Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sowing seeds

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled "Sowing the Seeds of Domestic Terrorism."


  1. Americans abandoned God. Satan quickly filled the vacuum using his most powerful weapon, government.

    Every day the US military kills 64 innocent civilians. Think about this before parroting, “Thank you for your service.”

    Every day 3,022 unborn babies are murdered in America. Try to intervene against this holocaust and you will be looking down the barrel of a jack-booted government goon.

    The scriptures are clear. God requires blood for blood. America’s Day of Atonement is coming. Think about that before you blindly pray for another King. We should be more concerned about saving our souls, than saving a wicked nation.

    Montana Guy

  2. Here in California, I'm not just sewing the seeds but I'm also committing the crime of using water too. Out here we have to not water our lawn and watch the neighborhood turn brown while the new Mc Mansions are lush and green because they get a break because it would hurt their property values too much.

    A lawn is nice but I mostly grew it as fodder for the chickens anyways... I'm joining you by planting this fall, though it will probably be late in the season by the time I get around to it. This state is on the crazy train to he11 anyways, may as well have some fresh produce for the ride.

  3. Great article. Loved it and sharing it with others.

  4. Post Alley CrackpotOctober 9, 2016 at 2:03 PM

    I blame Amazon for being turned into an "Internet radical".

    I bought ONE book by Vox Day and I was suddenly getting recommendations for books from some people of the Alt-Right, but some of those looked pretty interesting. I then bought ONE book from Mike Cernovich and ONE book on personal safety, along with some Robert Ludlum and John le Carre novels, and that's when the deluge began ...

    Now I'm getting recommendations for how to survive armed combat with an entire WET team, recommendations for improvised "survival tools", recommendations for counter-insurgency manuals, recommendations for CIA interrogation manuals, recommendations for how to "hide myself" on the Internet ... and it doesn't ever seem to end.

    I blame my becoming an "Internet radical" on the terrorist algorithms at Amazon. :-)

    It's not my fault that this stuff is fun bathroom reading material for people who like spy novels, but c'mon ... do I really, really need to know the Kubark interrogation system in my everyday life?

    "How to Survive the Kubark Interrogation System During Your Next Interrogation" probably will be my next recommendation from Amazon. :-)

  5. I always find it ironic that several government agencies instruct us to have at least three days of food and water, medicines, flashlights, etc. available in case of emergency but those who store more than that (months or years worth) are domestic terrorists.

    So, prepare away ... but not too much?

  6. A we always expect, another great article. If we had leadership in the Whitehouse and in congress, that thought about America, instead of themselves, the country would be better off. God has to be put back in charge, not some senile judge.
    Did I understand you were going to plant spuds this fall? Have wondered for years why this would not work.
    Looking at the weather, looks cooler weather on the way. Think it shows you folks are in for some 20 degree temps, here maybe at the freezing point. Going to start using row cover on fall planted vegetables.
    You folks have a great week.