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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The lazy man's guide to world domination

Here's my WND column for this weekend, entitled "The lazy man's guide to world domination."

For those unable to access the WND website, here's the text.

The Lazy Man’s Guide to World Domination

Most people are familiar with Paul Harvey’s classic radio piece, “If I were the devil.” (If not, listen to it here.)

Though this piece dates from the mid-1960s, it’s still as fresh and frightening today because, of course, every statement is coming true. In a nutshell, it’s a lazy man’s guide to world domination.

In this column I’d like to discuss, not world domination, but national domination. World domination starts at home.

Domination, as it turns out, isn’t that hard to do. It merely has to be inspired by the world’s enemy, the devil, and voilĂ .

So what is the easiest way to take over the nation? To examine this question, we merely have to look at the tactics of those who were successful in taking over their own nations (Stalin, Hitler, etc.). This is an ambitious subject to tackle in a 1000-word column, so let’s see how far I can go.

Do as you please. Encourage decadence and immorality by calling it “liberty.” Push immorality as the new norm. Mock self-control. Harass those who object to the normalizing of depravity; if necessary, intimidate and threaten them into silence.

Trash religion. Take God out of the equation and encourage people to become their own gods. That way, everything they do is justified in their own eyes and they are not restrained by any higher power. (To paraphrase Dostoevsky: If there is no God, everything is permitted.) Make morality subjective rather than based on Judeo-Christian traditions and values. Anyone who tries to “bitterly cling” to those silly fables should be mocked, ridiculed and excluded.

Popularize violence and immorality. Flood television screens and movie theaters with visual stimuli dripping with sexual or bloody excess to dull peoples’ senses and make peace and morality seem boring by contrast. Portray immortality as normal, and depict religious people as either hypocrites or evil. Show immorality as being utterly without consequences. Make sure the immoral characters are sympathetic and come out as winners.

Destroy the family. It’s critical to disrupt, destroy and redefine families, since these societal units will just get in the way of the new agenda. Portray it as normal for husbands and wives to hate each other and fight all the time. Portray it as normal for teens to explode into horrible rebellion and spend their adolescence fornicating and doing drugs. Portray it as normal for divorce to tear families apart. Exalt the single parent. Punish parents who discipline their children. Be suspicious of happy families; label them as abnormal and closely examine them; be ready to tear them apart if necessary (Child Protective Services?) because hey, no one can really be that happy, right?

Abolish self-control. In a feel-good society, no one should be expected to exercise any restraint whatever. Teach people – especially young people – that self-control is not only unnecessary but wrong. If it feeeeels good, do it.

Cultivate envy. The rich are only rich because they are lucky. They don’t deserve their wealth, even if they worked 18 hours a day for 25 years to get it. All their money should be redistributed. Vote for anyone who promises to sock it to the rich.

Encourage hatred. Accuse anyone who disagrees with you of being a racist and a white supremacist, no matter what the subject. Make everyone sputter a denial and apology every time; it weakens their position. Separate people into either “oppressors” or “victims,” then punish the “oppressors” for crimes they never committed and reward the “victims” for crimes they never experienced.

Encourage a welfare state. Nothing kills ambition or incentive better than free everything. No one should have to work for life’s necessities. Declare such things as housing, transportation, education, health care, etc. as “rights” which should be distributed by the government, especially if the government steals more money from “the rich” to do it. Vote for anyone who promises to keep the freebies coming.

Encourage illegal immigration. Legal immigrants have the unfortunate habit of coming to this nation, learning English, working very hard, buying homes, educating their children, and becoming business owners. In short, they assimilate. These people are bad examples and every obstacle should be put in their path. Instead, throw open the borders and welcome a flood of illegal immigrants. Ignore factual statistics of drug smuggling, human trafficking, violent crimes, and other petty issues. Give these illegal immigrants free food, housing, education, medicine, and transportation. Oh, and make sure they vote only in approved ways.

Capture the press and dominate the internet. The only permitted point of view is the satanic one; label anything else as “intolerant. Social media and internet search engines must only be geared to find positive information on approved positions. Moral or ethical opinions and viewpoints must be shadow-banned or censored.

