Sunday, September 18, 2016

The most addictive drug known to mankind

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled "The most addictive drug known to mankind."


  1. Wow, what an awesome editorial. Patrice, well done.

    The drugs will stop, perhaps when the drug pushers can no longer print money.

    Montana Guy

  2. Replace welfare with workfare. Set up organizations in every community run by the states that would offer minimum wage jobs to anyone who shows up. Perform needed work for the community such as cleaning up parks and streets, helping seniors and any number of useful social projects. End all welfare. Use this as an opportunity to provide training for people who now receive welfare. It would simultaneously disincentivise people to choose to live a welfare existance or to have children simply to increase their welfare benefits.

  3. I totally agree with the premise/conclusion of your article, BUT I have a problem with perpetuating the statement that 49% of the US population is "living in a house that accepts some kind of government benefit".
    That number has been around for a while but to get to that high of a percentage, its been determined that recipients of Social Security were included in the count.
    I have a real problem with that. Most (not all) people who receive SS paid into the fund thruout their working career (with no choice).
    Getting back what you paid in, is NOT a benefit in any stretch if the imagination.

  4. This is a CO-DEPENDENCY in that the politicians are dependent on the voters who are dependent on the politicians for their FREE MONEY. The circle keeps turning until the system collapses and that is usually a bloody violent descent into anarchy.

  5. Hi Patrice. Could not agree with you more. Hubby and I in late 50's, farmers who don't take governemnt subsidies because we only grow what we want and sell it to who we want on a small scale. We cannot afford not do we desire health insurance. Obama and his plan can take a flying leap. As a thirty year veteran RN, I've seen our health care system crumble because of abuse and overuse by those who never pay into it but only take out of it. We qulaify for public aide but will never apply for it, but like anon. says above, if any Social Security left when it's time for me to collect you bet I'll take that. It's my damn money.

    1. Thank you for mentioning SS, I too have started collection SS due to age. However I do not feel good about it even though I started putting into it at age 11, yes 11. My biggest goal is to pay off mortgage in order to be fully debt free, just in case it runs out, I know how to make do.

  6. Does that number include military who have the right to government benefits I wonder? I don't think it's money. It's the lack of God which has perpetuated money as the ultimate goal.

  7. Patrice, you're spot on except for one misnomer. There is no "free money". It's mine, and yours, and everyone else's. It's not free. We've all worked for it. The merely redistributes it according to the whims of the (s)elected. Just sayin'. Love your thoughts aside from that.

    - Unbreakable AZ