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Sunday, September 3, 2017

A sure-fire way to save the planet

Here's my WND column for the weekend entitled "A sure-fire way to save the planet."


  1. The good news is that these useful idiots don’t reproduce. That bad news is that they use government schools to indoctrinate and convert YOUR children into useful idiots.
    Montana Guy

  2. Very rarely do I disagree with you, but this article would have to be an exception. I certainly agree that abortion is wrong and I would not deny that forcing people to have a limited number of children is as well. However, I think it is undeniable that fewer people would be the same as having more resources. Encouraging people to adopt children instead of having their own would solve more than one problem in this equation. Should it be forced on anyone? Absolutely not. BUT, it should certainly become more of an achievable goal for the people that considered it. Not only that, but it should be preached in our pulpits that more christians should consider taking care of the orphans that we have.