Capture the children. This is critical, possibly the single-most important facet of world (certainly national) domination. Because adults tend to be stubbornly resistant to devilish tactics, it’s essential to get children away from their parents and education them only in satanically approved ways. Homeschooling should be abolished, or at best made so difficult that parents give up. Take away pride in the nation and teach children our country is evil and oppressive. Refuse to study the Founding documents lest children get a notion that our nation is unique and special. Teach kids the Founding Fathers were white supremacist monsters. Keep children ignorant of economics and teach them everything should be free. Drown them in sexual permissiveness so they never learn self-control and spit on the sanctity of marriage. Let them know clusters of cells are not babies and Planned Parenthood is their savior. Mess up their young minds (and bodies) with faddish notions like transgenderism. Fill their unformed brains with earth-worship and punish them when they express religious devotion (except to Gaia). Teach them emotion should override logic at all times. Remove parental authority, which also removes God’s authority.

Hey, you know what? A brilliant man (inspired by the devil) summed it all up in a tidy instruction book entitled “Rules for Radicals.” Gosh, it’s almost like he listened to Paul Harvey and followed the devil’s advice word for word.

Imagine that.

Now, for added amusement, here are two emails from my faithful liberal reader Robert. First email:

Hello again Patrice ! Sorry, but Trump is a very lazy man, and no doubt the laziest president in US history . He was born rich , but if he had not been such an incompetent, corrupt and wasteful businessman, he would be much richer than he is . Remember what the Bible says "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven . " Being or becoming wealthy is not a sin .
But greed, avarice, unscrupulousness, mendacity , cruelty , lechery , pride , arrogance , conceit and dishonesty , all of which which Trump is guilty of in spades , are definitely sinful . Why do so many Christians still
support this monstrously evil man ?

Here are some examples of the differences between liberals and conservatives in America

Liberals favor the common people . Conservatives favor the rich and corporations .

Libs seek to liberate people . Cons seek to subjugate them .

Libs seek to unite and protect people . Cons seek to divide and exploit them .

Libs encourage individuality . Cons encourage and enforce conformity .

Libs celebrate diversity . Cons fear diversity .

Libs embrace science and the arts . Cons oppose science and the arts .

Libs promote peace . Cons promote war and oppression .

Libs promote hope . Cons promote fear .

Libs promote education . Cons promote ignorance .

Libs promote truth . Cons promote deception .

Libs promote cooperation . Cons promote unilateralism .

Libs promote innovation and progress . Cons defend "tradition " against progress .

Libs believe that people are fundamentally good . Cons believe that humans are
fundamentally sinful .

I'm not saying all these thongs are characteristic of you personally, Patrice , just
conservatives in general in America .

All the best, Robert

And second email:

Hello again Patrice ! No offense meant, but this is just a rehash of the same old tired conservative talking points and straw men . It implies that only conservatives and Christians can be good and moral people . In fact, I know many atheists who are the nicest , kindest and mot
generous people you could ever imagine , and there is a small but very vocal number of Christians in America who are horrible people - disgusting bigots and hateful hypocrites who think they have monopoly on morals and ethics . But they are nothing but appallingly narrow-minded,
intolerant , self-righteous and arrogant jerks .

No, Satan doesn’t actually exist , unless you count Donald Trump . Why do so many Christians in America worship a man who may have raped at least one 13 year old girl and who thinks he can do anything he wants with any woman and get away with it ?

1. Do as you please . No, liberals do NOT think it’s OK for people to do anything . However, they rightly feel that people should be free to do as they please as long as they do not harm anyone else , do not interfere with other people’s lives and violate their rights , are not a
public nuisance and don’t do anything which endangers others . Sex between consenting adults in private is no business of any one else - certainly not the police, the law, the courts , or the law . This includes gay sex, which is NOT a “sin “ or a “crime “.

2. Trash religion ?” Conservatives are unable to see the difference between criticizing christianity and individual Christians who say and do reprehensible things and “trashing religion “. Religion SHOULD be criticized . It has caused an unimaginable amount of human misery over the centuries .
Death and destruction, mass murder , brutal torture , etc and has caused so much ignorance and blind fear .

