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Sunday, September 30, 2018

My affair with Brett Kavanaugh

Here's my weekend WND column entitled "I had an affair with Brett Kavanaugh."

To my surprise, it ended up on the WND skyline:

And holy cow, did I get emails. (Except from Robert.) Most were supportive, but a few were blisteringly ugly and full of profanity. No surprise.

Before posting this column here, I took the precaution of backing up my blog. You never know what Google might find offensive. Blogs have been known to disappear.

For those unable to access the WND website, the text is below.

I Had an Affair with Brett Kavanaugh

I had an affair with Brett Kavanaugh.

No, really I did. I can’t remember the time, the place or the circumstances – but I certainly had an affair with Kavanaugh. I’m a woman, so you have to believe everything I say.

It doesn’t matter that my memory is poor, my sources unverified, or that I never told a soul about my passionate involvement with Kavanaugh. I couldn’t possibly have an agenda when it comes to making public my affair. The fact is, I’m an ├╝ber-leftist woman; therefore everything I say is true. Period, end of sentence, no debate allowed or you’re just a bully.

And now … hang on a second, it’s all coming back to me … did I say I had an affair with Kavanaugh? My bad. The truth is, I was nearly raped by Kavanaugh. I just remembered that part. It was at a party, one of dozens I attended in my youth. Of course, I was drinking and I don’t remember the time, date, year, location or circumstances of the most traumatic event in my life, but I’m positive Kavanaugh tried to rape me back around 1982 or so. Or maybe it was 1983. It’s true. I’m a woman, so you have to believe me.

That’s a new movement, by the way: “Believe women,” a wonderful campaign to force everyone to “believe women” who make sexual assault allegations with no proof. What a great idea! We should believe women, not evidence!

Of course, there are exceptions in the “Believe women” movement. We can’t believe anything against liberal men. Liberal men are incapable of rape or sexual assault. Bill Clinton is a saint who would never mistreat a woman. Juanita Broaddrick was a liar. Oh wait, didn’t I just say women can’t lie? Um, forget I said that. We’ll just forget Broaddrick exists. Don’t believe her.

Of course, this “Believe women” movement couldn’t possibly have any negative repercussions on women who truly have been raped. It means ALL women must be believed, not just the ones who have actually been assaulted.

Now back to me. (It’s all about me.) Of course, I never told anyone – my parents or any friends, let alone law enforcement – that Kavanaugh tried to rape me at this party I can’t remember. The reason was it never happ … I mean, I was too intimidated to talk about it. To my parents. To my best friends. To the school principal.

And the people I name as witnesses to my assault? They just have poor memories when they claim they weren’t at the party. Or maybe they were involved too. Or maybe they're Republicans. What do they know?

Let’s see, back in 1982 I was 20 years old, but I just remembered I was actually 15. Yeah, 15. Underage! I witnessed “rape trains” at these parties I attended. At 15. Somehow during all these dozens of inebriated events with underage minors held at private homes, parental oversight was conspicuously lacking, conveniently providing an absence of adult witnesses to these shenanigans just in case some random kid should get nominated for the Supreme Court 36 years down the line.

I know I saw some traumatic things in my youth – I have a “firm recollection” of lines out the door in the rape rooms at all those parties I kept going to … and going to … but somehow it all slipped my mind that the ultimate culprit behind everything was Kavanaugh until my memory was jogged by six days of careful assessment and the help of an unbiased attorney to get my story straight. Thank goodness for sound legal counseling; where would we be without it?

There are other women coming out of the woodwork to support my claim that Kavanaugh is a sexual predator, and my claims have just as much merit as theirs. My memory is just as accurate as theirs. Above all, my motives are just as pure as theirs. Pure as the driven snow, folks. Really. Honestly. I’m a woman, so you have to believe me.

And because you have to believe me, you can’t pry into my political or personal beliefs. You can’t factor in my support for abortion as a taxpayer-funded right which might be jeopardized if Kavanaugh gets on the Supreme Court. You can’t examine my social media posts where I say Donald Trump is a bleepity-bleeping bleeper bleep bleep. You can’t take into account that I’m a rabid feminist who think all men should shut up and sit down, as Mazie Hirono recommends.

In fact, Hirono says it’s about “whether or not a woman who has been a victim at some point in her life is to be believed.” Does this mean we should “believe” Kavanaugh when he denies he was even at the party where he assaulted me? Of course not. If you believe him over me, then you’re a racist, a bigot, a misogynist and a bully. All men are liars. All women are truthful. Our entire judiciary system is based upon this understanding.

