they ask for is the same opportunities to be available to them and their children as ALL Americans should have. Case you didn’t notice...IT’S WAY OUT OF WACK!

    What are you going to do, Nato?

    The so called “Christians” who talk-the-talk but have problems walking-the-walk seem to run scared when socialist programs are set up for anyone else who could benefit from them. (and yes, I am a Christian.)

    Sorry, but I still can’t believe they have the gall to call themselves “Christians” as they bitch about having to give anything back to the middle and poor class. This isn’t a hand out. This is what is due them.

    I would rather see the millions that the Trumpster set up with his TAX BREAKS FOR THE RICH...go to those who actually needed it.

    Oh yes...the middle class was thrown a bone in that tax report too...but a bone with an expiration date (unlike the corporations).

    Think what could have been done with that money for the country. THEY AREN’T PAYING THEIR FAIR SHARE...Nato. In this lies the problem.

    You see...that is the difference between you and me.

    I see favoritism all over the board for the wealthy as they scoff at having to pay what technically is their fair share to actually live and work in this country.

    The Constitution has been torn to shreds with a blatant, carte blanche attitude from the Trump administration to do as they please.

    The system Roosevelt created worked wonderfully for the U.S. It gave everyone a fair shake for the pursuit of happiness on an equal level.

    You are so worried someone might get what’s yours that you loose site of the big picture and get on that old band wagon with the rest of them. “Someone is stealing from me...OMG.”

    No...those tax breaks weighed out in literally tens of millions for the wealthy. That money could have gone to a much greater, needed cause. How about infrastructure and jobs?

    Not all millionaires even agreed with this out-of-touch, ridiculous move by Dumps. I don’t have a problem with being wealthy, just a problem with not being fair and just when our country is in such dire straights. J.

  61. J, "Socialism only works until the government runs out of other people's money." Read your history - it ALWAYS fails.

    People used to be at least self conscious about needing or asking for a "hand up". Now there are generations that expect it. Like you said - they are "entitled to" aid.

    What am I going to do? I am actually working to help an elderly man deal with the county assessment folks after a - get this 2,272% jump in his property tax. This has had to involve finding pictures to prove to them that the "un-assessed buildings" on his properly have been there since before 1970. They just want to force him to sell his property because they think it is now "prime commercial" property (half surrounded by residential houses) . I am sure they have more than enough uses for his money - not necessary good one.... Do you donate to Veterans Groups? Do you even know any? My family is full of them. So - J - what are you going to do? I may be able to answer that - you expect the government to take other people's money and do these things for you so you can feel good.

    Obama claimed to be a student of "Constitutional Law". To those who actually study and know it, he was a fraud. Trump pays more attention to and follows it more closely than he did. Where were all those "shovel ready jobs" that Obama bragged about that never happened? There is lower unemployment now than during his Administration.

    Sorry J. I give to charities and those I would like to see the money go to. I do not appreciate the Government doing it for me. Roosevelt was one of the worst Presidents in this countries history.

    Oh - and back to the original topic. What about Collateral damage? How about Mark Judge? As Ms. Ford sits comfortably in her home with a huge Go Fund Me cash infusion (and likely others), Mr. Judge who has apparently survived a round of cancer, has lost his job taking care of an elderly person, lost his apartment and his free lance writing work. He has large unpaid legal bills and is in poor health. Oh - I expect to hear from you about my "faux Fox News" sources on Mr. Judge. I thought I would let you know it was another writer for the source that Patrice writes for.

    You also continue with the usual "liberal" jargon. You can't even get my name correct when I tried to make it easy for you....

    "N" (Natokadn)

  62. I need to correct one thing in my previous statement when I said there were "tens of millions" in tax breaks that went to the rich. was near 1- 1/2 TRILLION dollars that went to the top 10 percent.

    Sorry, my mistake. It was worse than I thought. J.

  63. The government IS the people.

    Capitalism is failing us. (Where do you come up with these outlandish statements?) Check out the economist, Richard Wolfe. You might learn something.

    History? Do you even know what happened after the depression?(You really need to sharpen up on this one.)

    This country was eating out of garbage cans and soup lines. NO ONE WAS WORKING. Roosevelt created the NEW DEAL. It saved the people and put everyone back to work.

    He did this by taxing the rich instead of GIVING them gi-normous tax breaks. It pumped new blood back into the economy and the country became more prosperous than ever before. It stayed that way for a long time.

    Bethlehem Steel, Standard oil and others, etc. had become insanely rich, paying people nothing while treating them as if they were slaves. This included child labor.

    They now had to pay their FAIR share of taxes after sucking the life out of the country for so long and it worked.

    Roosevelt created the CCC and several other socialistic programs that literally pulled the country up by its bootstraps. The people loved him so much that he was re-elected 4 times.

    Capitalism only works for awhile, then it becomes lopsided and morphs into Fascism. As it progresses, we start seeing all of our "commons" that we once enjoyed for free disappear.

    Privatization takes over and costs all of us more in the long run.

    • Libraries
    • City Parks
    • Fire departments
    • Roads
    • City Buildings
    • Vacation Parks etc.

    My sympathies go out to both Mark and the Ford families...but that has nothing to do with whether there was justice in the haphazard, shoddy investigation of Kavanaugh.