The Spanish Inquisition . The witch hunts . The slaughter of the Albigensian heretics by the Catholic church . Islamic terrorism and brutality . Christian brutality . Oppression prosecution and mass murder of Jews (yes, long before Hitler who was actually a Christian ! ) .
Catholics slaughtering protestants and vice versa . People who criticize and condemn the bigotry and hypocrisy which SOME Christians are guilty of do not “hate” Christians as a whole . American Christians can be among the worst hypocrites on earth .

3. Popularize violence and immorality . The Bible is chock full of violence and immorality ! And it has been used often as an excuse to justify hypocritical immorality and still is . The Bible has done infinitely more harm to America and the world than all the racy movies and TV shows and all the pornography in the world .

If people don’t like movies, books, magazines, websites, movies and TV shows which are ore adult , no one is forcing them to buy the DVDs , go to th movies , watch them on TV etc . Censoring TV and film etc will never make people more virtuous . This only encourages more censorship and ultimately,.government tyranny . There is also plenty of entertainment which Christian themes for anyone who wants it available, and no liberals are trying to censor it .

4. “Destroy the family “? The notions that liberals have been setting out to “destroy the family “ in America is pure poppycock . You know what destroys families ? Poverty . Unemployment . Lack of good education and college education being too expensive except for the rich .
Children raised in poor , cold housing who do not get good nutrition and medical care . And who has caused all of this poverty and helplessness in America ? The Republicans - by denying the poor the help they need, preventing them from escaping poverty etc .
Divorce is unfortunate but often absolutely necessary . But many kids have survived it and gone on to become successful in spite of everything .

Making it hard to divorce has actually resulted in the MURDER of many married women by their husbands . No fault divorce is actually a GOOD thing . Child abuse destroys families . And most victims of child abuse have heterosexual parents , not gay ones .
Who is “suspicious of happy families “? Another star man .

5. “Abolish self control ?” Give me a break ! No liberals want to do this ! Where is the self control of people who spread mindless fear and hatred of gay people , non-christians , Hispanics, atheists and others ? Does Donald Trump have “self control ?” Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha !!!
I’ve seen toddlers with more self control ! Where is the ”self control “ of all the pedophile Catholic priests and the many evangelical Christian preachers who are also pedophiles , or serial adulterers , and who live lives of concealed debauchery while pretending to be “men of God ?”

6. “Cultivate envy ?” Who is doing this ? No liberals I know of . Liberals are not opposed to rich people, or people who are able to become rich .. They don’t want the government to take all or even most of their money away in order to give imaginary “free stuff “ to the poor or others .

But if more rich people paid their fair share in taxes , our economy would be in much better shape . They could still live lives of unimaginable luxury . “Redistribution of wealth ?” ROFLOL !!! It’s our government which redistributes wealth as reverse Robin Hood,s by taking men from the poor and
middle class to make the rich even richer . And some people, like Trump were BORN rich . To be rich is no sin . But to be a rich person who is greedy and callous is a grievous sin . Remember - the vast majority of poor people in America are NOT “lazy “. In fact they work incredibly hard often at
more than one job, and they can barely make ends meet . So do so many members of the middle class , and life is getting tougher than ever for them .too .

7. “ Encourage hatred ?” Come on now . Another straw man . You know who encourages hate din America ? Donald Trump. He encourages hatred of anyone who is not a white Christian in America . Hatred of innocent Hispanics who are NOT “ murderers and rapists “.
Mindless fear and hatred of innocent people merely because they happen to be Muslims . And Trump has refused to condemn the KKK, the Neo-Nazis and other white supremacist hate groups . Some “Christian “.

All over America, preachers and others encourage mindless hatred of gay people, and transgender people . Accusing them of being evil perverts who are “out to recruit children into the gay lifestyle, even though nobody chooses to be gay . And accusing ays of being pedophiles despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of pedophiles are actually HETEROSEXUAL !

And preachers encouraging hatred of atheists , even though they are just abut the most harmless people in the world . Liberals encourage TOLERANCE of others . Compassion for hated minorities and the underdog . And racism SHOULD be condemned . AS well as sexism,
antisemitism, xenophobia, homophobia and any kind of bigotry .