Now I demand an FBI investigation into my accusations. It doesn’t matter if my allegations against Kavanaugh are unprovable. That’s not the point. The point is I need to justify my pay from Mr. Sor … um, what I meant was, I need to speak for all women – “Believe women” – no matter what. And if you don’t believe me, then you’re a racist, a bigot, a misogynist and a bully.

Y’know, it’s kinda fun to go forward with these charges against Kavanaugh! It gets me all kinds of attention and lots of uplifting support from my fellow women. No matter what the outcome of Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court, I’m set for life. I can write books, get paid obscene amounts of money for speaking engagements, get a professorship at any university in the country, and be the darling of the progressive set for ruining the lives of Kavanaugh and his family. What’s not to love?

And if Kavanaugh gets dumped from consideration to the Supreme Court, I look forward to Trump’s next nominee so I can recall my sexual assault from him as well. All I’ll need is a poor memory, six days with a porn attorney, a leftist agenda and I’ll be ready … right after I scrub my social media accounts and bleach my laptop.

So my deepest thanks to everyone who has helped kill the antiquated and patriarchal concepts of the rule of law and the presumption of innocence. We finally get to reap what we sowed.


  1. You're an ass, and you have no heart. You'll say anything just so your team wins. You should stick to talking about your cows.

    1. Brilliant! You told her. Now go take your medication or illegal narcotic of choice.

  2. Yeah, that might get you banned from SOMETHING! - LOL

  3. Never heard a more ridiculous, twisted mockery of the truth. (Consider the source).

    Even Brett's old buddy who was there admits to what happened.

    Mrs. Ford has had to endure death threats and has had to relocate her family. Her life would have been far easier had she not come forward. At least she had the courage to do so.

    She is a credible witness. She has passed a Polly-graph test, asked for an investigation and offered up names of others who can collaborate her story..far more up front than Mr. Kavanough ever dreamed of being.

    It appears by his testimony, that Brett Kavanough is a pathetic, out-of control alcoholic.

    I'm certain he will continue to perjure himself and blame the Democrats until his cronies give way to a "yes" vote. It's how they have run everything else. Just shove it through and don't ask questions.

    1. 1. Mark Judge has not admitted anything. He has said that he does not recall any such event ever happening.
      2. A polygraph test is not infallible. Psychopaths pass them easily. If one believes what they are saying, whether it be truth or not, they will pass. As to her testimony, as a sexual abuse survivor, the last thing I would have done if I had run into my abuser in a public setting, is to go up to him and say hello. No one I know having been through that would have.
      3. Admitting that one drank in high school and college does not make one an alcoholic. It makes him a typical teenager. I seriously doubt an out of control alcoholic would have gotten into Yale law school.

    2. I guess you didn't hear the whole testimony from Brett...about his wrangling on how much he likes beer.

      (granted...that's no crime, but it sure doesn't look good for a supreme court judge position if he is prone to blackouts.)

      Question: "Did you have any black outs in college?"

      Answer: "Did you?" was his cocky response to the senator. (no yes OR no)

      Your right. Mark Judge's statement so far has eluded that there was no horseplay going on but;

      "Judge’s ex-girlfriend of three years, Elizabeth Rasor, says he told her a “very different story” about those parties."

      Mark has said he will co-operate with FBI. How far do you think he will go to protect his friend? He is worth lying to the FBI?

    3. Folks, I give you "J" as "Exhibit A" for the case that the left is completely ignorant, insane, evil or all of the above. They don't care about facts, rules, reason, ethics, or anything or anyone that stands in the way of maintaining their power and tyrannical desires to destroy all that is good. We are at war with evil and we have been silently allowing them to progress into our politics and culture for too long. We are now standing up to them and this is they are showing their venom. We can not back down from this fight. We must stand up to these people and win this war. There can be no compromise. Evil must be defeated.

    4. WOW!...That's about the most narrow minded narrative I have ever heard yet!!!!

      Keep up the good work. You're "fact based republican senators" have decided not to ask any questions at all.

