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Sunday, February 14, 2016

The road to hell

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled Vote for Bernie, Go to Hell?


  1. Makes you kind of wonder why women are allowed to vote. That said, I know that sounds sexist, bigoted, and misogynist. Perhaps it is. I still trust women but what Madeline Albright suggests is that ALL women must form in lock step and support Hillary. Never mind that she has lied all of her life on so many things we probably can't even count them all. Just the latest release of her emails is proof enough that she is totally unfit to be president. But, hey, what we have now is totally unfit to be president so what's the change? The only change is the fact that it's her turn... time for a woman president. Might as well elect a cow, chicken, or some other female creature as to elect her. I dread the day when the American public continue to swallow up the lies of her and her complicit media. Maybe Bernie can take the nomination from her, but I doubt it. We won't be able to afford him and we certainly can't afford her.
    "The trouble with progressives/ socialists/ democrats is sooner or later you run out of other peoples money to spend" - Margaret Thatcher

    1. given it some thought and perhaps it isn't that females should not vote, but that the voting age should rise to twenty-five.
      that will sift out the juvenile, unjelled brains a bit.
      years ago got a recorded phone call from billary in which she repeatedly said the phrase 'if you are a woman', with a long pause after each utterance.
      that was probably so the very slow-witted among her followers [99.99% ?] would be able to get art least a rudimentary grasp on her meaning..
      i listened to it because i like to know what the enemy is up to.

  2. As depressing as witnessing the demise of our once-great nation is, it could be worse. Imagine Hillary's torture nearing her final days, knowing that her life-long ideals and beloved Feminism have failed.
    Montana Guy

  3. Voting for Hillary, just because she is a woman, would be like eating a tird because it looks like a tootsie roll.

    1. someone in our church, otherwise seemingly intelligent, said to me last time around 'it is time to elect a woman'.
      i told her i don't vote for uteri.
      how stupid.
      now, if maggie thatcher were running i'd be voting for her. how's that for voting 'woman'?

    2. Unfortunately there are a lot of folks out there eating those turds. Then they wonder why they have such bad breath! Go figure.... Even those over 25 years old... Sorry to disappoint but age does not = wisdom. Once a turd is eaten it is pretty hard to stop. Had a dog like that once.....

  4. I don't know why the powers that be don't seem to know of the Hobbs Act of 1951. That would be the real nail in the coffin for the whole Clinton aristocracy. Extortion under the color of political influence and favoritism is a lot bigger no-no than even the e-mail travesty. Their guilt is readily available in the public record, not much investigating is even needed. I guess there has to be some upside for selling your soul(s) to the devil. I don't even pray for them any more. This is a Biblical stance (turning them over to their willful sins). They know better, but are relishing their reprobate lives. The devil take them. To hell with them and the horse(s) they rode in on (their cronies that support them). Anon.

  5. if you say that 'any woman who doesn't do 'x' will go to hell', isn't that sexist?
    if a man made a like statement you'd never hear the end of it.

    also, i'm pretty sure that that group doesn't believe in hell. observe how they live their lives.

  6. There's good news in all this.

    The feminists have finally shown their hand. The game is over. I wish them luck brainwashing too many more young women into buying their entitled, whiny, misandristic, PMS-ing load of herbicide-laced horse crap.

    I can't imagine a young woman with two brain cells to rub together wanting to listen to them after this.

  7. I'd like to know how the 'party' that votes to have (female) babies aborted fits in with Madeline Albright's theory of there being a special place in hell?