8. “Encourage the welfare state ?” Give me a break ! No one is doing this . The government MUST provide a secure social safety net for the unfortunate and those who are down on their luck . Conservatives want to destroy or greatly weaken this safety net in America . They don’t care
about the poor, the unemployed , people struggling to earn enough to survive , the disabled, children and infants , the elderly and infirm etc . They blather about “self reliance “. How can people rely on themselves if they are helpless ?

Our government does not provide “free stuff “ and no one is asking the government to support them generously while they do no work and nobody is demanding that the government take hard-earned money form those who do work . People want to be ABLE to earn a decent living .

But too many can’t through no fault of their own . Who gets all the free stuff ? The RICH ! And the big corporations and their CEOs .

Millions of Americans are struggling to get by . Many have fallen through the cracks . 30,000 Americans die every year because health care is too expensive . And far more who are not even poor go BANKRUPT in order to afford it .

In America , our government , especially the GOP , have kept wages stagnant for decades while allowing the cost of living to rise steadily . This has had a disastrous effect on the nation. Yet conservatives still accuse the poor and middle class of being “lazy bums “!

Please consider what I am saying here and please respond. Please put as much of it as possible in your nest post at WND . Thanks !

All the best, Robert


  1. Robert is irrelevant; a cut and paste guy. At least your column gives him a sense of purpose in life (albeit a false one).

    Montana Guy

  2. well I am wondering if Robert has ever heard of little things called obvious facts and reality. A is A.


  3. Robert makes my head hurt.


  4. History proved Harvey correct.

    The door to national domination opened when the Republic fell 92 years ago in the village of Appomattox Courthouse (a place, not a building). As historian Shelby Foote eloquently explained, 'Before the Civil War Americans would say 'the United States ARE'. After Lincoln's war they would say, ‘The United States IS'. States went from an ‘ARE’ to a ‘WAS’.” Lincoln destroyed States' rights and thus the Republic. And evil men and stupid feminists have been busy proving Harvey correct ever since.

    Good ridden. Let the evil globalists devour themselves. PREPARE accordingly. Think about where you want your loved ones to be when the breakup happens, an ‘Estonia’ or a ‘Tajikistan’. Then move there now!

    Dock Guy

  5. Robert seriously lives in a fantasy world. His attempts to refute your points are hilarious and often prove a conservative viewpoint.

  6. Robert is obviously a smart guy. But he is so typical of what happens when someone joins the Cult and looses the ability to see even the most obvious truths and how ridiculous their cult narrative has become. I used to have some liberal friends but their inability to recognize their contradictions, and constantly changing concepts of reality, and constant use of labels and name calling in place of reason make them unbearable to be around.--ken

  7. Robert apparently has been under too much stress and pressure in his life . He should consider a long vacation to Venezuela or Cuba . A little rest and sunshine would do him some good .

  8. Robert, ....the government MUST provide a secure social safety net..? Says who? The preamble to the Constitution says PROMOTE - NOT "provide" for the general welfare. There are many countries governed by your ideals, perhaps you need to find one.....

    Outside of the date (92 years?), Doc Guy has it right: Lincoln was BY FAR our most destructive president. Freeing of the slaves was an accidental consequence of his actions. If you believe otherwise, you were taught revisionist history. Natodakn

    1. Thank you Natodakn.
      Correction: The Republic fell 153 years ago.
      Dock Guy

  9. Paul says some pretty powerful words.
    Robert needs a job!

  10. As far as I can tell, violence and immorality were always normal. They're part of human sin nature; if my grandmother's stories of growing up can be believed (and I think they can-- Grandma wasn't perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but she died in full possession of her mind and I never knew her to lie for any reason other than to put on a perfect face for society), then they predate the liberal social revolution. The only thing that's changed is that nowadays we throw them out in the light of day. Sometimes we celebrate them (wanton, mindless, loveless sexuality; mocking those who struggle with disability or differential ability or mental illness) and sometimes we decry them (physical and mental violence against children, minority cultures, other-than-normal people like me).

