Sunday, June 18, 2017

Are we already in a civil war?

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled "Are we already in a civil war?"


  1. I do not know if we are fully in a Civil War but we are in the opening stages of civil unrest. Whether it grows depends on if it recognized that words really have impact and meaning and lead to other things.

  2. The Cold Civil War has become lukewarm and is getting hotter. I suspect that sometime between June 14 and the end of July is where historians will mark the formal beginning of the Second American Civil War.

    I don't remember the Left saying that the shooter was a nutcase. I do remember, today, MSNBC saying that House Majority Whip Scalise was a racist and an extremist because he disagreed with the Left.

    For over a year, with the encouragement of the Democrat Party, the MSM, celebrities, and Democrat elected officials Leftist thugs have been beating Trump supporters in the streets while Democrat government officials have told the police to stand down and allow it. Since the election, that same group has been openly calling for overturning the election and the death of President Trump, his family, and his supporters.

    It is noteworthy [and has been noted] that the GOPe has deliberately not objected to the above, even though in theory those being beaten and threatened are their constituents.

    The Republican party has spent all its time defending the Democrats, and none working on what they promised their own voters. Now we know why. They know that the Democrats will kill them and get away with it.

    The Republican Party wants to surrender the country. The American people don't. And it is becoming plainer by the day that the law, the Constitution, and the consent of the governed no longer apply.

    I don't know what the trigger point will be, but it is coming. It will be a cross between the Former Yugoslavia and Medieval siege warfare.

    I am glad that you are safely away from enemy held cities.

    Subotai Bahadur

  3. I honestly think we have turned the corner since the election. EVERYONE on the left side seems to think the election was stolen, rigged, false, or the Russians took it for Donald & co.

    Whatever.... Words matter, Thoughts matter, Truth matters... The truth is we have crossed a divide where violence is tolerated. Even with the "soothing words of elected or non-elected officials" Time to turn down the vitriol? So, who is going to go first? The left will NOT! There will be only so many violent responses from the left.... for only so long before violence will be the response from the right. At that point the true Civil War that some of us have been anticipating will have begun.

    When talking civilly stops, violence is soon to follow. Resistance only takes the opposition so far. The question was asked.... What were you softball players? Democrats or Republicans....

    Shooting then started.... Only do you get shot at so many times before you shoot back... Sad, but true!

  4. I don't know if civil war is inevitable at this point. I hope not. I don't want it (and that's my understatement of the year).

    I think you're spot-on in your analysis of the American left. As a large child (from the ages of about 9-14) and a young adult (14-20), I attended some very aggressive, very legalistic, very militant churches. The sort of "Christians" who believe that, in the name of the Kingdom of God, Christians should rise up and kill the homosexuals, everyone who won't convert, and the "false Christians" (ie everyone who doesn't interpret Christianity the way they do). It sounded a lot like jihad under a cross instead of a crescent moon...

    ...and the rhetoric on the American left these days sounds very much the same. They're either going to have to wake up and realize that they've become Pharisaic, legalistic zealots, repent, and rediscover the spirit of what they claim to stand for, or accept that they have become the pawns of bloody-handed dominionists, take the masks off, and... Well, sadly, there is only one way to "co-exist" with dominionism.

    In a last, final statement of sympathy with the Left I was raised to believe in, I DO wish the "alt-right" would back off just a bit on their status-worshipping, money-loving, First Church of John Galt extreme rugged individualism. NOBODY who's a regular reader here built the life they have, or maintains it, entirely on their own. You didn't, Enola and Sir Knight didn't, I didn't, NOBODY does. We're all dependent on community, on the charity of strangers and the help of our family, friends, and neighbors, sometimes.

    I understand why people are getting crazy. We're trapped between the radical left that would like to make us all livestock on Animal Farm and the "alt-right" that worships rugged individualism so much that even extreme thrift, hard work, and good planning won't protect us from living out the nightmare stories of the Labor Wars. Yeah, they might have been spurred on by Communist agitators, but-- I grew up among hillbilly coal miners and mill workers. Mostly, like the majority of everyone else, they just want to work their jobs, feed and house and clothe their families, and have a little fun. My grandmother (she was born in 1925 in Watson, West Virginia, passed away this past winter, and had her mind to her last breath) remembered, quite clearly, growing up in a coal camp at the tail end of the bad old days-- "syndicato" was the breath of hope on everyone's lips.

    They took up arms 100 years ago because all the hard work in the world wouldn't let them accomplish those things. They're independent, stubborn-minded people who don't readily let others do their thinking for them (or were, anyway, until somebody got the bright idea to castrate their culture, back everyone onto welfare, and introduce opiates on a grand scale-- and under that onslaught, quite a lot of them still are)-- they couldn't have been spurred to fight if they weren't cold, hungry, disenfranchised with their hands bound and legs hobbled, and scared.

    I'm not OK with the violence. I'm even more not OK with the polarization that's fueling it. We're either going to find a common ground SOMEWHERE, or we're going to have a war.

    I'm praying for the former, and I trust that God can find a way. I wish I had more faith in my fellow Americans (and for that matter my fellow human beings) to listen to a still, small voice suggesting a narrow and difficult (that's DIFFICULT, not IMPOSSIBLE) path.

