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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Creepy snooping

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled "They're legally snooping on parents: Creepy."


  1. Back in the 80's when I worked in a welfare office in California: A CPS worker called me and said she wanted me to get a family into my office so she could take the kids away! Family of 8 children, young mother and father, all the kids were his. The CPS worker had visited their home when they were not there and thought it looked dirty through the window! Plus she was disgusted by the size of the family and the age of the parents. CPS worker was young, unmarried. I told her I would not do this. I knew the family well and they were great. Turns out the CPS worker visited a former home of theirs that they no longer lived in! Can you imagine the scene if she had tried to take those kids away from the parents in my office!

  2. After a while the Scottish government will be coming out with incentives to have people reproduce more so that their population does not become so low that it will only evaporate it as country. There are already places in Europe, Germany for instance, that has already dropped below a sustainable population, hence let in all the refugees. Every time any government makes their own choices without the consent of its people, it becomes one nightmare after another. I know that during these times I would probably be arrested for child porn. I see all the photos of my daughter (40 years ago) when she was around 2-3 and I swear, it looks like I never dressed her. I had to think, did I actually dress her? Of course I did, but within minutes she would strip herself and run around in the buff or with only 1 article of clothing, like just socks, or a hat and so forth. Something a childless liberal does not take into account is that these children have actual personalities and will display them much to the chagrin of those around them. This is really becoming a 1984 world, and I thought it was just a weird novel.
    Thank you for your blog, my daily read.

    1. In 1996 I took my 6 month daughter to Sears to have a "diaper" shot done as she was sitting up well and chunky and had clean cotton diaper with real diaper pins,,I thought it would be SO CUTE ..they informed me that they did NOT do "topless" shots of children , it was child pornography!!! The girl was so disgusted with me , ..I was an OLD first time momma so I had no idea how the world had changed.

  3. Recently our librarian threw a fit about my toddler in his john-john. In April. In Florida. I had to point out that he had sweat along his hairline before she would leave me alone.
    I definitely feel like our family is a pretty decent target for busybodies with CPS on speed dial. We are a very visible family since our boys are obviously adopted and so folks seem to pay extra attention to all our parenting choices...homeschooling, sleep training, discipline, etc. Are we supposed to dress kids in snow suits and keep them backwards facing in 20-point harnesses till they're 12?
    I alternate between anxiety and wanting to aggressively make people leave us alone!
    PS My mom says that in the 80s, lots of people just let their babies stay in diapers most of the time. She is always shocked that I put actual outfits on mine.

    1. Ivy, you might want to check out what constitutes verbal assault in your state and be prepared to educate on the spot any would-be do-gooders who would subject you to such unnerving, disrespectful and inappropriate treatment, especially in the presence of your children. For shame.

      In many cases mixed race families can and do indeed become targets for unwelcome and unwarranted attention. Been there.

      And the supervisor of the librarian needs to make certain it never happens again and should see to it the woman properly apologizes.

      People like that are often so busy being self-righteous they don't have a clue how dangerous and harmful they are.

      It sounds like you have a beautiful family.

      A. McSp

  4. Our liberties and Constitution rights have been destroyed. The Bill of Rights is long gone. Yet not one shot was fired.

    It begs the question asked by Sean Connery's character at the end of "The Wind And The Lion". "Is there not one thing in your life that is worth losing everything for?"
    Montana Guy

  5. It's ALMOST that bad here, most folks just don't realize it.

  6. Great article. Just one more way to watch and try to control people.

  7. You have to wonder...will these same people be willing to take responsibility for the actions of these children in the future when they turn out like so many now a days breaking any and all laws they feel like should not apply to them? I doubt it very seriously.

    The Wind and the Lion is a great movie, Montana Guy. One of my favorites.

  8. Wow...after your article, I read up on the "Named Person scheme", and what a preposterous sad little scheme it is.
    Can you imagine being a teacher and having the personal files of, say, 50 students dumped on you and being told to assess the child's "happiness and wellbeing"? While, of course, doing all the jobs and chores and tasks you have to do in your daily routine? As a teacher, I honestly have to say that I could never properly assess a family in addition to my usual work. This scheme is irresponsible, an insult to any citizen's intelligence and plain MAD.