Saturday, September 16, 2017

What really happened

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled "Hey Hillary, here's what really happened!"


  1. I am a progressive Bernie Sanders supporter.

    To me, Democrats and Republicans are both the same. Hillary stands behind her Wall Street cronies while supporting fracking, coal fire plants and oil drilling with its egregious assault on air and water. (gee…she wants what you guys want).

    Trump is a symptom of all of it….so you have my vote when it comes to Hillary’s whining about her losses.

    (Bill should have revamped the electoral college BS when he was in and she could have won with the popular vote.)

  2. Ssshhhh!

    Don't say anything 'bout our poisonous air/water!

    The 'Scammers', errr, I mean 'Dreamers' might not come.

    Sarc off.

    Thank God the Founders had the foresight of the electoral college or else those 3 million votes by 'undocumented dems' (illegals) Hitlery got mighta counted.

  3. I'm still all the "undocumented Illegals" are democrats. Wake up's never "all" or "everything". Question more...

  4. Anonymous - A BS supporter? I guess that shouldn't surprise me. In other words you would like others to work so that the "government" can "redistribute" their earnings to you. After all - neither Hillary nor Bernie would be in their current financial position without marrying someone who had it (Bernie) or got it with her in tow (Hillary). I personally know someone who worked at Camp David - Hillary is every bit as ugly (personality wise) as all those rumors out there - and then some.

    As far as the fracking and Coal fired power - I thought I did a pretty thorough job (just this week) of explaining many things you would NOT have without hydrocarbons in your life (yes that was YOU "Anonymous") - but I can go on, as it seems you are a little factually challenged. No municipal water and sewer as we know it, no insulation on electrical wiring and nifty snap connections for phone and computer cords - along with those nice cords for all of your other electrical gizmos. (That would include the wiring for your solar panels and all of the much improved storage batteries - plastic cased.) Most of your electrical stuff has a lot of plastic on it now - lighter and easier to move around. (Ever beat an Angel Food cake by hand? It is WORK!) By the way - if you thought you would burn candles for light you might want to know that paraffin wax is also an oil product. You would have to try to get that nice soft beeswax. Modern Lamp fuel - from oil - replaced whale oil. Yep, life would be darker too.

    Now lets look at the Electoral College - fair representation for all. Without it presidential elections would be run and paid for in about a half a dozen states and the rest of the country WOULD NOT MATTER. We in "flyover" country would be ruled by the fruits and flakes of the west coast and the tax and spend District on the east coast. It truly would be taxation without representation. There is way too much "vote buying" going on and although the Republicans are way too good at it - the Democrats are a little better.

    As far as Bernie's "single payer" health plan. It brings everyone (down) to the same level. As a Canadian stated on one of our local radio stations recently - "It works great here in Canada - I especially enjoyed the FOUR YEAR wait for my cataract surgery". Thirty to 50% of the oncology patients in our local clinics are Canadian. They come here and pay because they know they probably will not live long enough to get treatment in Canada. A Dr. my spouse used to see (retired now) was Canadian. He would practice here each year after he had met his annual "quota" of patients in Canada - usually starting around Sept. 1st. He always told us "you don't want to get hurt or sick in Canada in the second half of the year...."

    Remember too, that it was Bill Clinton that thought it was just fine for North Korea to have our nuclear technology - after all, it would be used for electrical generation to improve the life of average North Koreans and not for military purposes. (I heard a recording of former president Clinton's speech regarding this again just yesterday.) Remember - Hillary was responsible for turning over around 20% of our Uranium resources to Russia - for only a little "contribution" to the Clinton Foundation...

    Sorry Anonymous. I am not laughing at you - but rather concerned that most of your generation is not "waking up" - not questioning enough. (AND really hoping Bernie/Hillary would forgive all the loans you "accrued" as you were learning your "critical thinking" and questioning skills. )

    Fun article Patrice. I would not buy her book either - I don't need too - I have heard more than I care too from an inside source.

  5. Hillary is probably the most unlikeable person I know.

    As for the election, Americans was given a closely orchestrated 'choice' of an openly avowed Socialist, a camouflaged Socialist or closet (or easily turned) Fascist. Welcome to 1938 Germany.
    Montana Guy

  6. What?...are you writing a book? Like I'm saying...there is enough blame to go around.(like weapons of mass destruction if you know what I mean.)

    It's time to look forward. There are so many sources of alternative energy to minimize the use of gas and oil. Wind, Solar, bio fuels, biomass, wave energy and geothermal just to name a few. We need to legalize hemp to make all kinds of clothes,oils and rope etc,...hemp that grows so fast you can harvest it three times a season.

    We need to stop massacring our forests that are literally the lungs of this planet (which you could now diagnose at the level of COPD.)

    Why stay in self destruct mode when we don't have to? Why not get rid of polluted air and water and the risk of cancer? (big money is why.)

    Why not stop the the billions that the DOD says it needs to protect us (ha) and fix the water in Flint, Mi., etc.? (Dept of Defense should be called the DEPARTMENT OF OFFENSE.)

