Saturday, January 23, 2016

Are our best days behind us?

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled Why Our Best Days Are Behind Us.


  1. Sad, but I believe true. Plus, we can't expect an immoral citizenry to elect moral leaders.

    1. I agree, as much as we may not like it our leaders reflect us as a nation.

  2. I see no difference between socialism and progressive. Just how I view them. Same result different label.

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  4. well this country has been heading down hill for a longtime, but it appears we are fast approaching a swift BIG decline and the lord only knows how deep it will go. with that said i am retiring in a couple of weeks and i cannot make up my mind if i wish i was youger to help the fight better or that maybe i woon't have to see how far under we may go!

  5. We attend a liberty church. Interestingly, Pastor addressed this today; or more specifically, the 10 most damaging events which led to America's destruction (morally and politically). They took place over 150 years, but their frequency grew exponentially. If I had to summarize it in one sentence, it would be 'America lost its conscience and soul.'

    Short of divine intervention, he offered his personal opinion that there were only two ways for Americans to get our God-given liberty back. George Washington's way or Robert E. Lee's way.

    Montana Guy

  6. I'll certainly agree that we need less "help" from government, to get our values sorted out, and to stop outsourcing production to the lowest bidder.

    If that means paying more for less crap, well, that would probably help with the process of sorting out our values. On the one hand, they say the middle class is shrinking. On the other hand, what they tell me today is "a middle class life," my grandparents would have called "fantabulous wealth" or "wanton profligacy."

    My grandparents, who started out with one child in a one-bedroom apartment, moved up to two children in a two-bedroom apartment, had no car for 10 years, and shared a single used car after they saved up the money to buy a house in a small town, would look at my "middle class life" and call it rich.

    And we have a lot less material crap, by choice because we prefer to be debt-free with extra necessities and an emergency fund, than most of our "income-peers."

    Current mainstream values?? FUBAR. That is the fault of We The People, because we took the bait...

    ...but we were certainly led by the unholy alliance.

    I'll argue about illegitimacy being unknown. It might have been unspoken, but I don't buy virtually unknown. It's a good darn idea to keep your knees together until you've been married a while (and to have no more than you can support)...

    ...but circumstances change some times with regards to support, and fornication is undoubtedly the second-oldest sin (and that only because it wasn't sinful before Pride made it so).