Sunday, October 2, 2016

The world's stupidest survival strategy

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled "The world's stupidest survival strategy."


  1. Common sense is the first thing to have. I would rate a gun very close to first, but his attitude would get him killed pronto.

  2. Organized ‘Golden Hordes’ will be formidable threats. But honestly, lone wolf “rocking-chair Rambos” are of little concern. We plan to just shoot them.

    Montana Guy

  3. I've heard this response, "I have a gun, I'll just go get what I need."

    My response to that is, "So you're just waiting for a disaster to become a monster? Deep inside you're wanting the chance to become a murderous marauder? You'll kill men and women who used their own hard earned money to care for their family to take their goods? What about the children? Do you plan to leave them crying over the bodies of their parents to slowly starve to death, or will you murder them as well?

    Yeah, armchair Rambos don't think out the details because that's the kind of people they are.

  4. As stupid as it is, it's a FAR too common thought. Even here in the land of "Fruits and nutz" (California). If the subject of preparing for a disaster comes up, I have often heard that exact strategy used or the belief that the government is prepared and we just need to trust that "They" will take care of us.

    For a group of people who cry about a bible or a cross in a school or public building, they have a faith in government that goes right up to religious fervor. Poor, misguided fools - Like a bunch of politicians are going to let minions into the stocked, air conditioned bunker they paid for...

  5. Maybe an even more stupid comment is, "I'll just come to your house." Seriously? This tells me that you know you need to prepare, but you're not. You expect me to take care of you. Well, I'm not. I've talked to you about some things you can do, and you chose to do nothing. You now have to suffer the consequences of your actions.

    Out of nowhere, I recently had a coworker tell me that she wants me to be a part of her group. I asked what group she was talking about. She said that it was her survival group. She told me everyone she had in her group, and the one thing each was good at. She then proceeded to tell me that I could garden, can, and make cheese. I have chickens and goats. I can shoot a gun. I know first aid. Most importantly, she said that I wasn't afraid to work. My response was that it sounded like she needed me a lot more than I needed her, (Her group consisted of hunters and fishermen.) and maybe she needed to learn to do a few things to take care of herself and her family. She just laughed. I told her that she could come over any time, and I'd show her how to can and freeze vegetables and fruit. More laughter.

    We do need others, but they need to be those who we trust and can contribute. It will be difficult to turn away family and friends, but my immediate family is more important to me. I hope I never have to make those difficult decisions.

  6. How many of this ilk who "have a gun" have gotten past the definition of "potable water"? I see an awful lot of self inflicted illnesses - without a cell phone video as a "how to" guide so many today are absolutely clueless. Natokadn

  7. I was under the impression that this is the definition of "looter". I have heard that sometimes in the past, looters were shot on sight.
    Have I gotten so old that the definition has changed?