Monday, April 18, 2016

Creepy government obsession

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled Creepy Government Obsession with Kids' Underpants.


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  2. The question is not, ‘Why is this happening?’, but rather ‘Why is this happening NOW’?

    For 40 years God watched as blood thirsty America waged continuous wars against sovereign nations. All wars were justified by deceit. So much innocent blood has been shed. These are the two greatest traits of Satan. The Christian nation which believed in the 'Golden Rule' (Matthew 7:12) is a distant memory.

    For 40 years God watched while 58 million babies were murdered. Any God-fearing person trying to stop this bloodshed faced incarceration, loss of property, even loss of life at the point of a gun. And the sins of America do not stop at the murder of innocent babies. Is there anything more satanic than a nation that subsidizes the selling parts of dead babies to the highest bidder?

    My point: ‘Why is this happening NOW’? The evils of Sodom and Gomorrah pale in comparison to those of America. Some say that America will face its Day of Judgment. But perhaps God has already passed judgment. Perhaps we should be more concerned about saving our souls, than saving a wicked nation.

    Montana Guy

  3. I find myself of mixed minds.

    I am, by my nature, somewhat androgynous. I am, in fact, a "manly woman." My predilections growing up were to play with my dolls and kitchen-- but only if I could play "orphanage," "disaster relief," "soup kitchen," or other such things that were quickly labeled "strange" and drew a lot of tongue clucking and outright disparagement.

    If they didn't like THAT, well, it was preferable to building dams in the creek, or trying to build a treehouse, or taking broken bicycles apart, or hanging around relatives doing construction, or helping out with construction/demolition projects, or trying to make things with scrap wood and a hammer, or playing "Lewis and Clark," or any of the other ways I found to occupy my surfeit of unstructured time as a kid.

    I heard it all. And no, I'm not a lesbian, or completely frigid, or any of the rest of it. The worst I can say is that my social skills are not as finely tuned as those of the average woman, and that I have to work harder at taking my pants off when it's appropriate to do so (but keeping them up the rest of the time seems to come naturally).

    I want it to be OK, for the other kids like me (whether they're girls who love hammers and wrenches, or boys who love pots and pans and dolls). Not forced, and not frowned on. Just OK.

    I don't want one to be encouraged and the other shunned by ANY socially proscribed values system, whether it serves the traditional valuation OR reverses it.

    Why can't we just give the child the toys, and let them play with the ones they like best?? Why can't we just give the child the chores, and let the gravitate most heavily toward the ones they do best ( as long as they pick up all the basic skills and all the chores get done)?

    Why do we have to obsess, one way or the other, about what toys they "should" be playing with??

  4. As a mother of 2 (with one on the way) I can say there is a huge difference between the sexes. I always heard about it but didn't actually get to see it first hand until our son was born. Oh my!!! It was like night and day not just in the way he plays but in the sounds he makes, the way he handles toys, his walk, his mannerisms and of course his obsession with his parts down under... And he's only 18 months. I love watching my girly girl and my little man together, how beautifully they illustrate God's design for mankind.

  5. My boys will play with their sister's toys and she'll play with their toys. Why does the government think they need to "give" children "opposite gender" toys? Boys and girls have no problem playing with each others' toys. They just play with them differently. I guess that's the problem? The boys are never as nurturing to the baby dolls as girls; girls can get pretty creative with building toys, though, but usually end up using their creations as doll houses. (That's what I did...)

    I thought it was funny that you mentioned "traditionally female jobs such as teaching, nursing, or (gasp!) mothering". When I was graduating high school, I was always asked, "are you going to be a teacher or nurse?" I have never had an interest in either of those occupations (I'm not a "people person"). So, I'd shut them up with, "I've always enjoyed history and economics." LOL That stopped them (and it was true)! ;-)

    What do I do now? I'm a nurse, teacher, cook, housekeeper, etc. Otherwise known as a "wife and mother". :-)

  6. I have to confess, I seldom have read the WND articles. Are the comments always as vile as they were for this one? That was enough to make sure I never read it again!

  7. My 3 year old daughter likes coloring books and playing with dolls. She is getting into princess mode as I type this. She also loves tractors and vintage cars. My son is five months old and mostly enjoys kicking his feet and grabbing things. The SJWs simply can't accept the idea of letting kids play with what they want to play with.

    1. I think that's because the SJW's are agenda-driven zealots. That makes them blind, and that blindness makes them dangerous.

      They're not just dangerous to people who disagree with them, or to traditional values. They're also dangerous to the very causes they claim (whether they sincerely believe it or whether they're just pretending) to champion.

      It was hard to be a tomboy in a traditionalist culture. I would not describe my husband as "effeminate," he's definitely all man, but he was a gentle, sensitive boy with an affinity for caretaking and cooking (and a hesitancy to do "manly" things like fight and fix stuff). Growing up was hard for him, too; he has lingering issues from all the time he spent being called "pussy" and "faggot" and the rest of it. It's bull, and I don't want it for any child. His talents make him a wonderful husband, father, and partner (though our version of "complementarianism" does not include and cannot sustain a whole lot of wifely submission). His talents make him a dang fine engineer. I can only imagine the stunning specimen he would have been if those talents had been embraced and nurtured from childhood instead of mocked, belittled, and repressed.

      With two naturally androgynous parents, of course, all four of our kids naturally tend towards a somewhat androgynous nature. Our girls tend to be independent-minded and assertive (our middle one is downright domineering, and we will have the work of a lifetime to teach her to curb that streak without breaking her will and making her mean). Our son tends to be somewhat retiring, and is about on par with his 4-year-old sister for gentleness and nurturing tendencies. I hope that all 4 of them can grow up without the scorn and ridicule Hubby and I suffered.

      However-- and here's the point of my monologue-- I understand that my husband, our children, and I are anomalies. We're not freakish or bad or "of the Devil," but we are the exception and not the rule. I have to imagine that there are now tens of thousands of feminine girls and masculine boys growing up in a "progressive" culture. Where they are having the same experience, suffering the same damage, and facing the prospect of growing up to have the same issues with self-hate and insecurity (a totally different issue from this namby-pamby coddling so-called 'self-esteem' crap kids are being brought up with nowadays) that we still struggle with.

      And that IS NOT progress. More people with the same problems is, by definition, REGRESSIVE. THAT'S NOT OK.