Sunday, February 7, 2016

When feminism meets war

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled When Feminism Meets War.


  1. just thought i'd let you know the link doesn't work. great piece, you rock as always.

  2. Uh oh - this link seems to be broken. :(

  3. It was admitted that the Army's first combat engineer recruit went AWOL. LOL.
    I am the daughter of a 25 year CSM. By the time I came along he was a SGM and I watched as he went to Vietnam twice (after Korea, after Germany). He hated the draft. His problems in the ranks were caused by draftees, and the stupid practice of young criminals being told they could avoid charges or some such by enlisting.
    I am also married to a veteran, 25 years active duty, action guy. He, too, hates the draft. He enlisted during the draft and he had to pull his weight and do the work left undone by draftees. Did I say, he hates the draft? For a short while he was forced to be a recruiter and he absolutely would not put in the service anyone that was questionable, which many recruiters will just to meet their quotas. He knew they would either get washed out or be a pain in the patootie to the men that really wanted and deserved to be there.
    The administration did not like the results of the Marine Corp test and the first women to get through Ranger school did so questionably, as their "green cards" are not available to show how they actually performed. "Lost" by officers hoping for promotion and pandering to the PC politicians.
    The lies this country is suffering through are splashing caustic acid on everyone. You can bet with certainty the ineptitude of DC is going to get us into another war, and our daughters will be drug into it, endangering our sons. My son is 16 today and he seriously considers military service. It's in our blood, I guess, as my grandfather, father, uncles, two brothers, eldest son, eldest daughter (nurse!) all were in the US Army.
    NONE of them were drafted or in favor of the draft.

    1. I was in the Army in the sixties. At that time I thought the draft was a bad thing. I now believe if it were done RIGHT, it would and should be a good thing! It seems since around the time the draft was abolished, our young people have become more and more rude, disrespectful and self-centered. They appear to be receiving little or no discipline anymore! The military gave many young men discipline and taught them obedience to authority, things they're not getting in the public school system or at home! So, if liberals were no longer running the show, I think the draft should be reinstated. Although if liberals were no longer telling us how to rear our children and we went back to obeying the Word of God when it comes to child-rearing, we probably wouldn't need the draft after all!

  4. As long as the military continues to be unable to protect it's female members from sexual assault by their "comrades" and commanders, they have no business entertaining the idea of drafting them.

  5. My wife and I had a big discussion about this last night over dinner. I said I believe women can fight right along with the men. We’ve known some very strong, capable women who would put many men to shame. Our daughter is one such person. In high school, she was in the marching band. She was the drum major in her senior year. VERY tiring, difficult endeavor! Not only was she a strong girl, she taught herself how to play the flute, piccolo, trombone, baritone, cymbals, piano and guitar! She was also a straight-A student. My wife reminded me that women like our daughter were few and far between. Very far. As for comparing women to men, she then reminded me of the tennis player Chris Evert who was giving an interview several years ago when she was still playing the game. She was the number one woman’s tennis player in the world at that time. The interviewer said she was so good that she could probably play with the top men. She replied that her brother was rated around 1000th in the world at that time. She and her brother had played each other many times since they were kids, and she had never beaten him. Never. Many things women can do much better than men, but when it comes to strength, stamina and physical ability, men are way ahead. --Fred in AZ

    1. Let me give you a lesson in reality sir. A teenage girl marching in a high school band and teaching herself instruments is a ludicrous measure of the ability of females to handle combat. I am a woman and served honorably in the USAF. I passed the exact same physical fitness standards set for the males because I trained for years too. Yet the weakest male could easily take me down and restrain me. I have a permanent injury from carry 100 pound rucksack on marches that brings me daily constant pain.
      What exactly do you THINK happens in a combat zone? Are you aware males are regularly raped by not only the enemy but those they serve with? Are you aware of what actually befalls female soldiers who are kidnapped? Do you seriously think your drum major daughter is going to hand to hand it with a 200 pound experienced warrior?
      How about the female soldiers who refuse to urinate because it is extremely hard to under combat conditions? They stop drinking water and become sick or get infections from trying to hold it. Try humping 15 miles with a pack the size of your daughter on your back while menstruating? Try cleaning yourself. Try sleeping at night not knowing who or what is in the tent with you waiting or who will come in the tent.This is not to mention t he intense mental anguish soldiers suffer. Or do you just gloss over all the suicide and PTSD? These are not teenage girls. They are hardened vets and they can't take it.

