Sunday, March 12, 2017

A day without whiners

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled "Let's have a 'Day without Whiners.'"


  1. Great article Patrice - and OH so true! I tried working in an office setting with women - couldn't do it. Ended up in a male dominated dirty, loud, "nasty" industry (to some) and LOVED it. There were 3 women and 80 men. I worked like the guys and was paid like them. I am now in a training facility/situation and there are 10 men and 3 women in my position and we still work with mostly men. I still love it. Natokadn

  2. The day without these women was awesome. How about a year?
    Montana Guy

  3. It truly is amazing that American feminists still find things to complain about and do so little to help women in other parts of the world that suffer under real horrors.

    I did have a laugh at the title though, because a "Day without Whiners" for me would be a day without my children, as they are both under two.

  4. That would be why I split with feminism.

    I don't appreciate the gynocentrism or the misandry, but I have my frustrations with guys (most women do) and appreciate a good "Red Tent" session. I get that. I'm sure guys get frustrated with us, too.

    I don't get wanting to make it policy. Our forebears marched and demonstrated because they didn't like being treated that way. Why would we want to turn it inside out and repeat the behavior?? Common sense has a lot to say about revenge, and none of it is good.

    At the end of the day, though, I got this really strong sense that the only people they were out to help were themselves. They call everyone who doesn't agree with them "selfish."

    My aunt has this old adage she likes to quote about any time someone's pointing a finger. I'm sure you know how it goes.

  5. My wife gave blood today.... when asked the usual questions she related to me a new one. Are you a female today? Wow, even the blood mobile has dove to a new low. Of course, we live in NC and with HB2 even the former Governor Pat McCrory has been unable to find a job.

    Who would want to hire him? The LBGTQ lobby are starting to look like NAZI's in my opinion. Hire the former Governor of the state of NC at your peril! Texas wants to follow in NC footsteps but I am sure the aforementioned lobby will have a lot to pressure to keep that from happening. I wish all states had followed NC and passed similar legislation, then the boycotts, etc. would have to stop as they would have no other place to go (move their sports, entertainment, etc. venues) since all would be the same. Really, really sick country we live in anymore.