Sunday, March 6, 2016

What is the purpose of education?

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled Keeping Your Kids in Government School: Insane.


  1. Can I hear an 'Amen!'

    The two greatest gifts parents can give their children are Jesus Christ, and schooling at home.

  2. As a teacher, I too find it interesting that so many of my students think Bernie is the answer to our nations problems. They see him as a benevolent grandpa who will treat (err...spoil) them with lots of free things.

    It shouldn't surprise me that they like his socialist policies.

    Students want me to reward them for doing what is asked of them. Now if they went above and beyond, I'd be far more likely to fully support this. Yet, they put in the minimum amount of effort and expect to be rewarded. They don't think about who has to pay for the rewards one bit; they just deserve them.

    The past few years, I've noticed that students are really into group work. To the point that when given an individual assignment they will just copy off of each other and argue that they were just "helping" someone by giving them the answers. We have to have the "it's ok to explain how you arrived at your answer or where you might have found the information, but it's not ok to just use the same answer" talk.

    Then, there's the admin. I can't count the number of times I've been asked to fudge a failing students grades; I refuse. They've had the chance. If they want to come in during the summer and do the work they put off all year despite numerous reminders, detentions, and calls home, sure, I will give them credit for their work. I want them to learn the content. (I understand that some might argue that this fails to teach them about deadlines.) BUT I will NOT just fudge their grades to passing so our school can look better. What would that teach them? I bet Bernie could tell you!

    I love my job! I love working with kids and seeing the lightbulb go off when they understand how a concept is relevant to their lives. I love being able to impact future generations and bring hope to struggling students. However, there is an agenda permeating education and even in my relatively conservative community, I'm constantly reminded that I can't just do what is asked of me without thinking about longterm implications on my students.

    1. When our older children were in public school, group work was often assigned. We went to bat for them, railing against this type of indoctrination, and were told that people had to work in groups as adults and this was practice for it. This was in elementary school and completely inappropriate and unjustified.
      It truly begins, though, with the ownership of supplies. I remember arriving in the classroom for the meet and greet with bags of expensive supplies that were truly budget busters and mostly unnecessary, to have my child's joy destroyed when the teacher or an aide took possession of the things and put them a place for "group use". They didn't even get to keep a box of crayons to themselves.
      Many of the students you commented about, learned socialism at school. It is insidious. We got tired of un-teaching it at home and ended it with homeschool. The train had left the station and the social engineers at the wheel were high on power and don't have the foresight to see the disaster down the line.

    2. Good for you. Fudging grades is just politics. It makes the school look good and keeps psychotically competitive parents and farmers of snowflakes and buttercups happy, but in the long run it does no one any good.

      I tell my kids often that I'd rather see a C that they earned honestly than an A that they whined out of their teacher or cheated for.

      PLEASE, as a parent who does still have her kids in government schools, PLEASE don't stop doing what you're doing. Not every child has parents who can or will homeschool, or even parents who will demand that they think about what they learned when they get home.

      You are those kids' only hope. Please don't stop.

  3. What is really telling is the influx of foreign students from other countries. What they see in the USA and what is offered.

    We have taught fully generations of crying, helpless, self-absorbed, ungrateful, brats for the most part. We continue to self inoculate that even these students should then continue on to University education where they can then learn more of the same drivel. It is no wonder they support Bernie and the left. WHY should they support anything else? Skilled jobs go wanting because our spoiled children want a degree in Gender Studies, or some other such useless endeavor. & BORROW $ to do it, then return home, live in their parents basements because they can't find work.

    Also, anyone that defends their own public schools as not doing these things is deluded. These are the voters now. They raise with the help of our wonderful (sic) public schools our future voters.....

    Maybe that "mad" candidate DT can fix things say the "mad" voters. DT is just BO in different clothes.

    God help us! God have mercy on us!

  4. Want to see the fruit of Federal schools? Look no further than these idiots, asked the question, 'Who is our nation’s capital named after?”

    The Republic is dead; squandered by an ungrateful people. Like the commenter above said, "God help us. God have mercy on us."
    Montana Guy

    1. That's bloody depressing.

      How is it that I'm a public school grad and I knew the answer??? We're public schools better back in the 80's??? Or was I just the only kid who stayed awake and present in class???

      Or was it that I was surrounded by people who were always talking history and politics??? Catch is, most of them were more liberal than Bernie.

      I'm not trying to snark. I just don't understand.

    2. And that should be "were better," not "we're better."

      Apparently the autocorrect function on this iPad recently attended a public school.

  5. Very well written article to read although a bit disturbing, so I decided to pose a question to my son who is currently a junior. The question asked was "Do you think college should be free?" The response I received made me sick inside. My husband and I have worked very hard to teach our children that value of working for what you want and teach in the process how to manage life on your own without the free handouts. Homeschool was not an option when my kids were young, after reading this, it may be what we need to find time for. I have in the past researched homeschool options, but with so much information, where does one begin. Any thoughts or comments would be helpful. Concerned in Wisconsin.

    1. See if you have any homeschooling parents nearby. There should be some. Local Bible believing Churches probably have many home schooling parents. HSLDA Home School Legal Defense Association is a national organization that should be web accessed for other info. This is just a start. Home schooling is a choice that is hard but well worth the effort. Results are striking compared to that of public schools. Even for the non-gifted students. Patrice and her daughters are living examples of the difference.