Saturday, November 21, 2015

Power's back on + WND column

I'm pleased to report our power is back on, leaving us much to think about in terms of improving our preps. We're quite busy with assorted projects and chores today, so I'll simply use this opportunity to post my WND column for this weekend entitled Have a Selfish Thanksgiving.

More later, I promise!


  1. Insanity - doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

  2. Excellent history refresher. Historical truths and those who speak them are rare blessings today. Even though our founders' Republic has fallen, Christ has not. And Christ is the source of all truth. Therein lies hope, both in this earthly world and His world.

    Happy Thanksgiving to Patrice and family, and all visitors to this awesome site.
    Montana Guy

  3. Ah, back to sweet electricity. It is all well and good (and even necessary) to test out all of your preps but it is much nicer to get back to familiarity and electricity. Struggling for survival can come later. Welcome back! And a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. 8-)

    God Bless,
    Janet in MA

  4. in the past we have had power loss for up to 5 days, so I bought and wired in a generator that is big enough to run our well pump, doesn't take much amps to run it takes allot to START it, so 7500 watt gen works great and we only run it enough to do what we need to do. you can also run it on propane, which has NO shelf life like gas which goes sour quickly. hope this helps, to give you some ideas, also it does NOT have a be a expensive gen. since yuo won't run it all the time.