Saturday, October 3, 2015

The stupidity of gun-free zones

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled The Stupidity of Gun-Free Zones.


  1. Huzzah and hooray! A great piece of reasoning and well written. Good work Lewis.


  2. We here in the choir totally agree. Too bad the liberals are too brain washed to see your logic, too. Too many snowflakes and just plain flakes.

  3. Excellent article, and many good comments by people who obviously "get it". I have been waffling about whether I should get my concealed carry permit and an appropriate weapon. This latest incident convinced me to do so. I put a deposit down on the weapon Thursday afternoon. Permit to follow.

    Carl in the UP

  4. Excellent article! I sent the URL to half of my address book. Thank you.

  5. Well done, as usual! Just think, if our pres has his way, the whole nation would be a gun free zone, just like UCC, Sandy Hook, etc.
    Nope, the 2d amendment isn't about duck hunting!

  6. Great article.

    Whenever I approach an establishment that has one of those insipid "No firearms allowed" signs in the window, I stiffen up just a bit. Do I really need to go in?

    A few days ago, I was in the neighborhood convenience store. I noticed a gentleman, who was in line to pay, had a revolver in his belt. Not concealed. Plain as day. (Hubby told me later it was probably restrained in a hidden holster inside his pants.)

    The gentleman was well mannered, well dressed, orderly and non-threatening.

    My first thought upon seeing the weapon was, "Thank goodness."

    I knew it meant that if a gun-toting lunatic came in with the intent of holding up the store and shooting people, my chances of surviving just went up.

    Just Me

  7. All my life, I have heard the 2nd Amendment framed in terms of hunters' rights. Even though I grew up in the boonies with gun-totin' folks who weren't afraid to use 'em, I learned a distaste for pistols and automatic weapons (both of which obviously have but one true purpose).

    Either I've gotten wiser, or the world's gotten harder. When the psychos are hunting for sheep, I guess it's time to stop talking about our right to put a squirrel in the frying pan. Time to call a spade a spade.

    Folks will either wake up to the current reality, or declare themselves as sheep of the gov't and save the rest of us some effort in discernment.

  8. First, Deputies confirm that the shooter was enrolled in the class targeted:

    Second: The college was not a 'Gun Free Zone' iaw Oregon state law; in fact there were several CCW in a separate building but likely would have been targeted by responding LEO:

    But hey, let's not let facts spoil the narrative, eh? Can't wait to see WND print a retraction.

    "Handguns are made for killing; they ain't no good for nothing else
    And if you like to drink your whiskey, you might even shoot yourself
    So why don't we dump them, people, to the bottom of the sea
    Before some old fool come around here, wanna shoot either you or me"


    1. Actually, Oreon state law allows Colleges and Universities to declare some or all of their buildings as gun-free, and I saw reports that Umpqua in fact declared ALL their buildings gun-free. So yes, this WAS a gun-free zone. Sorry to spoil your own narrative.