  64. I googled WND.

    Image result for what is WND
    WorldNetDaily is an American news and opinion website and online news aggregator which has been described as "fringe" and far right as well as politically conservative. The website is known for promoting falsehoods and conspiracy theories. Wikipedia
    News editor: Joe Kovacs
    Political alignment: Conservative
    Founder: Joseph Farah
    Owner(s):, Inc
    Headquarters: 2020 Pennsylvania Ave, NW, Suite 351; Washington, D.C., U.S.
    Managing editors: David Kupelian

  65. My grandparents and parents all lived during the Depression. Their children (my parents and in laws) grew up during the Depression. They were thrifty, prepared and resourceful. A few years ago we found several ration books among some things that were my maternal grandparents from the Depression-all full of coupons - they didn't need to use them. They learned skills and bartered when they needed things.

    Sorry J. We don't live somewhere we will flood (choice). We don't live where we can get pounded by a hurricane (choice). We do live in a less than hospitable area (also choice). We have been without commercial power for nearly two weeks due to a blizzard/ice storm. We don't have a nice house or a car/truck with under 80k (1) on it but we have a generator (2 now) and had the place wired to use it before we needed to - just in case. FEMA didn't bail us out and we didnt expect them to. There are a lot of people here with very nice homes and expensive vehicles in the river bottom who get bailed out (and expect it) every time it floods. Yes, I do not like the government taking my money to pay for that, paved trails we don't use, sports facilities and "doggy parks" (that we don't use). We plow our road and periodically up to 6 miles of county road (our dime). Our fire department is volunteer.

    (You are aware that law enforcement can choose to come to your aid, but can also choose not to should you call. Yes and this has been upheld by the Supreme Court). Your tax dollars at work!

    We own books written by the founding fathers, the federalist papers, as written (not interpreted by someone) and other reference material. There are two Degreed Economists in my family. The conversation I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to have with you has been on going generations in my family. I don't just try to explain it to you it is something generations of my family have lived by. By the way - none of us recieved "free college". We have all taken out little to no loans, saved planned and worked hard.

    Sorry J. I have tried to "agree to disagree" with you. You just keep calling me names, calling the President names and insinuating the you and your socialist emotion based ideas are somehow superior.

    If you want to be a "subject of" and "subjected to the will" of the government do as you wish. When it goes bad on you (and it will) I hope you have emigrated to a nice socialist country elsewhere. N (Natokadn)

  66. First of all, I don’t remember calling you names. I just shortened it to Nato. I plead guilty…if that bumps apologies...but when it comes to Trump, I’m sorry...the man is so despicable to me, tht I have trouble addressing him with any amount of respect.

    If it wasn’t for the Electoral College, he wouldn’t even BE president...that’s not to say I wanted Hillary either (winning 2.8 million more popular votes.) That process is obviously all screwed up.

    It is admirable to think that your family weathered the depression and you were all able to be resourceful and productive in lieu of yours and everyone’s situation.

    I come from a family like that also; but I think it selfish to believe that everyone elses dilemma is no concern of yours. We all know that authentic happiness comes from when we reach out to others.

    The forefathers created a system that should have been able to work for all in a fair and just way. Problem now, is that it has been tampered with so much that it just doesn’t work anymore (unlike Roosevelt’s time).

    It’s easy to find holes in the laws of this country today on smaller scales and that sickens me too, but I’d rather deal with our own flaws than to live in the Far East or South Africa where corruption, rape and the stealing of their natural resources is common place.

    There is no justice in those places. We demand their co-operation or we will just blow them away. So I’m sure you know how I feel about the Trillions going out to the military (perpetual war).

    I compare it to Siddhartha in the 6th century BC in Napal. His father was king of the land and Siddhartha was sheltered from seeing the suffering of the poor outside of the castle.

    When he became of age and saw the carnage of his subjects, he could no longer enjoy his life of privilege. He joined the people and became “the enlightened one”...never to look back at what he had left behind. His conscience wouldn’t allow it.

    Siddhartha may or may not be a true story, but I don’t see empathy anymore from the right for anyone outside their own circle of friends or their party. We ARE SO TERRIBLY CONNECTED...that I can’t help but see this type of indifference and arrogance for others not coming back to haunt them down the road. J.

  67. Patrice, as usual you are right on the money. You have the patience of Job for Heaven sake! So many miss your points entirely. They are incapable of thinking sensibly. Everything is emotion to them. I grew up with four sisters and a mother. I am married and have three daughters. Believe me, women and girls lie a LOT. I have seen it and I have been a victim of the unfair consequences of their lies.
    The Left has done a bang-up job of turning every small minded person into a basket case of weeping, hateful, mindless, vengeful minions. There's no way to get through to them. It's impossible to reason with them. Like spoiled children, they yell and scream and throw tantrums until they get their way, and even then they're not satisfied!
    Hang in there, dear girl. You are absolutely, totally correct and they are absolutely wrong. --Fred in AZ

  68. When I was 2 years old my daddy was taken away in a false conviction by a woman just like the one who accused your cousin. Ironically then, growing up without a father, I was left open to actual abuse and attacks from men who WERE truly bad.