      That way they can keep from tripping up on the truth. They remind me of the three monkeys;

      SEE no evil
      HEAR no evil
      SAY no evil

      (like spoiled little children)


    5. Mitchell asked the only relevant questions that were asked during the hearing. She did so on their behalf so as to not give the leftists and their media lap dogs images and video to edit for attack ads, and I know that really hurts your butt that y'all were out smarted. That is something you should start getting used to, lowing. Much more of that coming for you.

  4. That is exactly the way it is; sadly. The left can't stand the truth.
    False accusations against men or women will hurt deeply those who have been attacked and deserve to be heard. It's the age old story of the boy who cried wolf.

    1. Boy, have you gulped the propagandized cool-aid.

      Maybe you should make it a QUEST to seek the truth yourself. That would be a switch.

      If you really cared about it... you may even learn something. It would be far better than repeating the same old mantra-"the left can't stand the truth".

      Give me a break. Aren't you even curious?

      Please take notice....that all republican senators are not even asking questions at this hearing. Should tell you something.

  5. i hope the liars and other corrupt do get what they deserve, in this life.
    only God Himself can save this nation and wash it clean.

  6. I'm a 67 year old white male, but back in '82 I was identifying as a 20 year old bimbo that repeatedly went to high school parties where rape was in the air (as well as all that other stuff, which MAY, and I repeat MAY, have affected my memory some, but just a little). No matter; I distinctly remember Young Brett raping me at least twice on three different occasions. Though I didn't tell anyone at the time because it just wasn't the thing to do I guess. The next party I went to he wasn't there - grounded I guess. All the above is the cause of me abandoning my girlish ways and reverting me to my cisgen maleness, thereby missing a long, muddled life as a promiscuous, drug addled, poxy female - able (apparently) to get away with anything because of being just so dang cute! Dang. Missed it by that much!
    BTW: If anybody questions my veracity, I'll revert to my feminine side and make you look like a bully. So there. Take that! After all, by law, you have to take my fantasy as your new reality.

    Now -- will somebody please, please, please go open a gofundme page for me right away? My shrink bills are killing me. {sarc}

    PS: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I liked your style enough, Ma'am, to have some fun with it myself. Hope you don't mind. CW

  7. Post Alley Conspiracy TheoristOctober 1, 2018 at 3:18 AM

    I just can't recall ...

    I could swear I saw Brett Kavanaugh on the grassy knoll, but I can't recall.

    I could swear it was Brett Kavanaugh giving expert legal advice to Oliver North, but I can't recall.

    I could swear it was Brett Kavanaugh who flashed a little strobe in Ronald Reagan's eyes just before he said those infamous words over and over and over ...

    Yep, those words were infamous, but I can't recall what they were.

    Did you ever wonder whether Brett Kavanaugh is part of an ultra-secret police force meant to protect the human population of Earth from extra-terrestrials?

    I don't know for sure, I can't recall.

    With this many holes in my memory, I could swear that Brett Kavanaugh is one of the Men In Black and he's been on to me this entire time.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I forgot where I laid down the year 1991, I'm going to go look for it ...

    I could swear we've been through 1991 before though.

    But I can't recall.

  8. The thing that I don’t understand is why women hold their tongue when terrible things happen to them. I don’t know the truth between the people you are discussing, and believe me I have been trying to follow what is discussed! It’s all so convoluted that I don’t know how anyone can make a fair judgment on if a race really did occur. The thing is, why do women hold their tongue for 30 years? Even if it took her a year to get ahold of her thoughts, why wait so long? Why now? The whole metoo movement needs to be ashamed of themselves. If a sexual assault happened at any point in someone’s life, they should have reported it when it happened.

    Patrice you really wound up the readers with this one. I for one think you are fair in your assessment of it all. It does appear to be a whole lot of women are to always be believed and damn what the men say. That being said, it the nominee actually is guilty then he should obviously be removed from the list of nominees. The statue of limitations has passed so legally he is untouchable. I’m not sure I think he is guilty though.

    1. Perhaps they hold their tongue because of people like you and many of the others who have been reacting to Ford’s story. If we women speak up when the event happens, not only is it traumatic, but it is our word against Johnny Q. Public, the man we’re accusing - and unless he’s some sort of scumbag, it’s entirely possible that our word won’t be believed against his. In fact, not only possible but likely. If I was raped in today’s climate I am not sure that I would report, let alone 30 years ago. If you haven’t been assaulted, let me tell you, you have no idea of the courage it takes to speak up. You’re basically throwing yourself to the wild dogs and asking them to please not bite. Sometimes they don’t listen.

