Saturday, March 12, 2016

They're coming to take me away, ha ha...

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha Ha.

(Remember that bizarre novelty song that was popular in 1966?)


  1. Very astute, Patrice, but you missed a couple.

    It not only can happen here, it has happened here and it is happening here.

    Back in the day when feminism was actually good for something instead of being a gang of oppressive useful idiots, women who wanted to own property, or vote, or tell their husbands what they thought could be and were labeled insane and either locked away in institutions or subjected to torturous "treatment" until they gave up and shut up.

    In the modern day, psychology/psychiatry is being abused for the sake of disability fraud. It's not always the people seeking treatment who want to commit the fraud-- sometimes it's the psychologists who are telling the patients they're much sicker than they really are (and psychiatrists pushing drugs that do, indeed, render them very ill and disabled) in order to feed corrupt lawyers who are making threats with one hand and paying kickbacks with the other.

    Google one "Eric C Conn" if you don't believe me. His shenanigans in West Virginia almost cost me my life. It's taken almost half a decade with an honest therapist to restore me to a healthy belief in my own sanity and capability-- and it's still a struggle some days.

    That, of course, is without getting into back-door methods of depriving We The People of Constitutional rights. A whole other discussion.

  2. That is exactly the end game. History is yet again repeating itself. In reality, the 'men in white coats' will be black-clad jack-booted government goons.

    I am an old coot. I fear for young families. I pray that they give the two greatest gifts to their children, Jesus Christ and schooling at home.
    Montana Guy

  3. oh my gosh , our home life with teens has become a landmine due to 1st- school councilors 2nd -their friends who ALL are on meds 3rd -idiots . I am a 57 year old mother of teens seen all this crap in the 60's and 70's and how it turned out...when I had my kids in 1996 and 98 In knew I was opting out of all this insanity with my kids....only I did not realize the govt schools go behind your back...Just had a discussion with my eldest about the fact that what is" wrong with our family " is that we provided "a too stable an environment " for our children to grow up in . Married 22 years no drug or drinking or violence problems and running a country home with all the work and animals that go with that , books ,vacations, friends galore ( who loved coming to our "overly stable home") while their parents went threw relationships and jail time , yes we have kept them from experiencing "real life" ....and when we caught one child snorting her psych meds at our house she was unwelcome in our home , and threatening to our daughter , we found out the councilor from school was making them get together at school taking our daughter out of CLASSES to work thru their " problems, When I was upset about this I was called unstable and that my daughter had to be protected from my "outburst which was frightening because I "raised my voice" which is apparently inappropriate . The "friend is now in womens prison due to being charged as an adult at 14 for trying to kill her family by burning their house down with them in it.. sorry about the run on sentences , this hit a SORE spot. Frightened for good people trying to raise normal children in this country. Karen

    1. i homeschooled,without gov't. permission or involvement.
      i'd as soon put my kid in a public school as throw it into raw sewerage.
      that was decades ago.

    2. I was upset when I wrote that meandering message . If I could have a "do-over" in life (wouldn't we all love that opportunity !) I would have homeschooled . Karen

  4. I remember that song. Do you know what was on the "B" side of the 45 disk?
    That's right - the song backwards... B-)

  5. Patrice, I love reading your WND articles. The only issue I have is the WND site. It has pop-ups and videos that start on their own and it always, always either locks up or slows my computer way down.
    Keep up the good work!