Sunday, June 4, 2017

Reaping great rewards

Here's my WND column for this weekend, entitled "At last, liberalism is reaping great rewards."


  1. Well said.... Liberalism has failed to motivate because it is all based on lies, someone else's fault, or whatever.... I think even the "dumbest" of our younger generation can tell a lie from truth.

    We only have to see so much of Hillary C. or Katie G. and so many other doofusses on the tube to be convinced. Yet, the media continue with the Russia, Russia, Russia narrative even when there is NOTHING there.

    Here is what I think.... Let's start again. Train up these young conservatives to be the NEW media, NEW journalists, NEW tv personalities, etc. If we can take back the media and then maybe the education system can follow maybe we have hope. The problem is most conservatives are too nice and don't want to go into the gutter with the liberals. If we are better than the gutter rats maybe there can be hope. I fear it is probably too late in the history of the world for this to happen.

    We need an awakening and a revival America! Please pray or continue if you already are!

  2. Extend a hand across the bridge dividing our nation? We need to burn that bridge! We need a divorce from fake Americans.

    Montana Guy

  3. I would urge a bit of caution here. I have always identified as a liberal and still do on many fronts, although I find that my fondness for personal and fiscal responsibility put me at odds with lots of my compatriots. There are just as many nutcases on the right as there are on the left, and for every "outlaw stay at home moms" there is a "deport all muslims" and "women should not be allowed to vote." Neither is a majority and painting an entire group with the craziness of the furthest out there insanity is how we stop talking to each other and feed our culture to the loudest voices rather than the wisest. I am appalled by the movement to silence dissenting viewpoints on campus, but equally appalled by the movement to silence scientific research on the right. "Shut them down where ever they are" is wrong from either side of this divide. I have to say also, more or less on topic, I have had to lecture lots of my friends about honoring the president even when you disagree with him. I would urge those on the right to consider how they acted during the Obama administration, and then consider the hypocrisy of their outrage at the disrespect of Trump by the left. He is our president for at least the next 4 years, and as an American, I will honor the office even though I disagree with many (most) of his agenda. Those who demonized Obama have absolutely no right to complain about Trump being treated similarly by the left.

  4. Oh, I hope you're right.

    Sadly, it seems like there's a much bigger harvest in the offing... One NOBODY is going to like.

  5. 'feminists who hate men'.
    my take is that feminists hate women, and everything 'womanly', babies, husbands.
    they probably hate ruffles and pastels!

    1. Far as I can tell, feminists hate everything that isn't self-affirming and self-serving. The difference between a feminist and a jihidi (or someone like Fred Phelps) is nothing more than the specific words coming out of their mouths. The anger, the hate, and the poison is the same.