Sunday, July 10, 2016

What separates us from the animals?

Here's my WND column for this weekend, originally titled "What separates us from the animals?"


  1. Jesus said “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation.” Matthew 12:25 (KJV). Our once-great nation was divided and conquered from within (with Satan's help).

    Diversity has destroyed every advance civilization in history. Our once-great nation was no exception. By ‘diversity’ I refer to those who do not embrace God, the Constitution and the traditional Western values of our Founders. All souls matter so I’ll pray for them but I don’t want to live among them. That right was protected under the Bill of Rights. Remember the Bill of Rights? The thin veneer of American civilization is peeling off.
    Montana Guy

  2. Best column EVER! Thanks Patrice, I believe everyone needs to read this one! Bless you! Bless you!

  3. We have the ability to choose. That is what separates us from the animals. The choice of following our inner animal our choose the path of righteousness. If we do not have the strong foundation of God we will fall into darkness.

    John in SD

  4. A wise priest used to tell us "Sin is the cause of all unhappiness in the world". The longer I live, the more I see the truth in this simple statement. How do we counteract the evil that we see everyday in the headlines? Simply by trying to do good, by striving for holiness, and by getting on our knees and honoring our creator each and every day. "Lord, please protect us from the evil deeds of sinful men, and grant our nation good and holy leaders."

  5. The ten commandments can be concisely stated in one, thereby avoiding religious clashes between denominations and other understandings of God: do unto others as you would be done unto.

  6. Thank you for this. As a Texan who grew up 30 miles outside of Dallas and still resides in the state please let me relate how even with the 10 commandments there is still racial strife down here.

    I know many in the redoubt believe they would have more in common with a black Baptist than a white agnostic or moralist let me correct you and say NO you wouldn't. Let me say why. Because I and my family have grown up in Texas and other parts of the south we have more experience with blacks than alot of folks in whiter states and the truth is black churches are not the same as white ones and are not teaching the same theology.

    From my experience alot of black Christians put their race before their religion and are being taught that the system is against them and whites just don't understand racism or their privilege.

    I see article after article from conservative reformed blacks saying how whites need to acknowledge their privilege and voice outrage over police brutality. Yet no one is being honest and saying why police are so cautious around black suspects.

    I'm sick of being blamed for all of black America's problems. I'm sick of our police being blamed for taking extra precaution around a group of Americans that commit a majority of crime. I'm sick of liberal whites bending over at the slightest hint they will be called racist. Many here in Texas feel this way and wonder how much more can people take until the powder keg explodes.

    As for me I don't care what people think. I live in a big state with high crime so I choose to live with my fellow rural whites and carry a gun because I use the common sense God gave me and now the stats related to crime.

    It's time we stop putting up with this crap and stop subsidizing the plantation system so many are happy to stay on and return to fiscal conservatism and constitutional rule of law. The last thing we need is honesty and to start voicing the truth about black America. Teach our kids to reject the shame and guilt the leftist try to show down their throats and know the truth about our God, themselves and the world around them.

  7. Put God 1st! and STOP CHIMPING OUT!

  8. Excellent article, and I agree completely.

  9. As a Christian I believe we all descend from Adam but I believe that our nation isn't being honest about race. There are differences and denying them isn't helping anyone.

    Why is it that black population accounts for around 13% of the nation's total population yet commit over 40-65% of the crimes? With 75% out of wedlock rates? While the never talked about minority population of Asians are law abiding, well educated, high earning individuals. Sorry can't blame it on them being a minority.

    Sorry but poverty doesn't explain this away either. When comparing white and black poor neighborhoods the differences are staggering.

    Perhaps it's time we are honest and acknowledge that black America is more violent, more immoral and more ignorant than other cultures which leads to higher rates of incarceration, government dependency and poverty.

    This isn't to say that we as believers in Christ should be sinful in our actions towards blacks. On the contrary we should obey God and pray, love and proclaim the gospel to all. But that does not mean we stick our heads in the sand and pretend we can't see the truth.