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Monday, April 16, 2018

Now gardening is racist

Here's my WND column from the weekend, entitled "Now gardening is racist."

For those unable to access the website, here's the text.

Now Gardening is Racist

In yet another example of liberal lunacy, some environmentalists are slamming gardeners and wildlife biologists for being racist.

Breitbart notes, “A consultant for New Scientist magazine, Fred Pearce argues that foreign flora and fauna are being ‘demonised’ unfairly while the problematic species which are native to Britain are given a free pass. … Pearce decried the language used to describe ‘invasive species’ as ‘very xenophobic,’ stating it ‘suggests that anything foreign is bad. ‘It is terrifyingly similar to the language which can be used about immigrants invading the country,’ added the environmentalist, who claims scientists are more likely to present species as dangerous if they are foreign in his book ‘The New Wild: Why Invasive Species Will Be Nature’s Salvation.’ …‘True environmentalists … should be applauding the aliens.’”

Pearce isn’t the first to equate gardening with racism. “In 2014,” continued Breitbart, “academic Ben Pitcher claimed that people who enjoy talking about gardening are closet racists who use the hobby as a covert way to promote white identity” and claimed using terms like “invasive” and “non-native” showed gardeners’ opposition to migrants and is “saturated with racial meanings.”

Okay fine. You wanna equate gardening with racism? Then let’s do it – and see where it goes.

I have spent the last ten years cultivating a huge vegetable and fruit garden through sheer hard work. And make no mistake – it’s work. I put many, many hours each summer into cultivating strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, peaches, pears, apples, grapes, plums, cherries, watermelon, cantaloupe, hazelnuts, walnuts, corn, green beans, dried beans (several types), peas, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, red bell peppers, carrots, lettuce, sage, oregano, basil, horseradish, cayenne peppers, garlic, parsley, rosemary, spearmint, seed poppies, and thyme.

All these food plants (with the exception of the trees) are in raised beds. I’m quite proud of my garden. It’s the first thing we show visitors.

Of course, weeds grow in any garden, which I diligently work to remove. In small amounts, most weeds don’t damage vegetables. Gardens can take a small amount of “weed pressure,” as it’s called, without damaging the primary crop. It’s only when weeds overgrow a bed that the crop suffers.

Sometimes I even find a volunteer vegetable plant in the “wrong” place, growing from the previous year’s seed. This kind of diversity is always welcome. Even though the volunteer is not where it’s “supposed” to be, it still contributes to the garden and produces a useful result.

Learning to garden has been something of an uphill battle for me, and I’ve made many mistakes. One year I na├»vely mulched many beds with old hay, thinking I was doing the right thing. But old hay often contains foreign (to my garden) seeds, and to my horror I found I had inadvertently introduced a bunch of invasive weeds. One particularly pernicious specimen was a type of aggressive grass that sends out root runners and spreads vegetatively. Left alone, it soon dominates a bed, forming dense mats, crowding out everything else, and causing the vegetables to either grow thin or die.

Uprooting this grass is delicate and difficult. Unless every little bit of root is carefully dug up and removed, it snaps and regrows new plants from the snapped pieces. For years I’ve fought this grass and slowly I’m winning. But it’s still a fight. And that doesn’t count other weeds that invade my garden which, given the opportunity, would take over. It’s a constant battle.

Am I racist? Are my actions or my language “promoting white identity”? Of course not. I’m simply describing my gardening challenges as we strive for food self-sufficiency on our farm. If you interpret it any other way – now listen to this very, very carefully – that’s your racism showing, not mine.

Now let’s look beyond gardening. Let’s look at nature. I have a background in wildlife biology, and invasive species putting pressure on native plants and animals is a huge issue among biologists. Take Australia, for example. Here’s a continent that had been geographically isolated from the outside world for a long, long time. It contains perhaps the finest examples of unique, not-found-anywhere-else flora and fauna on the planet. But as soon as invasive species were introduced – either deliberately or by accident – they spread and flourished and out-competed the native plants and animals, sometimes to the point of extinction. The only sane way to keep this from happening everywhere is to limit the introduction of species that spread easily.

Because, you see, not all alien species become aggressive invaders. Some plants and animals assimilate beautifully and would never dream of taking over. Australia is in no danger of being taken over by non-native chickens, for example, even though chickens are everywhere.

It’s those plants and animals which don’t assimilate – which, instead, take over a garden or an ecosystem in an aggressive and destructive fashion, causing populations to become threatened or go extinct – that are the problem.

Now consider the words of historian Bill Federer:
After the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, Communist labor organizers, community organizers, agitators, and agent provocateurs infiltrated other countries, including the United States. They utilized the tactic of psychological projection or “blame-shifting,” in which the attacker blames the victim.