    2. It's called PTSD...that and being extremely embarrassed and feeling degraded to the point you wouldn't want anyone to know.

      It is a classic reaction to rape or even attempted rape. Ask any psychologist.

    3. I have been raped. I took responsibility for my actions and held him responsible for his. Women claiming that others won’t believe them is a cop out. If a person is raped and never had the nerve to hold others accountable, they lose their ability to speak up 30 years later. PTSD be damned because I was diagnosed with that after my rape as well. I’m judging women based on what they can prove, not just be they say someone assaulted them.

  9. Patrice, you nailed it! Excellent article. It is all so sad but true. This is why I pray every day for Judge Kavanaugh and his family now. And I will continue to pray for the President and Vice President and their family members.

    God Bless,
    Janet in MA

  10. Well said, and yes, I'd prepare for some grief.

    The lack of credibility on the accuser's side of the table is what gives me great pause.

  11. Dumb feminists provide great yucks. I get it.

    But take heed. This debacle is simply pre-game maneuvering for the impeachment of Trump. The thin veneer of civility is rapidly peeling away, exposing anger between Americans probably not seen since the Civil War. Thank you Anonymous @6:00 PM for making my point.

    If Trump is forcibly removed America will finally fall into chaos and 'Without Rule of Law' (WROL). Prepare accordingly.

    Dock Guy

  12. Patrice, I've loved our articles about your homestead,raising your children, homeschooling, etc. I've mostly overlooked your tangents on politics but this time you went too far. Anyone with an open mind can see Dr. Ford believes she was assaulted by Kavanaugh. Even the prosecutor hired by the Republican members of the committee believed her to be creditable. I hope the day never comes when one of your daughters announces that she was sexually assaulted as a teenager or a member of the Navy. You are better than this article, open your mind and heart to the countless women that are assaulted and don't come forward because we treat them like the criminal rather than the victim. There are plenty of good judges out there, some that don't lie, drink to excess and rant at a perceived wrong.

    Just another old white man that will remove your blog from my bookmarks because you've become a political hack rather then an independent woman telling us how you live the good life.

    1. She will live without you.

    2. And the rapes will keep on happening...

    3. None of you would want false and baseless allegations made against you, media destroying your good name, threats being made against your family, investigations into your past over and over searching for anything or anyone willing to pile on, but you so willingly are open to believing someone else because their means is justified by your end desire to destroy someone you do not agree with politically. If you can not see your own ignorance, insanity, or evil desires in this, then you are truly lost. If you will look at the facts and look at this with reason instead of emotion, you will come to understand that there is no evidence to support the accusations. Without evidence there can be no crime. If you disagree, then you are hopelessly lost and no one should waste any more time on you.

    4. I sincerely hope that no person will ever try to destroy your name or family either. The emotion felt for the victim should also be felt for the defendant whose life has been torn apart with out any proof that anything actually happened. Please people open your eyes to both sides of the story.

    5. To @6:10 am -- If you think the prosecutor, Rachel Mitchell, believes the Ms. Ford, you need to go read the report Rachel Mitchell provided to the Senate Committee. She provides numerous reasons why Ms. Ford does not provide credible evidence for many reasons.

      Here is a link, if I may:

    6. What can I say...

      You reap what you sow. If it looks like a duck (and Brett does after his testimony) IT IS A DUCK!...But we will see in a week.

  13. Hi, Patrice. I was a former police investigator. With all of the evidence that has been presented to the American public, I would not have even presented this to the grand jury. Granted, I may have double checked my assertion with our DA but, no, I would not have pursued prosecution. I had several cases of alleged sexual assault that I did not pursue but the ones that I had corroborating evidence for, I went for with both barrells and got convictions with the accused receiving time to serve. Several of the ones that I did not pursue were 'cry wolf/rape' cases that just wanted to get revenge on the male for a break up or some other slight. So, both parties have to be listened to and all of it needs to be done in a timely manner as soon as possible to the time of the incident. 'He said, she said' doesn't get it. Love your blog, Patrice.

  14. When I was seven a cousin molested me. When I was thirteen a teacher was in appropriate with me. That does not make me a victim or an accuser or a survivor. It just makes me a human. Stuff happens to us and it is called Life. A perfect example is Patrice’s mom. She lived through horrible things and has had bodily consequences but she overcame to raise wonderful children and has beautiful grandchildren. That doesn’t mean you don’t go after the person that hurt you. Sure stand up to them and turn them in and fight for justice but could everyone quit seeing themselves as victims! No one in their right mind would walk up to someone to say hi if that person had laughed at you while you were being raped. Sorry I just don’t buy it.