    As for the rest of it?? I agree, wholeheartedly. Call it Satan, call it dominionism, call it evil, call it stupidity, call it the profit motive-- SOMETHING is out to destroy our families (the extended family has already been rendered abnormal, obsolete, and almost extinct), our communities, and the interconnectedness, support, and acceptance that make community possible.

    A society of individuals, guided entirely by their feelings in the moment, are very easily led. Anywhere you want. Including to slaughter.

  11. Pretty sure robert is a D-ouchebag. TY.

  12. Well Then! Poor Poor Robert. As if he ever worked a day in his life? Robert is the pure essences of what the devil wants us to be.... We here on this blog will pray for him to have a change of heart..

  13. I had just said to my husband how crazy the people are that confronted Ted Cruz in a restaurant and then picked up my bible and saw in Acts how the crowds attacked Paul out of their emotions. There truly is nothing new under the sun except now it is out there for the world to see, glorify in it, and shame the rest of us for not participating.

    1. Not saying its right....but people are fed up with politicians who don't give a rat%$#@ about them and are continually bought and bribe toward their own selfish means.

      ...maybe that's why the people do what they do. They've lost their own democracy and their own control. J.

    2. I agree, but you also can't forget about the hundreds of millions of donation dollars the Clinton Foundation received hoping Ms Hillary would win so favors could be called in. It is tit for tat when it comes to politicians- both sides. You have publicly called Trump more names than I have called Obama and Hillary. Your news sources have all had to apologize for misleading the public. I think it is something about "casting the first stone"...

      BTW, we are (at least by design) a Constitutional Republic). A Democracy is nothing but mob rule.


    3. Since Trump took office, our country has become at best a FASCIST STATE.

      The right is in power...and if they don't like the rule of law, they just CHANGE IT. The Constitution has been shredded so bad, there is no semblance of it left.

      There IS no balance, there IS no Republic and there absolutely IS no Democracy.

    4. I seemed to recall a recent president loved by the left who said he would rule with a phone and a pen.


    You might want to revisit something that Mark Twain once said:

    "I never could tell a lie that anyone would doubt, nor a truth that anybody would believe."

    ...and its highly unlikely that you will ever change a mind if it is already made up. Good luck with that one, though.

    You gave it the old college try my friend...Thanks! J.

  15. Who is John Galt?

  16. Poor Robert, bless his least he provides us some amusement...I can't even begin to imagine the vitriol Patrice recieves for her posts...I will give props to Robert for remaining somewhat civil in his discourse, at least what Patrice chooses to share with us...

    Of course, the prescience of Paul Harvey makes me wonder now, just what connections he had, and how he survived as long as he did, revealing his pearls of wisdom...

  17. Who said Robert is lazy and hasn't worked a day in his life?

    WOW....where do they get this stuff? If you don't agree with someone....just diminish and degrade them. It's called a "no brainer" response.

    I thought he was articulate and honest in what he was trying to convey in his summary.

    By the way, it was the "Right" that loves to demonize words like "liberal" and they've done a pretty good job of it.

    They also did this with the word "socialism"...when in fact...socialism is what workman's comp, Social Security and Medicare do for us today (and it's not free).

    Get your facts straight and quit listening to FOX SO-CALLED NEWS. It has been and always will be an "opinion" and "entertainment" program..not factual news.

    1. The right didn't demonize the word liberal. The left redefined it so as to not have to call themselves leftists. M.

    2. That's the best one I've heard yet...LOL
      (You just can't make this stuff up).

      I am a liberal and I think I know what the attack was on my brand - WHO did it and WHY they did it.

    3. Workers comp is insurance and you pay for it just like any other. Social Security is a paid into insurance plan as well - check the charter. Medicare is part of that fica that comes out of your paycheck. Oh and I am an insurance professional (43 years) I teach and train now.

    4. You just proved my point miss "43" years.

      It is a REASONABLE AMOUNT that people can pay into all of their lives and the government pays out when they need it.

      How many times have I heard the right say it is welfare and a hand out and they want to get rid of it?

      ...when in fact...the true welfare queens are the corporations. It's when they don't pay a LIVING WAGE that the government has to pick up the tab from our "safety nets". (of course we all pay for this)

      Socialism...when used for this country is not the same as communist is simply a whole other animal that the the right constantly gets confused about.