    1. I was not brought up in any particular Christian denomination, and have attended a variety of Christian churches in my long life. I have to say, I've never had any church I attended advocate killing anyone for any reason, although all offered prayer and support groups for relatives of soldiers sent to war.

      It seems to me...we should all come together under the US Constitution, but the very foundations of USA are being challenged, rebelled against, over-ruled, over-turned and disregarded by our 'leadership'. Our Gov't is very corrupt and functions via big money, blackmail and bribes. We are essentially lawless now, and mayhem sure to spread.
      Sad. Decent people, left/right/independent would be calling for calm, and there is very, very little of that going on.

    2. It would certainly seem that we could, should, and would come together.

      But I guess that doesn't suit the agendas of ANY of the people paying for the mainstream media (or the "protesters," or our "representatives").

      The voices calling for calm and co-operation, though they are the voices of most of the people I know, seem to be a cry lost in the wilderness.

      Yes, I'd say we're up the proverbial creek. God is great and many are the wonders of God, but it sure looks that way to me.

  5. I enjoy this blog but differ politically from most of your followers and usually I would not venture to comment, but I would like to offer a few observations. First, the vitriol comes from both sides. Reading some of these comments, we all need to watch our rhetoric. Second, liberals are not any more violent than conservatives. The recent incident involving the shooting at the ball game is an act of mental illness. Many of us have strong opinions. Most of us do not act on them. Thirdly, we look to our leaders to set the tone. I have heard the president call for unity only twice. During his inaugural speech he promised to be president for all. And after the recent shooting, he called for unity. I would love to see him step it up and reach out to me as well as his "base". And remember, Republicans control all the centers of power these days. Casting blame on Democrats for lack of legislative accomplishments doesn't make sense. Democrats are not your enemies. We are your friends, neighbors and relatives. We go to your churches, your schools and your community events. We are people you have never met but who are kind, big hearted and would go out of our way to help you. I don't know what it will take for us to avoid "civil war", but I think it starts with all of us, regardless of our political persuasion.

    1. I do appreciate the spirit of your was Hillary herself that called us 'deplorables' and stated 'let me make it question the outcome of this election is no less than an attack on our very Democracy"

      This hatred (deplorables), and this resist movement (reject the election results) is coming from the Left, and is in fact...tearing our country to pieces.

      It seems to me, the 'coming together' point of contact ought be the US Constitution. Accept the election results,
      live within the Constitution, and engage in civil discourse. The absence of the Constitution is anarchy and lawlessness, which we are now seeing. (Antifa groups using violence and aggression to shut down speakers from the Right).

      Unfortunately the US Constitution has become a hot-point of contention and dispute that may lead to civil war.

      Many of us feel we are fighting for the founding principles of our country. That means pushing back against true fascism, disregard for the Constitution, stereo-typing of Conservative Constitutionalists (conserve the constitution) and the like.

      To do nothing, is to surrender(the Constitution, our rights, our culture and Country). So there is great passion on both sides. Our country is ideologically divided. Name calling from either side is not helpful, but when there is disagreement on what is Constitutional resulting in rejection of the election system and repression of free speech....we have very big problems with no easy fix.

    2. I note that even the most vitriolic of the conservatives I grew up with stopped at calling for violent behavior; whatever violence was committed (if any) at least was minor enough to stay off the evening news.

      I imagine it was probably restricted to "beating up the fag" and "teaching the witch a lesson". Not practices consistent with "loving the sinner" even if you truly believe that the homosexual and the non-Christian are repugnant to God, but... NOT MASS SHOOTINGS AND VIOLENCE IN THE STREETS, EITHER.

      Much like the practice of harassing returning soldiers during the Vietnam War, most of the mass violence these days seems to be carried out by the Left. One of a handful of reasons that I "left" the Left.

    3. Not sure what you are referring to beyond the Vietnam War--which was a long time ago BTW... What about all the mass shootings in recent times? Left? No. Remember Florida nightclub? Anti LGBTQ. Not Left. Trump calling for violence at his rallies? Abortion clinic bombings and Oklahoma City, not Left. Plus plenty of racially motivated violence. You have to go back to the 1970s to find the last big cycle of far-left extremism in the US. And don't forget the Womens March... No violence whatsoever! If you're going to call out Leftist violence you're going to have to do better than the Vietnam War.

    4. Well, who's calling for violence in the streets these days?? Uh-oh...

  6. Warning: Truth alert. Seek Safe Space accordingly.

    If you grew up in the early 50’s, knowledgeable in the US Constitution, aware of current events, and faced the truth, then you would know that there is no ‘country’ today. That horse left the barn a long time ago. Most folks are waiting for an ‘event’. But a collapse can be an event or a process. The latter took down our Founders’ Republic while most were unborn, asleep or too self-absorbed in frivolous pursuits. Where were you?

    Are you are shocked about today’s violence? But do you know that there were over 1,900 domestic bombings in 1972 alone? Do you know that some of the most radical Leftist murderers were rewarded with university professorships, invites to The White House; one who was mentored by 70’s murderers even lived rent free in The White House for eight years? A whopping 53% of you were so blind as to reelect him to his 2nd four years. Grandma was probably right, you can't fix stupid.

