Saturday, June 18, 2016

Daddies, don't let your babies grow up to be feminists

With a hat tip to Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson, here's my WND column for this weekend entitled "Daddies, don't let your babies grow up to be feminists."


  1. Very good post Patrice. However as an old grandfather age 67 I tell young men when they ask for advice " get a vasectomy and a HPV vaccine." That way if you are dumb enough to get married you will not have a bunch of baggage sucking you dry and impoverishing you for the rest of your life after she divorces you and alienates the kids from you . there is a 50% chance you will get divorced and an 82% chance she will do it to you without you probably even knowing why. Totally by surprise and for no real cause, just because she doesn't feel fulfilled or some other feminist crap. And as for the kids the schools and social media raise them despite your best efforts, but if you can teach them to be responsible humans like Patrice has somehow been able to do it will be a rarity. Don't get married and if you do don't have kids. Heartbreak and financial hardship is almost certain unless you are very fortunate.---ken

    1. Just look at the Liberty Insurance ads - the guy is always the apologetic car wrecker. Our son received a college scholarship from our synod. His first one - he is of "northern European descent". He also took advanced classes, had his credits completed a full semester before he graduated and completed College Algebra in high school. He found pictures on line of the many recipients so far. He is the only male. It is indeed sad. Nadokadn

    2. Ken - marriage is not for ninnies. Period. You are either very bitter or were looking for eye candy alone when dating. When you get married, both you and your spouse take vows - in God's house if it is a true marriage. That is until death do you part. My in laws - married 58 years, my parents 61 years (and still counting). Of the 7 kids that resulted from those two marriages 5 are married - all to their first spouse. That is another approximately 35, 32, 29 and 25 years. That totals 240 years. Has it been easy? Absolutely not! There are days when anyone of us could have "thrown in the towel" - like the rest of the world does so easily. We haven't.

      As a whole we (in the US) have raised a generation of ninnies - selfish, self centered people who take more than they are willing to give. Public schools teach sex ed and encourage self expression and "exploration" in high school and college courses as the "norm" and then the public is horrified by a 26 year old teacher having a relationship with a junior high student in their class. He/she just spent 20 years in school being told this is "normal". No wonder our youth and our "modern world" is such a confused mess. No wonder you are so bitter, Ken. I will guess that, if you are typical you married the cutest gal you could find - but perhaps not the most beautiful soul that was out there for you. Natokadn.

    3. I first wish to clarify that I am in a wonderful marriage. 39 years nest month. But it took 2 tries. My feelings come from 47 in a business where I was part of cleaning up the wreckage of marriages. And looking at my friends and acquaintances going through divorce. The point is this and the numbers are fact--50 % of marriages fail. 82% of marriages are terminated by the woman and just because 50% of marriages do not end in divorce does not mean that they are happy. Sure some marriages and families are a success. But what rational person would bet their life on a game where the odds say that they will probably loose. My wife is the real love of my life, but I got lucky. Most guys I know didn't. ---ken

  2. Wow, what a pessimistic view ken! Just because most kids are raised to be brats doesn't mean they all are. Patrice and many like her are raising sons and daughters to be responsible adults. I hope my wife and I have raised them right and hopefully my grandkids will be the same.

    What are we to do? Give up? Throw in the towel? Quit the human race? We have some time left until the Savior takes us home to what I know is a much better place. BUT, until then let's resolve as the responsible ones in the human race to continue doing our best. Home schooling helps but I do say this that our churches have been silent for far too long.....

    Those of faith have become (at least to the rest of the world) irrelevant. Jesus didn't give up on us and I don't think we should give up on us either. Even though we are marginalized in our media and culture, we can make a difference. Even in Orlando. The tragedy there won't be the last we hear from radical Islam and the other forces of evil. The prince of darkness knows his time is running out and his desperation is becoming a daily occurrence now. Come quickly to the Savior people! The time is NOW, not later!

  3. I do have to say that in the beginning, the Bernstain Bear books were not that bad. Papa had great ideas, and Mama was a proud homemaker. It is the later ones that started dumbing Papa down.

  4. I dunno... Papa Bear got a lot smarter in between The Bear Scouts and, say, The Messy Room (where he's actually the one that solves the problem while Mama's throwing a hissy fit about all the work she has to do).

    I'm sure plenty of men never go through that stage of being a brash blowhard, but I've known quite a few that followed Papa's track-- from getting themselves in deep trouble showing off in their early 20s to acquiring wisdom with age around the time the second or third kid comes along.

    Men don't have to be clowns. But they ARE kind of funny sometimes. And they don't have to be all-knowing heroes either. Mine would rather not have the pressure.

  5. OK, as a Father I hate Fathers Day. I am so disgusted with the lack of appreciation and respect of Fathers that I decided to not comment and just stay in my cave.

    But then this whole 'Fathers Day' thread ended having little to do with appreciation and respect for Fathers. Yea, I should have stayed in my cave.
    Montana Guy