    1. Fantastic advice which I already live by. Thank you for your common sense comment!

  15. Hi, Patrice. I was a former police investigator. With all of the evidence that has been presented to the American public, I would not have even presented this to the grand jury. Granted, I may have double checked my assertion with our DA but, no, I would not have pursued prosecution. I had several cases of alleged sexual assault that I did not pursue but the ones that I had corroborating evidence for, I went for with both barrells and got convictions with the accused receiving time to serve. Several of the ones that I did not pursue were 'cry wolf/rape' cases that just wanted to get revenge on the male for a break up or some other slight. So, both parties have to be listened to and all of it needs to be done in a timely manner as soon as possible to the time of the incident. 'He said, she said' doesn't get it. Love your blog, Patrice.

  16. I read the articles here and rarely comment but this time I must speak up. Anyone who has not been assaulted, man or woman alike, cannot understand the horror, humiliation and trauma that results. But beyond that, what happens to a woman when she reports?

    -She must participate in a lengthy police investigation which opens up her fresh wounds all over again - that is, if she’s even believed.
    -If there’s a trial, she must testify before a crowd about exactly what was done to her.
    -It is entirely possible that during the course of this trial, favor will shift to the defendant, even if he’s not innocent, and then the victim will be treated like the criminal. And then he might even be acquitted despite her efforts. It happens more than we’re comfortable talking about.
    -But all that presumes the idea that there even WAS a trial in the first place. If the perp was a previously convicted criminal or otherwise a dirtbag, police are likely to believe the victim... but if she accuses Johnny Q. Public, a college-bound athlete or a businessman or an otherwise respectable guy, people are much less likely to put any stock into the victim’s side of the story. “Johnny Q is a good guy, he would NEVER do that.” And suddenly, the victim is in a precarious position just because of her assaulter’s “respectable” class, status and/or occupation.
    -There are many situations where a victim knows she is less likely to be believed. If she has a “checkered” past she might be accused of lying. If she drank that night even a little she may be accused of blacking out. If she was at a party that night without her boyfriend she may be accused of making up a story to cover her cheating. Trust me, little details of a victim’s life will be exploited and turned on her- regardless of relevancy - because we treat the victim as a criminal 95% of the time.
    -This may not be a victim’s first rodeo. She could have been assaulted before - many women are. If that’s the case and she already went through a struggle that didn’t end well, she might be more inclined to simply throw up her hands and let this new assault go. It isn’t worth it in her eyes.
    -Another thing I’ve seen - people with childhood sexual trauma. There are so many of them, the sheer numbers break your heart. When they are assaulted or raped, they are less likely to report for reasons I think are obvious - tiredness. Unwillingness to open those wounds again. Feelings of worthlessness, like “I deserved it.”

    I worked as a sexual assault emergency counsellor for 23 years. I eventually had to quit the job because it was too much for me, even after all that time I didn’t “get used to it.” I did watch throughout the process most of the time - as the victims told me their stories, as they chose to report or not report, charge or not charge, as they tried to hide their battered bodies from me and insisted they were fine because the idea of a legal battle with The System scared them more than anything else. And I watched as some of these cases went to trial - sometimes I was called to testify - and, in way too many, the victim was not believed. And even in the cases where she WAS believed in the end, I watched as everything about her was called into question - age, race, alcohol, past, gaps in her memory... you name it. I watched countless times as the victims were grilled mercilessly instead of the defendants. So many times.

    Which is why this Kavanaugh thing, and the furious public debate surrounding it, breaks my heart and I can’t bear to watch. I’d hoped I wouldn’t find it on this blog though. I’ve always loved your posts about family and farm, as that’s the background I come from. I’ve tried to avoid the political posts but this one, I believe, took it too far for me to stay quiet. I don’t know if you’ve lost me as a reader - maybe. Just wanted to share my background and what I’ve seen from assaulted women. Hope that helps some people understand a little better. Sometimes we put politics above compassion. Just my two cents.