Sigmund Freud wrote in "Case Histories II" (PFL 9, p. 132) of “psychological projection” where humans resort to the defensive mechanism of denying in themselves the existence of unpleasant behavior while attributing that exact behavior to others. A rude person constantly accuses others of being rude.

Marx is attributed with the phrase "Accuse the victim of what you do" or “Accuse your opponent of what you are guilty of.” If you are lying, accuse your opponent it. If you are racist, accuse your opponent it. If you are sexually immoral, accuse your opponent it. If you are engaging in voter fraud, accuse your opponent it. If you are disseminating "fake news", accuse your opponent of spreading it. If you are receiving millions from globalist and Hollywood elites, accuse your opponent of being controlled by the rich.
I will continue the fight to defend my garden from invasive species so it can flourish and provide us with food. I presume Australia will attempt to do the same, to save its native species of plants and animals from extinction.

All you liberals out there can interpret this as you will.

As for Pearce and Pitcher, they can take their racism and false accusations – and shove it.


  1. I think people that come up with that kind on nonsense do it so they can feel relevant, they have nothing to add so they try to get others in a froth and pay attention to them. For any gardener, we all know the meaning of an invasive species, this is why states do not allow the transportation of homegrown produce for fear of invasions of bugs or weeds.

  2. mr. pearce, though apparently terrified by a few words, himself describes the 'immigrants' as invaders.
    there is an interesting article in about theorizing a cause of the refusal of the people of the countries being invaded to defend themselves and their nations.

  3. I was friends with a nephew of color but he has decided all these words are "dog whistles" and I am racist even tho I don't know it. This has been several bad years of race relations ( and any relations) due to the continued focus on the color of our skins ( and our crotches) . Whatever or whomever seeks to divide and conquer is doing a great job , I also have 3 sisters who disowned me a few years ago because they are liberal and I am not , that makes me evil I guess. evil conservative racist. thats me...Karen

  4. Patrice, your post is spot on in not only with gardening, but in life all around the planet...
    I will call "the evil one" ramping up his and his minions agenda to destroy people and planet while he can...And liberals are falling for it at breakneck speed: divide and conquer.
    Just my opinion...
    Love from NC....PS: Love your garden...My grandmother was a fantastic gardener and I loved helping her when I was young...ate stuff right out of the dirt...YUMMY...No one got as sick as the do today with the foods we eat...

  5. Diversity has destroyed every advance civilization in history. Ridiculous you say? OK, name an exception.

    Our once-great nation was no exception. By‘diversity’ I refer to those who do not embrace God, the Constitution and the traditional Western values of our Founders. All souls matter so I’ll pray for them, but I don’t want to live among them.

    Dock Guy

  6. There is an interesting post over at the today about the pending civil war, coming to our country because of idiots like these guys.

    Carl in the UP

  7. They should see the Chinese wisteria in my front yard. It's on the PA DNR's eradicate-on-sight list, but I'm still enough of a bleeding heart to let it stay as long as my kids love to play in it.

    "Let it stay" means a program, from the time it begins to leaf out until the leaves drop, of aggressively cutting back runners and pruning back the main bush EVERY WEEK. In 2016, I was too sick to fight with The Bush. The runners spread out over an area over 100 feet in diameter, killed two neighboring bushes and a yucca, rendered a quarter of our driveway unusable, and threatened to pull down the overhead telephone line.

    It's not invasive because it's foreign. It's invasive because it's so darn aggressive it kills everything near it.

    Kinda like modern liberalism.

  8. ...and you got all this from a staunch right wing resource who we all know as Breitbart??? ...oh...I'm shocked!! The humanity!!

    Consider the source on this one...

    I am a progressive liberal. I adore gardening and stocking up and I have to equivocally disagree with this over-exaggerated, ridiculous point of view.

    Almost everything around us has been brought in from somewhere else..including people. I have no problem with it. J.

    1. It’s a simple question. Could you please help this old coot. I grew up when folks called themselves Liberals. In recent years many such as you now call themselves Progressive Liberals. Specifically what was wrong with beliefs of Liberals that caused you to distinguish yourselves from them and change your name?

      Dock Guy

    2. Why did Republicans change their name to Conservatives and the Tea Party?

      Since the Dems and the Repubs, etc. are now all the same party...there's a distinction that has to be made.

      (The "old coot" appears to be a few steps ahead of you if you have to ask the question!!) J.

    3. I was looking for an answer, not a dance. It was a simple question. What part did you not understand?
      Dock Guy

    4. That's fair...

      Progressive liberals:
      Believe in our social safety nets THAT WE'VE ALREADY PAID FOR...

