Sunday, February 21, 2016

How tiresome to be a feminist

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled How Tiresome to be a Feminist.


  1. So many people these days take a subject (there are many) and just choke the living daylights out of it.

  2. If the "feminists" only knew how illogical they were. Of course, that would also assume they have any "gray matter" in between their ears. Bad assumption on my part.

    I really had a good laugh at all of the diatribe over the "Super Bowl" commercials and their supposed misogynist bent. I mean really.... the fetus is human is it not?

    They really are being led around by the nose. Satan and his minions are very busy indeed as "his" time draws to a close.

  3. Feminists' anger today will pale in comparison to what lies ahead for them.

    I cannot imagine a torture more terrifying than to realize in the face of one's final days that one wasted his entire life trying to tow the establishment line and promote the establishment view, instead of enjoying their blessings and molding a better tomorrow for their children. (paraphrasing Brandon Smith,
    Montana Guy

  4. They exchanged casual sex for marriage. The blessing of babies for murder. The dignity of Motherhood for tattoos and horrible haircuts. The joy and comfort of grandparenting for social media followers.

    How pitiful.Lots of time on their hands and desperately seeking attention.


    1. Wow... you hit it right on the nose, Carlotta. God bless you! --Fred in AZ