Saturday, November 26, 2016

Top 25 things I'm thankful for

Along the theme of Thanksgiving, here's my WND column for this weekend entitled "Top 25 things I'm thankful for." (Yes I know it ends with a preposition; sorry about that.)


  1. And I'm thankfull for you. Your blog makes an old man's day a little brighter. Your stories are the way it used to be here---ken

    1. Amen Ken. Like every morning, I'm sitting here with my 1st cup of coffee enjoying this blog.
      Montana Guy

  2. Another "Standing Ovation " article. Everything you mentioned can relate to many of us.
    I am thankful for the 56 yrs I have been married, to the prettiest, kindness, most loving lady. She is my world. I am thankful that in 36 yrs in law enforcement I went home safe each day, except one time. I lost several great friends.
    I am thankful for our country, even if it is totally messed up at this time. Maybe with new leadership and the Good Lord things can get turned around.
    Very thankful have found your writing to read. Look everyday to see what's new from N. Idaho.
    May everyone at your farm have a great week.

  3. A very nice list. I can't disagree with any of it.
    -Chris in NJ

  4. Ending a sentence with a preposition is nothing to be afraid of.