Sunday, December 6, 2015

Let's establish disease-free zones

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled Gun-free zones? Why not disease-free zones?


  1. One point you missed in your WND column:
    Just make guns illegal, it worked for drugs, didn't it?
    Oh, I guess not.

    A gun is like a parachute.
    If you need one, and don't have one,
    you'll never need one again.

  2. On Black Friday, Americans underwent more background checks than there are Marines in the Marine Corps, a new record.

  3. If .gov wants to protect the populace, they have a backwards way of going about it.


  4. I liked you comment about how the progressives FeeeeeL! About 4 years my wife said something like that and I swear I could see the light bulb over my head light up. They NEVER have an answer except it feels right. Poverty, disease, gun control, self esteem, and whatever their feeeeel good message of the week is. But you know what it never works. I am like you just leave me alone! Congrats on the new stove by the way.

  5. I would like to please request
    Idiot-Free Zones
    in my area!!!

  6. Your articles make whole sense of every topic.bed bugs pictures

  7. How about Government-Free Zones, starting with Washington DC?
    Montana Guy

  8. Ask someone that was in the Army. What is the difference between a free-fire zone and a gun-free zone? Answer, nothing that matters.

    An aside about WND. Most times when I got to read your column, there is a floating ad for something with an "X" in the corner to close it out. WRONG. That "X" is a link to the advertisement. Guess I just will have to skip your columns although I enjoy them a lot.