Sunday, January 7, 2018

The aging, sagging fruits of feminism

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled "The Aging, Sagging Fruits of Feminism."

As often happens with my WND columns, I received an email from my long-time über-liberal reader Robert (all spelling in the original) in which he drags in all kinds of weird offbeat issues I never addressed in the column:
Hello Patrice ! You know, you’re absolutely right . In order to make women happy again, we need to go back to the good old days when women knew their place , stayed at home, raised the children , did all the housework and were not allowed to go to college, graduate, law and medical school,

were their husband’s chattel, couldn’t vote , couldn’t own property , and the only jobs they could get were schoolteachers and nurses . We mustn’t allow uppity women to get divorced, even if their husbands are beating them and their children , and we must allow men to rape their own

wives if they don’t want to have sex .

We must get rid of all women doctors, lawyers, politicians, businesswomen , entrepreneurs , scientists etc . And if they’re not married , we must force husbands on them by law . And all lesbian women must be put in jail for life , or God will punish America !

We must make abortion illegal again, and also contraceptives, because we don’t want women to have sex for pleasure, do we ! And we must also make sex before marriage illegal, especially for women, but not men . In order to keep women from having abortions, we must make it mandatory

to keep every woman and girl of childbearing age under surveillance 24/7 to make sure they’re not having illegal sex . And once a woman or girl is found to be pregnant, we must keep her in a pregnancy center 24/7 under constant surveillance just to make sure she’s not seeking an abortion .

But once she gives birth , she’s on her own. If she can’t provide decent food, shelter, housing and medical care for that baby, tough noogies . At least she didn’t ave an abortion .

We need to create an anti-abortion police to keep every inch of US territory under constant surveillance just to make sure no women are having illegal abortions, and this force must be made of men only . We must secure the borders of Mexico and Canada just in case some woman or girl might be seeking

an illegal abortion abroad . And all women of childbearing age must be examined for pregnancy if planning to fly to any foreign country . At the airports .

Once we do this, all women in America will;l be so happy and filled with joy ! And we must keep every home in America under constant surveillance just to make sure women aren’t masturbating. If they do, they should be given a mandatory ten year prison sentence !

USA,USA, USA !!! Now America will be the freest and happiest country on earth ! No more rights for blacks either . We must return to slavery . No more rights for Jews, either . Or Hispanics, or Muslims etc . From now on, only white, heterosexual Christian males who are land owners

allowed to vote etc . All homosexuals and trans people are to report immediately to government execution centers for immediate liquidation ! No more welfare, food stamps , government health care ! No financial aid for college, graduate, medical or law school !

If you cannot afford health care , tough noogies . If you cannot afford to send your children to college or beyond, tough noogies ! This is the only way America can avoid socialism, which invariably leads to the tyranny of communism !

If you are not a rich, white , heterosexual Christian male , you are now a second class citizen ! Orders of president Donald Trump . Heil Trump ! Sieg Heil !

Your friend, Robert
Shortly after this first email, he followed up with another:
Hello Patrice ! Here is an addition to the last email I sent you about your condemnation of feminism . I found it on Facebook some time ago , and it's a perfect description of just how horribly
primitive and regressive the GOP has become .

Dear Republican Party :Please take away our right to choose what we can or can't do with our bodies .

Please tell us when and how to have sex and what we should do about contraceptives .

If we have sex contrary to your wishes , please make us feel ashamed and guilty about it .

Please celebrate the most ignorant among us and continue to use us against ourselves , because

Sarah Palin speaks for us all .

Please take away our rights, our health care , and our ability to think .

Also, can you please tell us how to dress and limit our pay

and take away education for our children .

Sincerely yours, Republican women .

Why do so many women in America continue to vote GOP (gross old perverts ) ?

They are shooting themselves sin the foot ! And this includes YOU , my dear !

Gosh, Robert is SO persuasive. That's it, he's convinced me of the error of my ways. Forget all this conservative Christian stuff. I'm gonna become a feminist atheist and vote for Hillary next time.


  1. Boy what you have to put up with.i wonder if he
    is married. His poor wife. O well such is life

  2. Robert sounds like a feminist. Between his emotional, convoluted thought process and the fact he has spent so much of the past ten years writing emails to occupy your life, means he must not have one of his own. How sad.

    Like it or not Robert, many of Patrice's readers are praying for you. We understand that you have a great void in your life and pray that you find the way to fill it.

  3. this guy is one miserable nasty pos....

  4. LOL - Folks like that must be terribly unhappy with their lives if they have nothing better to do than spew such foolishness.

  5. I read your blog religiously since you and your family are doing and living like I think life should be led. My question is: Why do you give this doofus Robert a platform for his obnoxious views? We know he is crazy. No more evidence is needed. As for me, keep up the good work and let Robert peddle his tripe elsewhere.

    1. This was my thought exactly. Why give him your podium?

    2. I was wondering the same thing.

    3. Ditto. I’m done reading Robert’s posts. There’s enough foolishness out there... I don’t need to read it here.

  6. That man is clearly unhinged. Poor thing.

  7. Perchance Robert is experimenting with substances trying to reach his version of Beta male enlightenment.

  8. Exactly, Robert, because life must absolutely be lived at either one extreme or the other.

    Where I grew up, someone would already have told him to tuck his tongue back behind his teeth because his crazy is showing again.