    The root cause of America’s collapse was spiritual blindness. Pulpits in Colonial America were on fire every Sunday. Pastors applied Scriptures to every facet of life, including evil within a tyrannical government. The US government is quantifiably the most evil government (Satan’s coveted shedding of innocent blood and deceit) in the world today. Who heard that last Sunday? Show me where your pastor took a public stand against it. Christians, when are YOU going to take a public stand against it?

    Don’t cry for me former America. I savor the freedom and hope realized since I stopped squandering precious time and resources trying to save a system intent on destroying me. I suspect God has already passed judgement on the America. Ridiculous you say? How do you explain 65 years of decline and the ever increasing pestilences we see today? I accept that. But I still have hope. I have hope in Him and what arises from its ashes.

    Closing thought for Parents: I urge you to give your children THREE GIFTS: Jesus Christ, schooling at home, and a home location based on James Wesley Rawles’ advice and limiting your choices to only areas UPWIND of nuclear targets:

    Montana Guy

  7. "The US government is quantifiably the most evil government (Satan’s coveted shedding of innocent blood and deceit) in the world today."

    Ican't agree with that statement. Some of our politicians are indeed evil and they keep getting elected because they offer free stuff in trade for votes. A "true" democracy is problematic in that 51% can vote to rob the 49%. But I simply cannot go along with a broad brush statement like that it is hyperbole perhaps to make a point but it is simply wrong.

    1. Whoa, not so fast Anonymous. Sorry but facts trump feelings.

      Satan covets innocent blood. Let's start there for 2016. If the US is not the most evil government today in terms of shedding of innocent blood, then which government is? This is not a rhetorical question. What nation? And please present facts and their sources to support your argument.

      Montana Guy

    2. China, Russia, North Korea Syria, Iran. Iraq. Afghanistan, Pakistan, most of the countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, Venezuela, Honduras, Turkey. There are more but you get the idea. The good news is anyone paying attention AND with two or more brain cells doesn't need proof it's all over the news.
      No! I do not think that the U.S. has any policy of shedding innocent blood. Yes I do think that what you are saying is offensive and intentionally so. I am not always proud of all our politicians but I am very proud of our country.

      So show me the facts to support your claim "The US government is quantifiably the most evil government (Satan’s coveted shedding of innocent blood and deceit) in the world today."

    3. Fail. Quantifiably implies numbers. The only number you gave us is 11 nations. In 2016 the US government dropped 25,627 bombs on the soil of 4 of them. How many bombs did these 4 nations drop on US soil?

      Oops, there I go again asking for numbers. Never mind. I am sorry but I am not going to be able to help you any further.

      Montana Guy

    4. The U.S. dropped bombs in WW II. Are you saying we should have given up and that Nazism was good? Should we fight to save a country to prevent dictators and terrorists from killing people? Is that your point? Did we drop a single bomb to take over and acquire a country? Did we drop a single bomb with the intent of killing innocent people?

      Your statement is meaningless. It is the equivalent of blaming the victim of an attack because he fought back. Should we fight for what is right and good or should we give up? This isn't a question about do you agree with someone's politics or which country is worth saving it is a pure philosophical question; should we fight for what's right or sit back and let the chips fall where they may?

  8. Let s not forget Michael Capuano (Marxist-Mass.) who fired up a group of union members in Boston with a speech stating "Every once and awhile you need to get out on the streets and get a little bloody when necessary."

  9. Evil is Evil, period. Wrap it in Hitler, Mao, Kim Jong-un, Islam, or any other Evil infested entity on this globe and the outcome is always the same. Don't take sides, just understand, EVIL is always prowling around looking to offer you and your family members up. Keep your head on a swivel.

  10. I don't think we will see a civil war here. We are seeing lots of civil disorder,riots,looting,burning and unfortunately, shooting .So much of these acts are prompted by biased media and wealthy elites.
    We just try to live our lives apart from the "garbage around us"and prefer to be left alone by the government. I know , that is a pipe dream , but we try.
    One of our fears is martial law being proclaimed and what is left of our constitutional rights taken away . Revolution when that happens . God's will be done .

  11. We're not in civil war yet, and it's not inevitable, but if we continue on our current path it will happen. We are in a gigantic struggle between those who just want to be left alone and those who won't leave those who want to be left alone alone.

  12. We have all heard the expression "that we are nine meals away from anarchy". IMHO we have the conditions for a civil war or some kind of social/economic breakdown and all it needs is the priming event. That event is not easy to predict either in when or what. But the threat hangs over us. If our government was more honest and acted more consistently to benefit the citizens who own the country we would be better positioned to withstand some unforeseen triggering event. We would band together with a effective government to overcome whatever fate sends our way. But instead what we have is dishonest/disingenuous politicians who will use any crisis to divide us and further their own agenda. So we are sitting on a powder keg waiting for something to light the fuse. I don't have a lot of confidence that something bad won't happen and also that when it does that our government will work to help us.

    1. Wise words.... pay attention America!