Friday, November 3, 2017

Conclusion: I was born in the wrong century

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled "I Was Born in the Wrong Century."


  1. I feel much as you do, but I keep reminding myself that I wasn't particularly healthy as a child and would probably have been dead a dozen times over without penicillin.

  2. I really enjoy your post at WND today. I was actually thinking about this topic when I clicked over there . Born in 58 , my parents were kind of in awe of the spectacle going on around them, other than the drugs. They remained very traditional , but they seemed to be OK with me experimenting ,however were shocked that I couldn't seem to enjoy dipping my toes in the cesspool without getting it on me ( isn't that the way of sin ,it LOOKS so desirable) .That is how I see that slice of time in our country history , a little experimentation with every sin imaginable, and most became infected and the disease has spread and ruined many families .Thankfully when I was young I asked my Grandmother every question I could think of , and so when I got older I had a lot of knowledge socked away to fall back on when it was obvious the non traditional life was going no where fast. When I finally squeaked thru, married and had kids at nearly 40 , I have tried to raise them with moral values that are much more like my Grandmothers ,and to do "farm" things chickens ,ducks, canning , where things come from and how to make -do. I sometimes have felt I was in the wrong century , but I am so encouraged that my time spent with my Grandma had such a big influence on my children even though she had died 10 years before they were born.

  3. I feel the same way..I read, reread and read again all of Laura Ingalls Wilder books. I have been near or visited the areas and homes of her youth. When it comes down to it our ancestors were amazing people! Natokadn

    1. I'm currently reading Little House in the Big Woods with my students. We read Laura Ingalls Wilder's books every year. My students and I enjoy them very much.

  4. I am with you. Medical advances would be the biggest reason, to be born during our present time.
    Granted life as not easy in the mid 1800's, but I think there was so much less to worry about. Life must have been run at a slower pace, what did not get accomplished today, will get done tomorrow. Have to admit, going out and climbing on a tractor is much easier that rounding up a horse, getting him all ready to go to the field, etc. Been there, done that. All and all, have to agree with you.
    There was much more fabric to a family, better communication, people had and took more time for God. They were more thankful, for what they did have.
    You folks have a fine week. Am headed out to plow snow. Oops, just come to mind, is easier with the snowblower equipped tractor than with a shovel.

  5. I grew up in the late 40s, arguably the country’s peak. Granted not perfect, but black families were intact, women were a lot happier, children had Fathers, Fathers were married to their children’s Mother, and Mothers actually raised their children, and their children weren’t stupid.

    Then America abandoned the Constitution and went to war… for 67 years. In the early 60s it abandoned God and kicked Him out of its government schools and off government property. Satan loves deceit and the shedding of innocent blood. Today Satan’s greatest ally is now former America and his greatest weapon is its mercenary military.

    Folks, you can keep waving the flag all you want. But I’ll not bow to your golden calf. I did not abandon America, it abandoned me. I accepted that year ago. I've moved on and will continue to pray for what replaces this God-forsaken country.

    Dock Guy

  6. Post Alley CrackpotNovember 5, 2017 at 4:51 PM

    Admittedly, next century might be better, but there are a few trade-offs ...

    Pro: being able to upload the merest slivers of your mind into farm machinery so you can run an entire 500 hectare farm yourself.

    Con: the headaches that come after doing that all day, at least if you forget to take your bio-machine anti-rejection meds.

    Pro: lots and lots of fertile land to farm.

    Con: it only got that way because many major cities collapsed after multiple civil wars.

    Pro: you're still living in the United States of America.

    Con: Walter Miller's "A Canticle for Leibowitz" turned out to be partly correct, there are five stars on the American flag, and the capitol is located in Spokane.

    Pro: everyone now agrees on international standards of measurement.

    Con: every single one of them is based on the metric system.

    Pro: the human race did not succumb to the threat of nuclear weapons.

    Con: when SkyNet 11.0 went online, the first thing it did was to take control of them and to disarm them worldwide, much to the surprise of everyone.

    Pro: many diseases were eradicated entirely, and there's plenty to eat.

    Con: you can still get wiped out by a rogue nanovirus outbreak, and they don't differentiate between types of organic material.

    Pro: everyone's on excellent terms with his or her neighbours.

    Con: everyone owns a portable EMP generator and a large stockpile of ammo just in case of a rogue machine revolt.

    Pro: people are careful for what they wish for.

    Con: people aren't quite as careful for what they didn't wish for.