Sunday, December 20, 2015

Vote for my husband for president

Here's my (tongue in cheek) WND column for this weekend entitled Vote for My Husband for President.


  1. I wish to cast my ballot for Don Lewis for President!

  2. I hereby pledge my vote and support for Don Lewis.

    I offer the following video for the edification and comment of the candidate.

    A. McSp

  3. I already voted. Yep, 3 times this morning. Going back to the polls for more ballots after lunch. Like Chicago says, 'Vote Early and Vote Often'.

    You see Toto, if we want to fix the country we can just vote for changes. Then government magistrates count the votes. What a great country!

    But seriously, this wicked nation does not deserve a man of Don's character. Let's elect Don for President of the American Redoubt.

    Montana Guy

  4. Seriously, Patrice. If this thing ballooned out of control and Don suddenly found the secret service stationed outside your bedroom door wouldn't you miss him while he was away in DC doing prez stuff? I'm guessing you wouldn't go with him except for a visit because who would care for Lydia, and the cows, and the chickens? You'd go nuts trying to be polite to the politicians, and would likely go off on the professional "dresser" who picked out your First Lady clothes for you. Jeans and flannel shirts are frowned on at state dinners.

  5. If only there were a candidate out there with this platform, that could actually get elected.