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Sunday, January 14, 2018

The latest stupid parenting advice

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled "The Latest Stupid Parenting Advice."


  1. Patrice, your column is excellent. ‘Dr.’ Greenberg lacks critical thinking, common sense and an understanding of the keys to successful parenting.

    Even more outrageous is the title of her original article, ‘Should Schools Ban Kids From Having Best Friends?’ Here we go again. Progs weapon of choice is government to force their perverted values on all. And like Washington warned us, ‘government’ translates to force.

    So many injuries and usurpations, yet we have no will to fight? I don’t get it. And if anyone thinks Trump will fix this, I’ve got some swamp land to sell you.
    Dock Guy

  2. Let us say there are two restaurants in town. One is not very clean, the servers are grumpy and slack, and the food isn't very good nor good looking. The other is bright and spotless. The servers are attentive and happy and the food is fantastic.

    Is it "only right" that the second restaurant harass their servers so they are unhappy and grumpy, quit cleaning unless the health dept. threatens to shut them down and then intentionally serve poor quality food? Wouldn't that be "fair" to "level the playing field" for that other business in these hard economic times?

    No, restaurants are not children. But it still makes the same sense. I intend to give my children every advantage to be healthy, happy and intelligent that I can.Everyone who doesn't like that can eat their dust. The world isn't fair. Get over it and get to work.


  3. Every time I hear about the next parenting/educational/political/Hollywood tripe du jour, I am reminded of Cowslip's warren in Watership Down (Richard Adams), where the rabbits are well-fed and spend their days eating and telling stories they made up in their heads and pushing stones into the dirt walls ("art") rather than busying themselves with the business of life and survival--after all, the human with the burning stick keeps all the predators away, so what else is there to do? The cost? Little bands of twisted wire nearly impossible to escape which the natives of the warren NEVER talk about, but the scuffed earth at the base tells a haunting story all by itself.

    I know it's an odd comparison, but it seems like with each passing year we stray further and further from common sense in favor of pushing stones into the wall for no good reason other than to hear the sounds of our own voices and revel in our self-importance.

  4. Amen. The short story Harrison Bergeron comes to mind.

  5. Anxiously awaiting Robert's commentary!


    1. He sent some, but others have made it clear they prefer not to read it.

      - Patrice

  6. My comment disappeared while typing. Darn AI! As for the topics of your blog, your blog your topics. KWIM? Share the crazy if you want to lol. As for your article, it is not the bf banning that is the problem, though it will turn to boyfriend/girlfriend and husband/wife banning soon. We will just be assigned friends and family. It is the audacity to think you have the right to osn others, their thoughts and choices. It is evil.

  7. When my daughter was in public school 4th grade, she had a teacher who catered to the lowest common denominator. Consequently, they never got past the first couple of chapters in their math textbook. In addition, since one or two of the children constantly misbehaved, NONE of them ever got to go out for recess. I had been a teacher's aide at the same school the year before, and was room mother for her class that year, and had thought this teacher was very good. I could not figure out why she handled things this way. She and the administration viewed me as ignorant of how classrooms should be managed.
    We pulled our daughter out halfway through the year and enrolled her in a Christian school which encouraged parental involvement.