      Roosevelt set it up so that it worked marvelously for the people...that is...until REPUBLICAN REAGAN stole all of it in 1983 and gave it to the military. Check it out.

      It's called THE BIGGEST HEIST IN HISTORY. Now it is only paid out as it comes in with no reserve. (IOU's don't work that well but it's still supporting itself.)

    5. Yes they are all "insurances". However none of them were (are) the responsibility if the government as per the founding documents and intent. So is FEMA. They are all part of the reason our citizens have become what they are. The attitude has been cultivated "if something happens the government will take care of me". That has gone right to the point where some mountain climbers have a half million in "rescues" to individual, sparsely populated counties that the taxpayers are stuck with. Natokadn

    6. we go again.

      There it's that ridiculous notion that we just turn into lazy couch potatoes because we expect to be taken care of on something we have planned and paid for.

      Why has it worked so well since Roosevelt? We all pay taxes for natural disasters...just as it should be.

      Too bad the corps aren't obligated to cover their mistakes that contribute to natural disasters...oh that's right....they just changed the rules once again. J.

    7. And since when is it a "natural disaster" when rocks are dumped in rivers to build high end homes on and people build homes and towns in the river (aka the flood plain). (As per my one time prof in a 200 level conservation of resources class years ago).

      As far as your eyes. There is more around than you will admit.

      Roosevelt was a socialist. He did the country no favors. Bernie married a rich women. Has no private experience. First wife left him because he couldn't support his family. Fixed that with a rich wife. He's just another one of those professional politicians that don't care about the citizens...unless they can buy them off with someone else's money.

      BTW - looks like Musk has just about disposed another billion dollars of taxpayer money. Forget the solar shingles dream - that is going nowhere - now we will go to space!... Natokadn

  18. Hmmm, perhaps this will add some perspective - No people will tamely surrender their Liberties, nor can any be easily subdued, when knowledge is diffused and Virtue is preserved. On the Contrary, when People are universally ignorant, and debauched in their Manners, they will sink under their own weight without the Aid of foreign Invaders. - Samuel Adams, 1775

  19. I don't even know where to being in responding to this post. I can't stop shaking my head in disbelief that someone can be so out of touch.

  20. NATE:


    I am a progressive liberal and I couldn't stand Bill or Hillery. I voted for Bernie Sanders. The rest are all paid off crooked politicians in my opinion.

    1. See my comment above. Trump started with some of daddy's money. Bernie married well, then went out for government money. Bernie can't make money - he failed for along time before wife 2 came along. Trump has employed more people than Bernie has paid off. You may dislike Trump, ok, you loathe, hate, dispose and abhor Trump. Bernie has absolutely nothing better to offer.


  21. Patrice, I would like to respond to Robert. Robert, you are correct in saying that evil has been committed in the name of religion. The various religions or denominations of a religion is man's interpretation of GOD or of GOD's values. Man's interpretation usually reflects their beliefs or values and they may or may not align with GOD's laws. It is your belief that Satan does not actually exist and any sex between consenting adults is okay. This puts you in conflict with the GOD of Christianity. While GOD would Be happy to save all, you should know that GOD acknowledges that numerous people will not accept HIM. this is why the Bible says, Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. All of mankind has one thing that GOD will not take and we have to freely yield, our will. It's a very simple message, acknowledge GOD and his son, Jesus Christ and yield yourself to him. When you yield yourself you will follow GOD's laws and commands. Man's religion usually complicates or confuses the gospel message. Last but not least I want to add a personal view point. The Bible starts with Genesis (the beginning of creation) and finishes with Revelation (the end of things as we know). Revelation basically says after world wide angst and calamities, God will reboot the earth with the redeemed ( I sure I will receive a lot of comments from religious folks but I am trying to be brief). If you do not believe it can happen, look at the dinosaur fossils. The theory is that some cataclysmic event wiped out the dinosaurs. My point is that if GOD can speak the world into existence, HE can certainly speak it out of existence. When I look at the earth, spinning, tilting on it's axis, the moon and tides, how our bodies and all of creation are wondrously made, ever fiber in my body says there is a GOD.