Saturday, April 2, 2016

A college degree in slutting

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled A College Degree in Slutting.


  1. You nailed another one, Patrice.

    People think I'm awful when I tell them I don't have a 529 plan for any of my kids. Well, I don't, and I'm not setting one up.

    I can't afford to fully fund a 529 for each of four kids, and I'm not about to pick my favorite or try to triage their prospects. That would be really terrible parenting.

    Don't EVEN tell me how irresponsible it is to have more kids than I can send to college. Those years are for GROWING UP. Not for Mommy and Daddy to pay for an extended adolescence.

    And that's the real reason. THOSE YEARS ARE FOR GROWING UP. Part of growing up is learning to make realistic choices-- to look at the options, look at your strengths, and choose some things and let others go. Part of growing up is to learn to be self-reliant-- and you cannot, will not, learn that if there's always someone else to rely on for your support. Part of growing up is to learn hard work, creativity, and to endure and plow through hardship-- and you cannot, will not, learn that if someone is constantly and intentionally smoothing the way ahead of you.

    It's not that I don't love my kids.

    It's that I love them too much to deny them the experience of struggling for that degree if that degree is something they truly want.

  2. The sinful state of this once-great nation is Biblical.
    Montana Guy

  3. many of them have their slut degrees before they are out of high school.

  4. Great article.
    Its almost like a certain segment of society is worshipping the dark side and is trying desperately to convince everyone else--especially young people to join them.

  5. Working to pay for an education is what kept me on the Dean's list while at college. In High School, I was a B/C average student. Not because I did't know the material but because it required and I had other things to do. I passed tests with A's and didn't do much homework. The point I am getting at is when I had to pay for it myself, I saw the value in getting as much of a quality education as I could. Since the students of today are living on college funds from Mommy and Daddy, grants and loans they can study for useless liberal arts degrees because the adult world is not real for them yet. Maybe rather than sending their kids to college more parents should start encouraging their kids into trade schools so they will have a chance at an education rather than a political indoctrination and a job that pays actual money.

    1. Why is that high schools continue to push for college? To keep there political hacks (professors, on the dime of clueless students and even more clueless parents. What once was an educational opportunity to expand ones knowledge has devolved into what we see today. A self righteous bunch of liberal quacks that want to continue this ponzi scheme to the detriment of businesses and all of us.

      We should just blow it up and start over. Trade jobs go wanting for lack of willing students to learn these trades and make a good living.