      You sound, suspiciously, like you are scared to disagree with your wife and think that your daughter is as tough as a marine because she carries a drum. I feel sorry for both females in your life. How terrifying that their protector thinks they should do things he couldn't . Yes, you concede to reality in the end but only because Chris Evert and your wife said you could.

      What happened to Father's saying you could hurt their daughters over their dead bodies instead of trying to convince everyone their daughter is as rough and tough as a guy? No daughter with a strong protector needs to pretend to be one. She gets to enjoy being a feminine, life giving woman.

  6. They want to be treated exactly like men, and then they throw a hissy when they're asked to register with Selective Service??

    If that's the case, they're not asking for equality. They're asking for special treatment. Asking for all of the SUPPOSED privileges and declining the responsibilities is special treatment. End of line.

    Good grief. At least when I was a loudmouthed young feminist, I was completely and totally willing to fill out a draft card, carry my own crap, do dirty jobs, and generally try my darnedest to make my 116-pound frame perform like a man.

    As a side note, I wonder what they're planning on doing with legions of children left temporarily (or permanently) parentless. Do we rule that both parents can't serve at the same time?? Or that, if one is killed, the other is exempt??

    1. Mandatory birth control?

    2. When I was younger (and far more foolish), I did my best to show those men at my very physical job that I could do everything as well as they could. Now, my knees and back give me daily reminders of exactly how foolish I was.

      No matter how much some might want to change things, men and women are NOT the same. Being made for a different purpose, doesn't mean you are less valuable.

      The Lord had a plan when he created man and woman. We always get into trouble when we try to live outside of that plan.

    3. You're right. We're not. We're not supposed to be.

      I've wised up since I was 19. I think this is a bad, bad, bad idea. For all kinds of reasons.

      I would still fight, if the war came to my door. I'd rather be a killer than an enabler of evil. I'd rather be casualty than a victim.

      But I think this is a bad, bad, bad idea.

      But, well-- a nasty little part of me is smirking. At least when I was that stupid, I was willing to accept equality in ALL things.

      They wanted to be interchangeable with men. They got it. How do they like it??

  7. Women don't belong in any potential combat situation nor should they be present in any confining living space with men such as ships, submarines and barracks. Period.

    To me, the question of drafting women is mute. The two greatest traits of Satan is deceit and the shedding of innocent blood. Governments are his greatest weapons. The US military and federal government is controlled evil men doing the work of Satan. Why would any Christian want their child, daughter OR SON, to join the US military?

    How did America become so blood-thirsty? What happened to the God-fearing America which believed in the Golden Rule? (Matthew 7:12)
    Montana Guy

  8. I figure if God wanted us to do exactly the same things, He would have made us EXACTLY alike. Thankfully, He didn't.

  9. Women are NOT suited to be in modern combat. Women are also not suited to be firefighters (in my opinion). I do not want a woman that is 5'2" and 120 pounds trying to lug my 5'7" 180 pound butt out of a burning building! Same goes for combat...we cannot expect a woman who passes the physical to be in the armed forces (with the accompanying height/weight requirements, etc) to have the musculature to pull a fellow soldier that may be 200 pounds PLUS loaded down with gear, out of the field of fire.It is completely illogical and will lead to increased combat deaths.
    I have son that is a combat medic. He is 6'5" and is as fit as a young man can be. He is currently stateside. He has competed and won several *mud runs* and was top of his class in Basic. Physically, he is top of his game. HE has talked to me about the physical challenges he faces in his job and his training. Some were difficult for him. He is very nervous about women being allowed into combat roles. The women in the Army that he works with have stated THEY would not be comfortable in combat situations nor do they think they could handle said situations. Many have stated to him they could see it as okay if women were fighter pilots, drone pilots, even bomber pilots...but "boots on the ground"? No.

    Yes, the Israeli Army uses women. But have they ever released any studies showing PTSD in their female soldiers? Or how it affects them later as mothers?

    1. Can you imagine our country trying to recover after a war and raising a generation of kids with dads AND moms with PTSD! Heaven help us!

