Sunday, May 27, 2018

The critical need for a gender-free society

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled "Why society must be gender-cleansed."

For those unable to access the WND website, here's the text.

Why Society Must be Gender-Cleansed

Some horrifying news came out of Australia recently. It seems the Australian National University did a study and found children are being raised according to their gender stereotypes. Yes, it’s true. For as long as humans have walked the earth, little boys and little girls were raised as little boys and little girls in accordance with both biology and cultural expectations.

This. Must. Stop.

Thankfully the Australian National University discovered this sickening situation in time, and is helping Victoria city councils guide parents, librarians and educators on how to put a stop to this untenable practice. Cultural expectations and biology have no place when it comes to the critical building of a gender-neutral society.

New guidelines are being recommended. The research found “prejudice along race and gender lines can be observed” in children as young as three years old, so “educators should avoid using the terms ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ and classifying children according to gender.” Teachers will be encouraged not to select toys in “gendered colors” or use expressions such as “boys will be boys.” Children’s books are being reviewed for gender modeling and diversity, and teachers are asked to refrain from using feminine endearments to their female students such as “honey” and “sweetie.” (Wait – “female students” – there must be a gender-neutral term for that – I’m open to suggestions ...)

Meanwhile librarians are being asked to promote “gender equity” and to “challenge gender stereotypes” on their book selections. This is critical, according to Minister for Women and Prevention of Family Violence Natalie Hutchins, since “the change needed won't happen” without gender equality.

According to SBS News, “Deakin University sexuality and relationships expert Debbis Ollis said … a review of gender content of children’s books and toys was necessary to build inclusive behaviors in children. ‘We all suffer from unconscious gender bias and this sort of critical practice enables students and teachers to see the sexist nature of some books and the implication of the messages children are getting about who they can be,’ associate professor Ollis said.”

(Ollis is a “feminist qualitative researcher interested in capacity building in sexuality and relationships education, pedagogy, teacher practice and professional learning, particularly as it relates to issues in health and sexuality and relationships education.” Just in case you wondered.)

Unfortunately the momentum to gender-cleanse children’s books was halted by backward-thinking troglodyte parents, so hateful classics such as “Thomas the Tank Engine” and “Winnie the Pooh” will continue to poison the minds of young children and confirm gender stereotypes with offensive terminology such as “boy” and “girl.”

“For goodness sake, this is social engineering gone crazy,” snarled one knuckle-dragging parent. “Leave kids alone to be kids. Stop trying to destroy kids’ childhoods.”

Of course, I don’t mean to solely highlight Australia in these notable efforts to eradicate gender differences. Thanks to the concerted efforts of social justice warriors the world over, we are becoming an international society less and less dependent on using external genitalia (much less muscle density, hormones or brain function) to determine how a child should behave or what pronoun to use. These noble activists are determined to do away with outdated, artificial and unneeded divisions such as male and female. Gender is something that should have been eliminated long ago.

But society has a long ways to go before gender equality is reached. Not only should any toys and books be removed which might promote stereotypes, but we need to gender-cleanse other stereotyping items as well.

Clothing, for example, is a highly unacceptable indication of gender. Skirts, dresses, shoes, accessories and other apparel traditionally associated with one gender or another should be eradicated, particularly those with patterns or colors that might offer clues as to the DNA content of the wearer. A universal garment in gender-neutral colors and style needs to be devised which would clothe everyone. This would, of course, eradicate the multi-billion dollar fashion and beauty industry, but it’s high time people stopped wasting their money on enhancing gender-stereotyped appearances anyway.

Biological traits should be similarly exorcised. Reproduction should be utterly banned, since engaging in such activities is the ultimate in gender-stereotyping. Instead, artificial wombs are the key to a gender-free society, and the gender-formerly-known-as-female would no longer be required to act as incubators.

Children must be raised in a strictly gender-free manner. Any and all actions, conduct or activity that promotes a gender stereotype must be severely punished so the child will not repeat the offensive behavior. Dolls and all domestically themed items should be utterly prohibited, of course, along with any military-themed toys or other gender-promoting playthings.

Sports must also be gender-purified. Since both genders should be equal in all regards, there should be no further divisions in what sports are engaged in or who may participate. In the Olympics, for example, some sports (such as gymnastics or swimming) are divided along gender lines. This is wrong, just plain wrong. If there is no difference between the genders, there is no reason for divisional differences in sports. Everyone should be free to complete in everything.

Businesses would have a huge financial burden removed by eliminating bathrooms, locker rooms and other facilities built in duplicate to accommodate gender differences. Eliminate gender, and these separate facilities will no longer be necessary.