    He must really be getting a headache banging his head against the keyboard like that all the time. He certainly doesn't seem like the sort that will actually listen to logic; perhaps he needs to be worn out, much like a toddler during a tantrum. I hope that eventually he will use his energy for something productive. --Maria

  9. He's out on the fringe but don't discount his existence or the millions like him. Only the Grace of God, a flawed candidate, and a poorly run campaign kept us from having these folks in charge of the Nation.

  10. Men like this, who claim to be feminists, and who ingratiate themselves into feminist groups as an "ally", often turn out to be creepy sexual predators. They can't compete with real men for women's attention so they have found a way to sneak in the backdoor. Never trust them.

  11. have you ever met this person that claims to be Robert. It sounds like a woman to me.
    strange woman but still.

  12. Robert's fruits are aging and sagging. Imagine the torture of coming to grips with having accomplished little in life and then having no 'exit strategy'. Today is the best it's going to get for Robert.
    Dock Guy

  13. I'd be willing to bet that Robert is in fact Roberta the crazy cat lady.

  14. That guy needs help, I wouldn't give him any more attention.

  15. There are two kinds of liberals/leftists/socialists/Democrats: Those useful idiots who believe the kinds of things Robert spouts and those who spout it to keep the mind numbed useful idiots under control.

    1. True, and the same goes for Republicans. Many Republicans know in their hearts that the whole 'War on Terror' was based upon deceit under the Bush administration. Yet 17 years later they remain mind-numbed useful idiots, silent and complicit while untold millions of innocent people are murdered, maimed or displaced 'to keep Americans safe'. The US military is their golden calf. What a joke. But God is not laughing. Payback will be hell.
      Dock Guy (1 of 2,964 Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

  16. Where do people learn to think this way?? My 3 sisters who disowned me a few years ago sounded EXACTLY like this , word for word , thought for thought.....unable somehow to have any kind of original thought about anything... It's like it is downloaded into their brains somehow....Kind of scary in a way...conservatives can argue and disagree about a LOT of different things but it seems so many liberals are in Lock Step like robots.. Karen Jones

  17. He's so boring I don't even bother...

  18. Poor Robert! I think he's showing his 'kool aid' overdose!


  19. Robert must have an English degree. That’s the only education I can think of where they teach you to read between the lines and find stuff that just isn’t there.

    That said. I STILL don’t understand why it’s impossible to believe in equality under the law AND find a man and raise a family. I couldn’t figure that out when they all told me I was putting myself in chains when I chose to stay home and raise our oldest instead of immediately pursuing grad school ( a personal and pragmatic decision between my husband and me, not a political one).

    I guess I’m still a feminist, because I love the fact that I HAD a choice. I want a choice. I want my daughters to have choices. But modern feminism is frankly full of it. It DOESN’T allow choice. It teaches that there is one path to fulfillment— money, power, complete independence, prestige— and anything else is invalid. Not even patriarchal enslavement— INVALID. PERIOD. That’s a lesson I chose to reject. I hope my daughters will still have that option.

  20. Hey Robert, go to the nearest VFW or tavern and turn in your man card. Then turn yourself in to nearest mental health facility.


  21. Wow, Robert really went all out on this one, didn't he...I agree with MC, 'feminism' did SOME good, but yesterday's feminism is a far cry from what today's 'feminists' espouse...I am a 50+ year old female, married, raised a family, went to school and earned a degree as a 'non traditional' student...I don't know if I would have done all those things without encouragement that I wasn't 'lesser' than a man...but age and wisdom have also shown me that there is a reason why this society has succeeded and thrived...there can be change without upsetting the applecart...Men and women need to learn to work together as a team, capitalizing on each other's strengths...That is the rockbed, no one needs to be subservient, you need to work together...

  22. Capital of Texas RefugeeJanuary 9, 2018 at 2:21 AM

    So now you know how late-night radio talk show hosts feel ...

    Ain't it grand? :-)

  23. My aging, single feminist friends are far from pushing a walker fact, they're in far better shape than I am, having had the time to devote to good self-care, a gym membership, healthy diet, and exotic adventures all over the world. They're rested, relaxed, beautiful and confident -- far from angry or spiteful. I have wonderful children, a husband and a great home which I care for, but even I'm smart enough to see there are advantages to both lifestyles. And despite my being in a "traditional" role, when they call for the feminists, I will proudly stand alongside my beautiful single "career gal" friends.

  24. Aimée Lutkin needs to get together with Robert. They seem MFOE.

  25. “Robert” is the exact type of pitiable women you wrote about.

  26. Once again your writings amaze me -- as you seem to write the very words of my own feelings!! Never stop writing Patricia!!!

  27. Why did i want to see Matildas social media page...ha ha ha

  28. Methinks your stalker Robert is actually a Roberta Pat.

  29. You see these type of people everywhere nowadays.He just cant get over that the fact that the liberal ways are not popular anymore. They have pretty much ran things for years. They felt that their way was the only way. And that is changing. And for me I think it is for the better and I am not alone in this thinking.