    2. We already have generations of kids with dads AND moms with PTSD. Nobody talks about it, but quite a lot of the wives of Vietnam vets ended up with PTSD by their tenth wedding anniversary.

      My aunt was one of them. You don't deal with that stuff day in and day out, without any kind of acknowledgment or support, having to hide it from everyone or risk being destroyed by peoples' fear of your husband's condition, without ending up, um, shall we say changed by the experience.

      Sometimes I think women deal with that one better than men do, to tell you the truth.

      I'm bordering on too old to draft; I'm already too old for combat. I don't relish the thought of sending any of my daughters off to die; however, no more do I relish the thought of sending my son off to do the same.

      It would be comforting to know that SOME of my children are safe.

      And I wonder-- if we send the men and the women off to die, who's going to hold down the home front?? Who will be "Rosie the Riveter" and supply the troops (in the quartermaster sense) for WWIII?? Teenagers, senior citizens, and the profoundly disabled??

      We have a war right now-- a war against drug addiction, privation, give-up-ism, stupidity, sloth, the degradation of our youth... I can go on and on and on. From where I'm sitting (granted, I'm sitting in a place where a lot of the men were beaten down or cut out long ago, a place where feminism has done so much damage that I have had to teach my own husband how to be a man) , it looks as if that war is being primarily fought by women. If we send every able-bodied adult off to die, who's going to be left to fight the wars that never end??

      They tell me that, in parts of West Virginia, opioid addiction has left 20% of the children parentless (either to be raised by other relatives or placed in state care). It's a bloody mess. I shudder to think of the entire country in such a condition.

  10. I served 20 years in the AF from 1964 to 1984. Without a draft we could not man up to fight a war. It may suck but it is the only way to be able to bring in 2-3 million 'men' quickly.
    I don't believe women belong in combat. I too know strong women both physically strong and mentally strong. But the standard gear a groundpounder caries into war would be unbearable for them. When I entered the military there were very few women and after about 6 years the federal government decided to open up certain fields and was aiming for 10% female across all services. Didn't sound too bad, all of the combat fields were off limits and a lot of the jobs were gender neutral. But within a year our yearly physical test began getting easier simply because it was too difficult for the women. All the physical standards were lowered and a concerted effort was made to grease the skids for promotion for women. Soon enough, since the camel's nose was already under the tent, the demands came to open up fields in combat and now special forces. Why?? I can tell you it isn't for the women entering the service it is mostly for the pushy feminist groups and politicians. They are putting these women at risk and the men as well because the men will end up risking their lives to save the women's butts in combat.

    I can give you one real life example of the reality of the physical difference between men and women. The SOP if you are in a Humvee and it is disabled by enemy fire or mine is to grab the 50 cal gun and ammo and run for cover. It is three pieces, the gun, the ammo and the mount. Together it's about 110 lbs. Grab it and run!! For whatever reason your average to skinny pimple faced 18 year old boy can do it. I have seen 125 lb 18 YO's do it. But the women cannot. She can be 130 of fit muscle and used to working out and she cannot even drag this around never mind run with it. Without it you are a sitting duck. Did I mention you have to run with it, the enemy is shooting at you? This is serious. Add into the equation 40 lbs of gear that doesn't even include your pack and give it a try. By the way I would bet everyone with a teenage boy will know what I say is true. I don't know why but those skinny little 'boys' are stronger than they look. It's as though mother nature intended that the men should be the fighters and the women the nurturers...

  11. DH (a naval vet) has said this since day one. Take a bunch of guys in the face of dangerous and they will work together to defeat the enemy. Put a single woman in there and they lose their focus and all worry about/compete for her. Heck - put a bunch of geldings (neutered horses) in a pen - they will basically mess with each other, but get along. Stick ONE mare in there and you will have fighting.

    This comes from a guy with 2 younger sisters - one 6' and the other 6'2". When they were younger and weighed less than 300 they were each strong, but not as coordinated as men that size. Furthermore, their knees and hips don't hold up as well..

    No folks....this is a genuinely bad idea.

    Excellent article, Patrice!


  12. Glad I'm old and not draft age! Just because a few women want to be treated exactly like men and be in the military all women can be drafted!! I don't think so. I could never have stood up to it as a young lady, nor could any of my friends. Disastrous on so many levels!