    We should join the rest of the world in making this planet a healthier place to live in...and not accept leaking pipelines and poisonous air as normal. It's the only planet we've got...and we need to treat it with respect...not behave like lemmings racing to the ocean to drown.

    1. you should go first. no more fossil fuel products, including your computer and cell phone. no more burning wood or heat or a/c or fridges. get to it. show us by example.

    2. A few fact tips: With all your concern over pollution, who in Michigan caused their water demise? Why I believe it was the Dems/Socialists. How about all that sewage (and I don't mean people) flowing into American rivers via Mexico? What you didn't know that one? Have you ever lived in another country, and not just passed through as a visitor. If you want to live like 3rd world citizens by all means pack your bags. I have lived in a 3rd world country and trust me America is considered quite the jewel to be in. Please put the blame where it belongs.

    3. HAHAHAHA... While I actually agree with you, you're delusional if you think that the Left in general, or Hillary in particular, is going to help the planet. They see environmentalism as nothing but a cause celebre to consolidate power and get rid of people.

    4. No - Just trying to assist you with your "Questioning".

      I do not want polluted air or dirty water any more than you do - lest I remind you what rivers are like in countries without electrical generation adequate for the water, sanitation and medical facilities we have here.

      A part of Flint Michigan's problem has to do with the Flint River containing a higher level of Chloride which is highly corrosive to the iron and lead piping that was used when the initial water system was installed. The city changed water sources from Lake Huron water to the Flint River and that brought on the problem. (Our eldest offspring is a Municipal Water Treatment Technician). The crime was the lack of immediate notification of the public when they discovered a problem. That was a decision of city management. Water samples at all facilities are taken and testing several times each day.

      Please take some time to check out this:

      It has taken him a surprising length of time to finally investigate, but I would say he has been quite thorough. In the end he comes to the conclusion that you want; Climate change agenda = socialism and worse, which is why a Bernie supporter would be all in favor.
      Remember - this gentleman started out in your corner.....

  7. Computers won't mean anything without air to breath or clean water to drink.

    Not sure if you know about Exxon. Quote from SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN.

    "Exxon was aware of climate change, as early as 1977, 11 years before it became a public issue, according to a recent investigation from InsideClimate News. This knowledge did not prevent the company (now ExxonMobil and the world’s largest oil and gas company) from spending decades refusing to publicly acknowledge climate change and even promoting climate misinformation—an approach many have likened to the lies spread by the tobacco industry regarding the health risks of smoking. Both industries were conscious that their products wouldn’t stay profitable once the world understood the risks, so much so that they used the same consultants to develop strategies on how to communicate with the public."

    No room for blame...lets fix the problem.

    1. Remember "Inside Climate News" profits from government grants as do the supporting "scientists" (Bill Nye?) A few years ago the word in research was "If you can tie your study to Global warming you WILL get your grant".
      Energy Companies do their own R & D - not funded by the taxpayer (at least the local ones here do). One was forced to "give away" a significant breakthrough that they had made in Clean Coal technology. The previous administration was sure doing its best to discourage this kind of work! (I used to work with one of the design engineers of the project.)

      I did some digging on PS announcements the Sierra Club aired here. A bit of research and I found the funding coming from a global philanthropist group (outside of the US) pushing the climate agenda. Big $$$ to a few people for very few hours of work. Climate science has become more about politics and control than about climate....

      All this said, IF a company IS dumping, damaging or in any way destroying the health of the nearby residents, property and waterways it SHOULD be held fully liable as should all management and owners in positions to do something about it....

      Again - please read the article written by David Hunt - all of it. He is still skeptical - but I would venture that his report contains less "misinformation" than "Inside Climate News".

    2. ....And you think Trump doesn't have a vested interest in...oh lets say...promoting the Standing Rock pipeline to go through? His very own dollar bills are running through those lines.

      The information has been out for a long time. Exxon mobile has in fact been promoting misinformation for decades to save their own pocket books.

      Documented paperwork has already surfaced and has been confirmed. There is no mystery here.

      An amoeba could figure this out.

      Massive oil spills have already leaked into the Mississippi River, The Missouri, the Ohio, the Yellowstone and the Gulf just to name a few. It takes decades to clean up these messes...not to mention the toll on wildlife as it pollutes our network of drinking water.

      If you live near a coal fire plant, you stand a 70% chance of getting cancer within the year.

      I'm not saying to eliminate...I'm saying it's time to slowly start making a transition to a healthier environment. The rest of the world has figured it out. It's time for us to do the same.

    3. “If you live near a coal fire plant you stand a 70% chance of getting cancer in the next year”.

      HELLO?!1 Where did you get that gem of a statistic? Why am I not dead – let’s put 30+ years in the “near” category? At a 70% chance each year? Why is the ONLY person who has NOT yet been diagnosed with cancer between my folks and my in-laws the one who worked at an oil refinery for 25 years that is located next to a coal fired power plant? (He is 84). The two “housewives” (one of whom did not live near a coal plant - the one who passed away at 88) and the one who lived in an area where there are plants (passed at 82) both had cancer - although that is not what necessarily caused their deaths. The last one who has had cancer but was also much further from a plant is 89.

