Saturday, December 17, 2016

How Grinch-y parents steal Christmas

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled "How Grinch-y Parents Steal Christmas."

This column got a surprisingly strong response. Go figure.


  1. Sad, but true. We have generation of too many perverts raising a second generation of the same.

  2. Wow. I guess they would be really happy in my house. All my kids want scooters and roller skates and art supplies. And a circuit set. That's STEM-y, so that's good, but The Boy wants it, so I guess that's bad??

    Oh, and the baby wants a doll. Guess what she's getting?? A DOLL!! Because, she asked for a doll!!

    The culture warriors make me want to puke. When I was a kid, all this crap was supposed to be about it being OK for people to be themselves, even if they didn't conform to gender norms. It wasn't supposed to be about enforcing a new orthodoxy.

    But I guess that's just the sinful nature of human beings. We are right, we are always right, we are in control, and God knows nothing.

  3. "I was worried about little Johnny after my wife gave him a Barbie doll for his birthday, but within three hours he'd already painted her with camo paint and replaced her bazooms with bazookas ... I think he's going to turn out OK."


  4. Thanks for tellin' it like it is, Patrice! I know truth-sayers draw alot of fire and flack these days, but someone's gotta do it....and you do it so well!!

  5. Americans lost many ‘life skills’. The greatest one was Parenting.

    Did parenting skills just suddenly disappear? Look at their fruit, their children.

    Ask yourself, ‘How did Baby Boomers grow up?’ Mom was at home. Kids kept off the front page and nightly news. They watched as God was kicked out of schools, prayer in school made illegal. Warning: Danger ahead.

    How did Gen Xers grow up? Their Moms went to work. They were sent to day care. Think Latch-key kids. They were the first generation put on schedules. Over 1 million kids drugged with Ritalin. Child abuse?

    And Snowflake kids? Think merged families. Every kid got a trophy. Over 5 million drugged with Ritalin. Schools make space for satanic clubs. Now imagine Snowflakes as parents. Think mandatory sterilization.

    Every generation since World War II has been less industrious, less religious, and more self-absorbed than the previous.

    I have two recommendations: 1. Take the cyanide capsule, or 2. Move to Deplorable Country, homeschool your children, give them Jesus Christ, stay married, teach your children life skills, store food etc., and enjoy life. Pray.

    Montana Guy

  6. Well, I'm a teacher in a public school. (I retire in two years.) Most of my teaching was done in kindergarten. We had "free play" for about 30 minutes a day. I had lots of toy choices for the kids. Several years ago I read about a research study regarding gender. It was determined that boys and girls are different. Shocker. I'm glad my tax dollars were spent on something worthwhile. My years in kindergarten taught me this: Generally speaking, boys play with "boy toys," and girls play with "girl toys." Just as Montana Guy commented, when the boys played with a doll, she was used as a weapon. When girls played with trucks, they were used to haul Barbie dolls. (As far as weapons go, we teachers aren't supposed to even let kids pretend play with toy or imaginary guns. Forget that. Our kids have killed more imaginary deer, rabbits, and turkeys than their parents did real ones. Who says guns are violent? They're just a means of putting supper on the table.)
    I got my grandkids what they wanted for Christmas this year. Boys: One gets a superhero costume. The other gets a toy combine, tractor, and manure spreader. Girls: The toddler gets a shopping cart/baby stroller combo. The baby gets a toy box with butterflies and hearts on it. Last year the two-year-old boy wanted toy food. He loves to cook. That's ok with me. He pretend cooks the deer he harvested with his daddy.
    Boys are boys, and girls are girls. That's how God created us. He knew what he was doing. We only mess things up when we try to change it.

  7. Good morning Monday, what a hoot... Merry Christmas everybody...

  8. Why do we have to "push" certain toys at all??

    Why can't we just let the child choose the toys that pique his/her interest (within the bounds of reason and common sense), and make our only interference to direct it in a constructive vein??

    Was it really so terrible that I was always fascinated by hammers and saws and wood and simple machines?? Would I have grown male genitals if someone had taught me how to use them?? God knows telling me that those things were "for boys" didn't make me lose interest. It just made me a 30-something woman who struggles to figure out on my own the things I want to do (and still feels guilty about liking it, and has to be careful to avoid "insulting men" by doing it).

    No amount of "that's a boy game" kept me from being fascinated by bugs and fish and trying to see if we could dam up the creek well enough to make a swimming hole. Or getting a huge thrill out of playing "soldiers" or "Indians" up in the woods-- and the most feminine thing I ever did playing "Indians" was identify and gather plants.

    I enjoyed my dolls and kitchen set too-- but all the frills and encouragement to "play like a girl" in the world didn't stop me from playing 'mad scientist' or 'soup kitchen' or 'orphanage' or 'wild children' or 'M*A*S*H,' or turning my broom and dustpan into a sword and shield or my ironing board into an operating table.

    I'm almost 40 now. I'm still female. I don't consider myself to be a lesbian-- I do not find women sexually attractive. I don't consider myself to be an 'emotional hermaphrodite' or a 'she-male' or 'butch' or any of the other names I've been called. I still married and had a bunch of kids. I would still rather change a tire or fix the plumbing or build something than bake a cake or decorate a room or scrapbook.

    Some bunch of bright folks somewhere did a slew of fMRI's, and announced that my brain function most closely resembles that of a 'normal' man. Whatever. I definitely consider myself to be a woman, and I want to remain a woman (because, well, what else would I be??), but I sure wish it could be OK to be me without making myself less a woman or invalidating someone else's femininity or insulting someone's manhood.

    I don't understand why it has to be so rigid and artificial, why we have to "mold them this way" or "mold them that way" (one way or the other) other than making sure they grow up to be strong, smart, decent, moral, and responsible adults.