And of course, since we are working so hard to eliminate gender differences in society, careful scrutiny must be given to career divisions. Jobs which traditionally attracted one gender over another (such as construction, military combat, nail technician, fashion model, coal miner, and of course Professors of Feminist Studies) must have equal gender representation. This is a critically important part and must be forcibly addressed, if necessary. Half the people teaching Feminist Studies must be men. (I mean people who used to be men. Or not. This is so confusing.) To argue otherwise is antithetical to a gender-free university experience.

Of course, to know whether or not these critical changes are being met, it’s necessary to determine whether a person is male or female, which goes against everything a gender-neutral society is striving toward. (No peeking.) Hmmm, the logistics of compliance may take some additional thought.

However I’m sure you’ll agree the resulting gender-free society would be a Utopia on earth. It’s never been done before, but that’s okay. We have to start somewhere. And it all begins with avoiding use of the terms “boy” and “girl” and classifying children according to gender.

Now let’s get crackin’, sweetie. There’s no time to lose. The species-equality proponents are awaiting their turn.


  1. When they stop doing sonograms to see if the fetus is male or female and the soon to be parents stop having "Gender Announcement Parties" then I might think that there is enough PC influence to believe this is real.

  2. Debbis Ollis claims to be a sexuality expert. But this Aussie matey won’t mate. Be patient and problem will self-correct.

    Montana Guy

  3. Don't laugh, there are already people working on species equality. In fact, I first heard of it probably 20 years ago.

  4. So much for knowledge bringing us enlightenment!!!
    God foretold of all of this garbage in His Word...But, no one is listening...
    Thanks for the great post Patrice....
    Love from NC

  5. This reminded me of a Star Trek The Next Generation episode titled "The Outcast" about an androgynous society. I called both my son and daughter sweetie and honey, the girl became quite feminine and the boy very macho, I don't think what you call them will do anything to their thinking oneway or another. I like to think of people that come up with this stuff as talentless people that simply want to be relevant. Must anything else be added to convince society on the benefits of homeschooling?

  6. The Good Lord made Man and Woman. Takes a liberal to turn the Lord's creations into an IT. Into a thing. Into an object. No longer Human.


  7. And yet the other end of this insane liberal spectrum is insisting there are dozens of genders and we must learn to differentiate and use the proper pronoun for each. I assume they'll squall like squashed cats if we insisted they wear signs to tell us if they are Xu, Zee, Ze/zir or Cis yet they claim we re disrespecting them if we don't use the right one.

    As for no outward sign in clothing to designate which gender is which, lets use that example of swimmers at the Olympics. I'm pretty sure that as soon as you get all the swimmers into those tiny slick speedos it would be obvious to all which is which. Or shall they swim in those non-gender black pajama things they wore in communist China?

  8. I'm sure they have some label they'd apply to me if I were younger. "Gender-queer heteroromantic asexual" I think.

    When I was a kid, I was just a tomboy, and it was no big deal. Mamaw made some excuses about it being because I "never really had a mother," a few people commented that I'd have a hard time finding a man that would have me, and that was the end of it.

    I remember wishing that I could just be accepted for who I was, without a bunch of holy hullaballoo about what girls are "supposed" to be.

    Frankly, what they're getting up to now sounds like worse trouble, for more people. I don't understand why, absent serious perversion, we can't just simply let people be. HOLY COW.

    1. all I want is for them to LEAVE ME ALONE!
      I raise my kids the way I believe God wants me to do and if you don't agree with me that's your problem but don't come and try to boss me around cause I ain't listenin' and I'll be more than happy to toss some lead your way

  9. While I'm at it-- I'm perfectly certain that none of these proud gender-bending social justice warriors are going to teach me to run a chain saw. They'll have some excuse other than, "But you're a GIRL!!" Notwithstanding, they sure can't seem to do anything USEFUL.

  10. I had a world literature class in the 4th most liberal university in the US. Ultra-feminist left-wing fresh Harvard grad with 4 female assistants spent the whole semester looking for evidence of patriarchal oppression in medieval texts, railing against the patriarchy, racism, sexism etc... but saw no hypocrisy in being 100% female administered class.

  11. OMGoodness, It is hard to believe that people have gone this far off the deep end.

  12. I feel sorry for children caught up in this insanity.

  13. people who believe that way should be shot: plain and simple

  14. not surprised, when a culture forsakes God they become morally corrupt. and don't forget the influence of placing fools (the Bible says foolishness abounds in the heart of a child) with other fools their own age in a room and feeding them contaminated atheist filth all day.