Saturday, April 9, 2016

Watch those social justice warriors...

Here's my WND column for the weekend entitled Stop Being Nice to Leftist Intimidators.


  1. Saul Alinsky's Rules For Radicals Rule 5.
    I see it in use all the time on the Seattle paper.

  2. Greetings Patricia! I'm your newest fan having just read your shrewd examination of the tactics of the SJWs. Well done.

  3. Something I have encountered with the SJWs is, that we as conservatives need to show them is evidence. I would love to have one of them tell me I am some sort of an ism, I can always request the evidence, proof, or a witness. Without these they don't have much. I would also advise them of a few defamation laws in existence if they are ready for it. I have also found that when they are faced with actual evidence and you ask for a rebuttal they suddenly say that "I don't have the data in front of me" at this time or that "you go through a great deal of research" to prove your point. I recently went through this with a Seattle leftist on email and of course they could not prove their point. Like any good investigation I simply prefer the proof aspect of the conversation. I will not be Mrs. nice guy anymore, I have had it up to here.
    Thank you for your observations you are dead on as they say.

  4. Me racist, sexist etc? So what. I try to tell the truth. If somebody can't handle the truth they can shove it.


  5. Pat, you need to google "hurt feeling report". These reports have been used in the military and have been passed around for years and can be applied to SJW's.

  6. I have found arguing with SJW's to be pointless. Their "social justice" is more of a religion/belief than anything else. I have a few in my own family.

    I have found a technique, however, that works like a charm. Personalize your response. My last exchange went like this:

    Her: You're a hater!
    Me: No, I don't hate (insert group here), I just hate YOU!

    Stunned silence and retreat. Combined with an extreme unwillingness to re-engage with me, life is much more peaceful.

    Yes, it's mean. So am I. The stakes are high enough to be worth it.

  7. To be honest, I have never tried to engage a liberal in conversation. So far, so good.
    Montana Guy

    1. That is the best policy but most difficult when it is a relative.

  8. I laugh at them. LOUDLY. Especially if we are in a public place. I'll even ask bystanders "Did you hear what this idiot said!?" and repeat their statement in a sniveling voice...and then start laughing again. Shake my head in amusement. Say "I can't believe someone that made it to your age actually BELIEVES that! Did you graduate high school? WOW! College? REALLY!? Let me guess...remedial classes, right?" Then I walk away chuckling. I've probably given quite a few PTSD or "triggered" them by my response. But none continued the argument in the face of utter disdain and ridicule.

  9. Just like radical Islamists, or any other dominionist, you can't argue with dogmatic SJWs. There are two things in their world: people who agree with them, and heretics who need to be destroyed in the name of their created God.

    You can't coexist with people who want to destroy you.

    The sad irony is that these dangerous dominionists are hiding behind a banner that has "TOLERANCE" painted in big rainbow letters. It fooled me for many years. No more.