      Do pipelines leak now and then? Yes they do. But where would our society be without the benefits from them? Burning wood and cow dung to cook and heat (the forests WOULD be gone) and most water would not be “potable”. (Again – no clean drinking water, municipal sanitation, etc.) Did it not occur to you that gas and oil both surfaced naturally before “we” were “here”?

      The only “Air Quality Emergencies” in this area during the past 30 years have been from forest fires – not from any of numerous coal facilities.

    4. As far as DAPL, there were problems there -months before the pipeline got to Standing Rock. They had to do with eminent domain and property issues of land owners; local ranchers and tribal lands. However, the refuse that was left by the "Earth Loving" protesters was disgusting. Everything from animal carcasses, to clothing, camping supplies, waste food, bottles, tons of human waste left in a flood plain and nearly 100 abandoned vehicles. That was a political rally - not an environmental one-that, in the end, damaged the tribe for many years to come in the local area. A very sad situation

  8. You know, I don't mind her profanity (though I'm sickened by who and what it's directed at). I don't mind her lack of likability, or lack of femininity, or whatever.

    I'm disgusted by her contempt for everyday working people, and doubly disgusted by the fact that she pretends to be on our side when it's patently obvious she sees us as nothing more or less than human resources to be farmed, and harvested, however "our betters" see fit.

    I'm not too fond of the back-slapping teenage alpha-male wannabe in chief, either. But you're quite correct-- it took a Hillary to elect a Trump. Better the devil that leaves my hands free and might overlook my existence.

  9. Dear MC...

    Just to catch you up...I'm the "anonymous" that stated that I am a progressive Bernie supporter, not a Hillary promoter. She is the FRACKING QUEEN of the world!!! You should have wanted her to win if you claim to be a denier of climate change.

  10. Even a "Progressive" at some point must realize that the Golden Goose/Cash Cow aka American Taxpayers is a dwindling demographic. There aren't enough filthy rich people around to pay the Tab that Mr. Sanders and his socialist ilk want to saddle Free People with until this nation is no more... which is the ultimate goal of the NWO for America. Wake up folks - I don't care either about Hillary's personality as much as her world view of Tyranny for thee and me. I have a photo of one of her campaign stops where allegedly 80 showed up. Upon close examination of the photo, you can see the photoshopping poorly executed that duplicated shots of the few paid fools who did show up.
    I am not pleased at all that Mr. Trump has no one around him that supports MAGA - It's on DJT for all the mess we are about to be in with more Wars, DACA, borders meaning nothing cuz the illegals are being flown in and given legal status by State dept. traitors who are 100% against MAGA.

    1. Bernie plans to pay for his ideas with something that has already been used during the depression. It was called the NEW DEAL by Roosevelt. It literally saved this country from itself.

      Roosevelt put a 100% tax on the wealthy (anything made over 250K was kept by the government.)

      That was a huge amount of money at that time. Even most of the wealthy had no problem with it because it pulled the country up by its boot straps and made it whole again. Now people could buy what they had to sell.

      With that he started up the CCC and many other programs to put people back to work.

      Trump wants to CUT taxes for the rich even more... bringing their tax debt down to 15%. these are companies that due to tax loop holes in many cases...end up paying ZERO TAX or take what they do stash to the Cayman Islands.(not putting it back into the economy..yet they use our roads and infrastructure anyway to create this money.)

      The same with his health care program. By eliminating the middle man (insurance companies and massive paper work) we as a country can eliminate over six billion dollars in just paperwork per year. You can do a lot with that kind of money.

      By increasing taxes a SMALL AMOUNT and eliminating the middle man and the massive most certainly will be able to cover all Americans.

      It's a great strategy and history has proven that it works by other countries that have health care for all today.

      We need a change of leadership...leadership that understands history and sees what is working successfully now in the world.

      Problem is, the insurance companies have a huge lobby and will do anything in their power to keep this from happening. In this lies the problem, but deep down...its what everyone would like to have.

    2. Socialism works until you run out of other people's money.

      Right now the "rich" do not have enough to cover our current unfunded mandates - do the math. If you had worked very hard all your life and the government was going to limit YOUR income severely would you keep it here?

    3. I don't even know how to respond to such a redundant comment...other than if you think the rich are running out of money, check out CEO salaries for the past ten years.

      Work? Once you have more money than disgustingly conceivable, the money works for itself. You just collect the checks. We've never been so lopsided.

      I have never seen such a display of greed in my life. Rome is burning and people like you are more concerned about walking the dog. It's a house of cards...Nat...just like before the depression.

    4. And socialism has been the "perfect" answer for Venezuela..

  11. I read that Hillary has said in her own world she will not give ABSOLUTION to women that did not vote for her , perhaps she thinks she is the Pope , or the head of some religious movement ? .