Sunday, February 12, 2017

Rich irony

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled "Rich irony: Now leftists want to homeschool."


  1. You are correct on the Homeschooling. Every single homeschooled kid I know or know of, has far surpassed their peers in ALL aspects of life it's not even comparable. Example: a young woman homeschooled one year before entering college studied calculus during her summer vacation, why, for the challenge. Another graduating with a double major & PHD. The rest far exceed education standardsas well as exceed in athletics. Typical high school graduate working in the local market, yup, can't even count out correct change....

    It's high time the left starts to sample the cumbersome rules they have inflicted upon conservative minded folks for years, and we should not let them forget it either.
    As for me, I recieved a public education due to unavailability of someone to homeschool me. But I'm also self taught, there simply is not enough time in the day to read and absorb all the stuff I want to learn...
    Welcome to the homeschool world of superiority....

  2. Libtard homeschooling? Different cafeteria, same poison.
    Montana Guy

  3. Regarding that tweet that was featured in the article-She is an English tutor and she uses the phrase "gunna screw up"? I also noticed a lack of proper capitalization. And this person wants to teach kids English? That's just great.
    Otherwise, another great article! Thanks!
    Chris in NJ

  4. In fairness, the first homeschoolers were the later-day hippies. The hippies who never became yuppies. My sister, far far from a hippie, did note that some of the materials she used to teach her children came from them. She said some of them were very good.

    In your favor, the hippies may be of the left, but most of them are as suspicious of the "establishment left" as you are.