Saturday, November 14, 2015

The tantrum generation

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled To the Tantrum Generation: Forget College.


  1. I too am paying for my college by 3 combat tours as a Marine infantryman.
    It amazes me to see people demand so much who have earned so little.
    Furthermore I would like to thank them because in the end People will see this in the job market & I will get the job.....not you.

  2. I just read you article, you hit the nail on the head. When I went to college I work full time at a bank and went to college at night and paid for my classes myself, NO GOVERNMENT HAND OUT! How hard is that? These kids have no clue how life really is.

  3. Great article. 'College Cupcakes'. Ha. I loved that one.

    If you don’t want to hear a rant regarding a pet peeve, stop reading here. I disagree with the implication in the statement “too cowardly to pick up a weapon and serve our nation”. Serving our nation? You mean as in the last 28 years of unjust unconstitutional war in Iraq; 25 years in Afghanistan? It is a fact that at least 85 percent of war’s casualties are non-combatant civilians. If there is one thing that God hates (and Satan loves), it is the shedding of innocent blood. What would Christ say to our military soldiers? What would Satan say? Christians, these are NOT rhetorical questions.

    I am NOT anti-military. I knew American soldiers who did ‘good’. They fought for peace. Remember peace? Believe me, today’s soldiers are much different than the ones I knew and admired. I weep when I see the fruit of today’s soldiers. ‘Band of Brothers’ was well done. Watch it. Then watch the documentary ’Restrepo’ (warning: foul mouth language throughout) filmed alongside our military in Afghanistan.

    Montana Guy

    1. This is not the place for this comment. Please do not speak of what you do not know or understand.

    2. This is not the place for this comment. Please do not speak of what you do not know or understand until you can fully comprehend the wisdom of the Montana Guy's statements.

  4. I just read it elsewhere- good job! Those of us who were unemployed and are getting a grant to attend school are studying the real stuff and taking it seriously. We too will get the jobs and build our communities while the gender studies and protest majors will not.

  5. Per her linkedin bio, Keely Mullen is pursuing degrees in Political Science and Sociology. Which pretty much means she wants to do some sort of government related work.

    With mass out flux of Boomber's, who made a huge hiring bulge, in all levels of government in the 70s and 80s, she has a descent chance of finding employment. But probably not with Feds, since they actually hire for real world expertise, unless she has political connections. Of course she is unlikely to be able to pay off that six-digit debt anytime soon.

  6. I just read this to my kids, ages 16 and 17, and said "Mom that's what you and dad having been telling us for a couple of years now, is she your friend? " LOL, no I don't know you personally but Apparently we are cut from the same cloth. My daughter who is looking at colleges is going for Bio-Medical Engineering and is searching out ONLY top universities in this field. She said she has no plans on paying for fluff that's useless to her. Our youngest who has Aspergers wants to be a quantum physicist or rocket scientist and has already started to look at colleges that are STEM oriented not liberal arts oriented. My daughters class were discussing what they wanted to do after school and she said so many kids were going for such useless degrees like sociology, psychology, art, and some she hadn't heard of before but sounded ridiculous to her. There were only a couple of kids that were going for STEM degrees and when asked by the teacher why they all said that's were the jobs are and they were the future of the world. Parents also NEED to teach life skills and not expect schools to teach them. All our kids can sew, cook (yes the boys too), do basic auto repair (even our daughter) and they all learned basic carpentry skills when helping us build chicken coops, pig pens and feeders. Though none of them care for plumbing and agreed they would gladly pay or barter someone else to do it ;) . I truly feel sorry for these kids who don't know how to think for themselves and feel pride for something they have created / built using their own skills. Time for these lost parents and their kids to wake up or the local coffee shops are going to have their pick of a lot of employees.
    JD from NY