Sunday, December 13, 2015

Shopping for the wife?

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled Shopping for the wife? Pick chainsaw over earrings.


  1. Just reading the title made me laugh. I feel so sorry for my husband and kids, they go shopping at the hardware store for Mother's Day and Christmas. One Christmas I got a cordless drill, the tool box it goes in and a tool belt. I played with it all for at least an hour before I got up to feed them.

  2. Chainsaws will trump earrings every time around here.

    Fence posts trump fashion. Bullets trump beads. Muck boots before Manolo's.

    I'd choose a new polaski pick over a girly gift any day...

    'Cause like you, Patrice, wife of Don, I'm all about the glamour!

    A. McSp

  3. The best present my husband ever got me was my very own copy machine; this was back in the day when they were VERY expensive. We were homeschooling five children and for Mom to get to a copy store (like Kinko's) was a major expedition. I used that gift almost daily and it was a huge blessing. I'll take well thought out and practical any day.

  4. I received a pasture fence for birthday/anniversary this year. WE got new tires on the Toyota truck last week for Christmas. Hubby wants to know how many quart jars are needed for a year supply. We are shopping for a wood stove.
    The 15 year old is getting jeans he desperately needs. He can not think of anything he wants.
    I would be heartsick to receive something that the marketing gurus guilt men into buying.

  5. Hubby says I can have a woodstove for Christmas this year.

    I feel like a princess (in both good ways and bad-- it is by far the most expensive gift anyone I know has ever asked for).

  6. I have a friend that took a ring she had inherited from her mother into a jewelry store to get some work done on it in late November. The jeweler smiled and asked, "Christmas present from your husband?" She smiled back and explained her diamond and then added, "No, my husband got me an electric chicken plucker for Christmas!"

  7. My husband surprised me with beautiful stairs to the second floor(which is currently used as a storage area).He made them while I was out of town during Thanksgiving Woohoo! No more extension ladder! SuccotashRose

  8. Last year, I used my Christmas money to buy us a log splitter! Best use of money I've ever done.

  9. My husband is giving me a new charging handle for my AR and a Maxpedition jumbo for EDC. The Maxpedition is maroon - does that count as girly? :-)

  10. Gosh, all these replies are from women. Please allow a husband to join in.

    My wife is an avid gardener - a certified Master Gardener with the state of Michigan - and buying gifts for her has been easy through the years. They have included a large wheelbarrow, a pitchfork, 500# of composted cow manure, an extended saw on a pole with a pruner, your book on simplifying one's life, and - yes - a chainsaw.

    Her gifts to me have been similar, the latest being a solar oven which we have yet to try.

    I agree whole-heartedly that things of a "practical" nature can be just as romantic - actually, even more - as what the Sheeple would consider.

    Steve Herr