Sunday, January 28, 2018

Dating strategies for the politically correct

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled "Ten dating questions for the delusionally PC."


  1. Why doesn't Ms. Witt just take written applications to save time? One question I'd have for her is, 'How many 2nd dates have you had?' What a witch.

    For what its worth, my areas of interest were much like Patrice's. I created two lists: 'Must Haves', and 'Must Avoids'. It years before I finally found 'her', but I knew almost immediately.

    You listed additions. I included addiction to digital gadgets including smart phones and texting as absolute 'Must Avoids'.
    Dock Guy

  2. Pat, I think you forgot to put the title in as a link. Cant get to article.

  3. The one good thing about her list is that it lets the guy know up front how far out there she is so that he doesn't waste any more time on her!
    Umm, if she is an intersectional feminist, why does she see a need for a man? I thought they believed that women don't need men and are always harmed by them...

  4. Wouldn't have made it past the first question since that would tell me I was where I shouldn't be. Glad I don't have to worry about that stuff at my age. First thing I always asked was do you like to fish?

  5. I liked your articule so much that I called
    only daughter and told her about your younger
    daughter. My daughter just turned 30 and is more interested in milking a friends cows than
    dating.And also going to a church conferances
    right now

  6. I think the real world is going to hit her upside the head with a brick one day, and by the time she's old and gray she will regret these wasted years. On the other hand, she may just be an idiot for life. :-)

    1. Actually I don't think so. I am away to
      cyncial.And she is away more cyncial than I am,She is in toon to real life

    2. Agreed. I've had a great deal of personal experience with that set; they're experts at adjusting the facts to fit the narrative.

      History will still, I hope, put them in the trash can where (in my opinion anyway) they belong. It's just a matter of keeping human civilization going "on the down low" until then.

  7. Your story of Younger Daughter brings back memories. I was 19 when I took to wearing a plain band on my "wedding ring finger." It didn't get rid of ALL of them, but it did at least thin out the college boys who were just out for sex. I was incredibly liberal back then, but that didn't mean I was "into that."

    I guess it's important to everyone to find compatible values, regardless of what those values are. Personally, though, I like your list a lot better.

    One piece of advice: NO list is a substitute for taking your time and keeping your eyes open. It's perfectly possible to tell polite lies when answering a question, and even to tell lies to oneself such that one doesn't even realize one's answers are patently untrue. As my grandmother said many times, "You don't know someone 'til you marry them-- and then you STILL don't know them!" Time and observation WILL tell the story.

    In a final thought: I have three daughters. One of them, for all she manifests NO interest in the "dating game" at sixteen, is of the age to get maternal advice about men. I get a lot of flak for telling her to choose a man she can submit to happily, one who leaves her feeling like deferring to his judgment is a burden lifted instead of a burden added. I still think it's good advice. What's your opinion??

    1. Seeing the caliber of men coming of age, I am somewhat doubtful that anyone can find a "good" choice from any that are public school educated. That does include many "Christian" guys and gals. Most are so "brain washed" (and let's face it) if they are in public school with teachers and peers that hold low moral and social values what should we expect? There is an old saying that repeating the same experiment and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. Are we there with our public school systems (include post high school in this)? Absolutely! Dating for anyone today is a high risk endeavor. I applaud those who have commented in this blog to defer it. Be wise as serpents, and innocent as doves. There are MANY wolves out there waiting to deceive even good kids.

      Unfortunately as well, ethical standards for young women (mostly because of feminazis) has deteriorated to where any ethical young male will have a hard time keeping himself pure. Look at what Joseph faced with Potiphars wife. Doesn't look any better today and is probably worse. Well enough on that.

      Young man - seek a woman like in Proverbs 31. Young woman - seek a man worthy of trust and above reproach. Many believing families of home schoolers have such young men and young women. Seek them out! Don and Patrice have done well in this regard. Heed their counsel!

      Time honored advice can be found in the Bible. Do not neglect it when choosing whom you date and seek as a life partner. I honestly wish we could bring back courting as a principle for young couples. I do think some principled families are already doing this quietly.

  8. 1. All Lives Matter
    2. I take direction from Leviticus 18
    3. -2- college degrees and have no idea what this means.
    4. I have no interest in it.
    5. Never heard of it so "no"
    6. To the victor go the spoils
    7. Not one little bit!
    8. Sure! Violate the sovereignty of a country and you are illegal.
    8. I support all Americans. I do not discriminate against anyone.
    10. I have no idea what that means

  9. I think we should hook Ms. Witt up with Robert.


  10. Bwahaha Fran! Ms. Witt and Robert!

    I had to look up the definition of 'cishet', as I have never before heard that term. Are you freaking kidding me? In case you missed it:

    Cishet, used as both an adjective and a noun, describes a person who is both cisgender and heterosexual. A person is cishet if he or she is cisgender, meaning identifying with his or her assigned-at-birth gender, as well as heterosexual, or attracted exclusively to people of the opposite sex.
    The Queer Dictionary: Definition of "Cishet"

    This is really a thing? Sounds like normal people to me...

    Patrice, your list is much more appropriate. And I second the comment wondering how many second dates Ms. Witt has had...