Sunday, May 15, 2016

Smartest guy in the room

Here's my WND column for this weekend, originally entitled "Why Obama is the smartest guy in the room."


  1. If given the choice, I bet the 60 million Americans who REELECTED Obama after his first 4 years of tyranny would do it again for a 3rd term. They wanted a King, and got their King.

    Now we are looking at a choice of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Both have openly promised to be ‘Kings’, the Constitution be damned. Their supporters embrace them as if they are heaven-sent. Perhaps they are.

    God has a history of giving nations the leaders they deserve. I have to wonder if He has already passed judgement on this once-great nation.

    Montana Guy

  2. So long as the room is a phone booth, Obama is the smartest guy in the room. Not since Jimmy Carter has this country elected such a box of rocks but even Carter didn't manage to do all of the damage that Obama has wrought on this great nation. The vast social divide, food stamp dependency, wrecking a health care system that was already in trouble due to government intervention, the lies and propaganda that this administration will shine as an example for those that believe in the Constitution as what not to do and a bench mark for the Left on how to bring down a Great Nation.

    At least in Roman times, the Senate had the good sense to kill a bad leader... Wouldn't that make headlines today.

  3. Wow. You're right: How insulting to tell a room full of hard-working graduates that they got there by luck! Obama's view, that things happen by luck and not hard work, is the exact opposite of what God says (like what I read yesterday in Prov. 14:23). I wonder Who's right??? ;-)

    Mrs. D

  4. Best line: "The harder you work the luckier you become. It's amazing how that happens!

  5. I want to say I need to hear the whole thing before I pass judgment.

    But, knowing the garbage that comes out of Washington in general and the left in particular, I probably don't.

    I want to say that luck DOES have something to do with it. Not everything, but something. It does. I know I wouldn't be OK today without a lot of luck.

    But then again, I could have taken the luck I was given and completely wasted it...

    ...and then I guess I'd be sitting here crying about my luck.

  6. Perhaps because Mr. O got where he is by luck, he assumes everyone else did, too. Hard work was not a component of his meteoric rise, if I understand correctly. He is, after all, a walking definition of solipsism.