      (which by the way are miraculously still alive after Reagan created the largest monetary heist in history....stealing trillions from it in 1980 to cover the deficit of WAR, etc. so as to balance the books...check it out, its public record)

      Progressive liberals:
      Believe in saving the environment, climate change, getting rid of subsidies for giant oil and gas corporations while making them pay their fair share of taxes.

      Progressive Liberals: Believe in a single payer health care system, medicare for all.

      Progressive Liberals: Believe cutting SOME government is necessary, but believe we must keep an aggressive EPA strong, Planned parenthood alive, equality for blacks and LBGT them the same rights as everyone else.

      Progressive liberals: Believe in shaking the privatization of our prisons that have become extremely inhumane, overflowing and unjust...only for profit.

      But most of all..we believe that we MUST end this aggressive pillaging and robbing of foreign countries of their natural resources with our bloated ridiculous military.

      It is this mindset to control EVERYTHING that is out of control. It is robbing us of our own resources as we continue to pour more tax dollars into lucrative contracts for Raytheon and other gargantuan military suppliers.

      ...and THAT is a progressive liberal. I'd like to know your prospective. J.

    5. Dang! Thank you but you didn't answer my question, "Specifically what was wrong with beliefs of Liberals that caused you to distinguish yourselves from them and change your name?"

      I give up. Here we go again! Today the New York Times is reporting, Franklin Bynum, Houston TX declared, “Yes, I’m running as a socialist. What I’m trying to do is be a Democrat who actually stands for something.”

      Liberals never change their spots, just their names.

      Dock Guy


      From a government website..

    7. Dock Guy,
      Guess I'll spell it out..

      Liberals in the past were mostly known to side with the meaning that they cared more about the average guy vs.(most times)the elite...but we were also more bi-partisan then in our decision making and that was good for the country.

      Liberals have not changed much since then, except most have now split from the democratic party....only because the democratic party no longer represents it's people.

      They now share a bed with bribed and bought off republicans and don't have our backs anymore either.

      The Democrats squashed Bernie Sanders in 2017 who is a "progressive liberal, socialist" to get Hillary in. (gag)

      ..."socialist" meaning he believes in the safety nets that were put in place by Roosevelt to protect the people..(different meaning from that of socialist Russia. Please don't be confused.)

      The right did what they always do. They decided to demonize the word "liberal" and most republicans bought into it and still do.

      If the country goes to must be those %#$@ "liberals" who caused it....%$@# "liberals"!

      This is what they are good at and I have to really works! So no, liberals are not the devil incarnate!

      The idea of liberal is still the same for most middle class hard working Americans who don't have the republican mind set.

      The difference is that now we have different battles to fight...(such as the ones I mentioned above)..hence..the term "progressive liberals"(thought that was obvious)

      It's the same animal, but with a different agenda to match up with the changing times. So catch up, man! Don't believe everything you hear. J.

  9. he never had to fight thistles

  10. Look up Absinth wormwood, leafy spurge, invasive thistle (as opposed to native "field" thistle), poison Hemlock and Salt Cedar. Out side of spurge beetles everything else requires chemicals to battle. If ignored you have No pasture. Your grasses and edible forage for livestock are lost. Salt Cedar destroys water sources. This are all invasive, very difficult to kill (and many landowners do not even try) and account for a good deal of pesticide use.

    It took about 3 years, thousands of dollars of chemicals and exposure to us spot spraying (spray that kills most plants so you don't want to spray the good plants) and near our water to get wormwood under control on a 5 acres plot of pasture.) Every year we have to spray any new growth 3 times. It will not be gone in our life time.
    Wormwood is tough, woody, sends out runners which will produce many plants and has seeds viable for around 10 years. Most of these species were imported because someone thought they were "pretty"..

    25 years ago we were only dealing with thistle and spurge - had not seen or heard of the rest. Now we have all but salt cedar. Look up the Hemlock information - it has a pretty flower and can kill you through skin contact.

    Some our neighbors have killed most of their trees using helicopters/spray planes to apply spray in their rough country - river breaks pastures....

    All that spray ends up in the river-eventually. All because someone in town wanted a pretty garden plant.

  11. Methinks he doth protest to much
    (shakespeare )

  12. This is so interesting. I watched a clip of "The View" strictly for the news clip in which one of the liberal hosts mentioned that J. Edgar Hoover was a transvestite. She even joked about what "dress he was wearing". Liberals cannot tolerate "labeling", but they resort to it whenever it suits their own purposes. It's a shame people are so blind that they cannot see these paradoxes. And it's more a shame that their own "kind" don't call them out on it.