  17. Yes, I would be happy with another nominee. Don't know if you watched the circus arranged by Congress, but he did not come off well. And yes, I think temperament is a problem for him. As is blatant partisanship. The Supreme Court judges all have varying ideologies but they are not blatantly partisan. Kavanaugh's railing on about a Clinton conspiracy and demonizing Democrats is tantamount to waving a Republican flag. Going on Fox news the same. I find Kavanaugh and the whole process intensely disturbing.

    1. You apparently have a problem with emotion being more valued than facts. If you put the emotions of both parties aside and just look at the facts, you will see that there are none to support the allegations being made. Therefore, if you have any decency, believe in reason, and support the rule of Law, you would not have this absurd opinion.

  18. Patrice, here is a wonderful paragraph from a blog post you made in March 2012: "As a Christian I am held to high standards, standards I continuously fail to meet (which is where forgiveness of my sins is so comforting). Nonetheless those standards are there, and I must strive toward them. I must guard my tongue and my (typing) fingers from falling into the classic human failings of gossip, name-calling, and hypocrisy. In other words, I -- and every other person who calls him or herself a Christian -- must be ambassadors for our faith. We must represent the goodness and mercy of Jesus..." What a wonderful statement of faith! And I know faith like that generates compassion, kindness and mercy. Your piece from September 30, not so much. Not so much because of your opinion but because of the sarcastic, mean tone to the whole piece. It was not uplifting and made me very sad that we've descended, as a country, to a point where this would be considered entertaining or informative.

    1. This is a war of good versus evil. Right versus wrong. Law versus lawless. Facts versus beliefs. Reason versus insanity. One side has facts, one side has none. One side remembers everything, one side can only remember one thing. One can't remember recent events, one side has calendars and notes on where they were and when. One side is determined to protect their legal ruling allowing them to kill babies, one side wants babies protected from being murdered. If you thing anything that Patrice had to say is as vial as people who openly want unlimited murder of babies in the womb, then you are lost and no one should care what you think about anything.

    2. This sarcasm is exactly what is called for. The circus in Washington shows that if anyone, especially a man who has gone through 6 FBI background checks without any problems, can have a confirmation "delayed" and delayed and delayed, than anything can happen to our husband, our sons, our brothers, who are good, God-fearing men. Patrice is showing exactly what happened in clearer tones, not hiding behind the lawyers, the glasses, voice, "fears," etc. Patrice is not being a hypocrite, a gossip, or a name caller. What she has typed is truth, in a clever, creative way.

  19. I don't know if anyone noticed that during her testimony of having no recollection of any facts of the event she claimed happened, but when she was asked if she paid for that polygraph test her reply was "I don't know", then when asked if anyone paid for it on her behalf, again the answer was "I don't know" Does anyone reading this actually believe that in less than a month and having to go through a polygraph you might have a recollection of how it was paid for especially since it was taken at a hotel right after a funeral of grandma? Finally her Democrat activist attorney took the mike and stated that it was paid for by her attorneys. Maybe this woman has a real mental disorder (not of the liberal sort) but something that she should have medically checked. She is after all in her fifties and could very well have started Alzheimers or some sort of Dementia. Is there a doctor in the house?

  20. Obviously you were never sexually assaulted. Pray that it never happens to you or your daughters.

    I was assaulted at 15, by a man known to my family while I was sleeping in my bed. I'm 68 now and the trauma is still with me. BTW, my family didn't/wouldn't accept the fact.

    You disappoint me tremendously.

    1. That's not an argument and being a victim doesn't make you right.

  21. I have issues with someone who "comes out" with something like this by writing to "senator" Feinstein. I would have found Feinstin somewhat believable if she had come forward immediately with the provided information, instead of sitting on it to be used as a grenade if needed. My stand is that both Ford and Feinstein KNEW what they were doing, and it wasn't for "the good of all women who have been "victimized." Indeed, these two have actually HURT women who HAVE been victimized, as their words will now carry less weight.

    I stand in defense, not of Kanvanaugh, who I know nothing about, other than what's been said about him on the "news," but of DUE PROCESS, which is dying an agonizing death in 'DC. Remember, folks; if these people can get away with hijacking the rights of a judge, you can be burned at the stake as well...

  22. Listen to all these angry, whining, helpless feminists. No wonder American men don't want to marry them.

    Montana Guy

    1. Sorry Montana Guy....I don't think you stand a chance anyway!

    2. He found a real wife in the Redoubt!
      Montana Gal

    3. They still have real women in Asia. They make great wives and great Americans.

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