Saturday, October 31, 2015

The horror of overprotective dads

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled The Horror of Overprotective Dads.


  1. I guess she'd be really horrified by me.

    I don't intend to be fun or playful about it.

    I intend to be sitting at the table gutting a bucket of whatever Hubby catches (or sharpening my filet knife, if the fishing doesn't favor us). While so doing, I intend to have a very brief, very firm discussion with the young man about gentlemanly behavior and the definition of the word "NO."

    Would the fact that I'm a female change anything in the feminists' minds??

    I remember being a 15-year-old girl, who (very naively) invited a boy over to play video games.

    I'm sure glad my dad made me keep the door open. What happened anyway was bad enough.

  2. Has anyone ever met a truly happy feminist? I can’t imagine the torture of wasting decades of my life trying to secure feminism’s promise of freedom and happiness, only to realize that it was based on lies; lies that were contrary to God’s natural law. I’d be bitter too.

    I believe the same can be said for those bowing at the altar of homosexuality. No difference. Honestly, has good ever come from resisting natural law? Homosexuals chose the word ‘gay’ to describe themselves. ‘Gay’ could not be farther from the truth. God got it right the first time.

    Montana Guy

  3. When my Granddaughter moved to Texas I set her boyfriend down & told him that if anything happens to her you are responsible. I said if I have to I will drive down there & you will be the first guy I talk to. And I will be carrying my pistols(plural). He got tears in his eyes & said nothing was going to happen to her! Enough said.

  4. our daughter is 27. She went to columbus Mt with another lady
    friend to deliever calves. Forget the overprotcion dad. I called my
    daughter at 7 pm to find out if she had gotton home safely. Found
    out later that Husband was also worried.
    I can imagine what I would do, and then if any thing was left, my
    husband would finsih it off. And daughter knows this

  5. I guess it never occurred to modern feminism that a 15-year-old girl might not WANT to have sex with her boyfriend (or the guy taking her to the dance-- I've been out of the dating scene for the better part of two decades, for all I know maybe going to a dance together doesn't mean you're dating any more).

    Yeah, I knew I was a freak when I was so completely not into that at 15 that I quit going anywhere with guys altogether...

  6. When I hear fathers being downright rude to any potential suitors, and basically suggest that no one is good enough for their daughters, I do wonder where the the respect is. Guys are having a rough enough time in today's world too. Maybe they could really benefit from the girl's dad respecting them. Shaking their hand with a firm grip. Inviting for them to join their family for dinner, or other activities. Leading through example of what a healthy relationship is, and what a gentleman is. How about we start with respect for the girl and the boy, and guide them in a healthy respectful way.
    I feel sorry for the poor girls who are told NO one is good enough for them (after all the dad's know how terrible boys are right?) I don't think that helps the girls nor any potential relationships. And there are a lot of single girls sitting around waiting for their knight to ride in. Forgetting that we are all fallible, and that you love someone despite their flaws, and build a better life together as a team
    Of course, there are other girls that hide, sneak, and go "Romeo & Juliet" because their parents are so miserably overprotective, they don't respect the idea of their daughters growing up (and I don't think that's good for young people either)
    I feel sorry for the poor boys who are told they're just awful people and not good enough for 'daddie's girl'. When do they just stop trying to prove wrong and just decide they are indeed awful, or just go back to playing video games and stay single?
    Just think, what would happen if, upon that spark of attraction between boy and girl, the parents respected them as people and demonstrated what it's like to be an even better person!

    If the kids stay together you've already established a great relationship with your son in law and if not, you've still left a boy with an idea about healthy relationships and respect. And you've let your daughter know that you respect her growing up and are there to guide her to healthy adulthood.

    Side note: recently a coworker with a teen age daughter mentioned that a boy's parents actually called to thank them because the boys grades had gone up since dating the girl, and was generally a better person thanks to them.

  7. The chances of this boy eventually becoming this girls husband is slim. Very few 15 yr olds end up with who they started with as a simple date to a school dance. No reason to get too deep on discussions of family values with the boy.

    Just kindly and respectfully inform him that the young lady is your treasure. For one evening he's going to be her Knight. You won't blame him for lightning strikes and earthquakes, but you'll come looking for him for any poor or disrespectful decisions.

    Date rape, alcohol, drugs, wild driving... the list goes on and on for the things a 15 yr old girl could get dragged into by a handsome boy. she's not an adult, taking her first steps into trying out being one. It's good for her to have an adult lay down the ground rules.