Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Utopia from hell

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled The Utopia from Hell.


  1. You are so right. Every one of those 17 UN goals comes down to the point of a gun.

    The REAL REASON for the 2nd Amendment is becoming obvious.

    Montana Guy

  2. Boy. That's a great essay.

    Vonnegut's short story, "Harrison Bergeron," is one place to look to see what can be imagined in order to do just what you talk about in this essay - force everyone to be equal-at-any-cost-no-matter-what.

    I was shaken after I read Vonnegut's story, which I read sort of in conjunction with this essay. My hope is that Vonnegut's imaginings from 1961 can still be considered outlandish, but I fear the world actually seems to be edging towards this hellish utopia.

    Just Me

  3. And if you google "Agenda 21 map of the United States" you will see that you will not be allowed to live on the farm you are at. Most of the United States is for wildlife habitat. The bible is unfolding right before our eyes

  4. Yeah, it'd be great. It really would. It would be wonderful. PERFECT.

    If only there were a natural way to get there, that didn't involve force at gunpoint.

    I guess that'll go about as well as it did the last time people tried to get to Heaven under their own power.

    I'm all in favor of treating each other decently. My folks were socialists at heart (and good people, even if their brains might have been slipping second gear in their inability to grasp the idea that there were those in the world who did not wish to do a hand's-turn of work and would prefer to exist by taking from those that did).

    The nature of this world, however, is not perfection. Any attempt to make it so, beyond the simple act of showing common decency to each other, is only likely to make it worse.

  5. If there was gender equality, why would women and girls need empowering? Men and women will never be equal. Two things would have to be done to achieve even a resemblance of "equality", bring men down and "empower" women.