Saturday, October 17, 2015

How to be subversive

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled How To Be Subversive.


  1. We, too, like cash, although we have not yet succeeded in going to all cash. One of the big problems is GETTING cash.
    I didn't have many problems in Wyoming at our bank where we were known. The small town in northern Idaho made me sign a paper last month when I DEPOSITED money, two checks, stating I agreed and understood that I couldn't have the money for several days. I told the teller I could get as much as I all ready had in my account and she became flustered.
    I don't want to walk in the bank and have all the attention that getting cash seems to cause but I do. It's my money. I hate it that I'm made to feel like a criminal. TPTB want us to put money in the bank and then play with plastic. It makes me angry, which is an emotion I do not care for.
    Why is is a problem to get "four figures" of cash in one transaction but not to go to the ATM every day and draw the maximum? I don't live in town, so the daily ATM is a pain in the patooty.
    You are not alone in your "sedition".
    your northern Idaho neighbor

  2. if you pay cash for a car each of the 4 of you have a fourth of the amount or possibly cashier's check.
    one person using cash over a certain amount can have their money confiscated and never returned.

    1. Do not break the amount up. It will be interpreted as trying to evade the law and you will be in BIG trouble and probably have all your money confiscated. Consult a professional.
      Cashiers check or a personal check is what we used last two times we purchased a car.

  3. Last month my family and I were heading back home to Cape Cod after attending the Maine Organic Farmer's and Gardener's Association's Common Ground Country Fair (it was AWESOME!!) in Unity, ME. When we reached the Tobin Bridge to go through Boston we were met with a sign that said something along the lines of No CASH - Only EZ-Pass. We don't have one of those EZ-Pass Toll paying devices and the alternative was that a camera would catch our licence plate and send us a bill for the toll. It was complicated because we were not in our own car. It was a courtesy car from a local dealership that we used because my wife's car was undergoing some warranty work that would take multiple weeks to complete and we didn't want them to get the toll bill. We made a split-second decision and got off the highway only to be in a less-than-desirable part of town and looking at maps trying to find an alternate route over the Charles River. We don't want one of those EZ-Pass boxes because it creeps us out from a security perspective. You can literally be tracked as you travel. Just last week we traveled out to the family farm in upstate New York for a family reunion. We took the Massachusetts Turnpike (a toll road) all the way out and back on the return trip. We paid cash for the tolls and it was easy.

    1. Yikes. That's quite a story. Don't know what I would have done.

      Just Me

  4. One of our local store chains has a card that you swipe at the time of purchase. I wouldn't use it BUT the sales are only valid IF you use the card. You pay full price on a sale item without it.

    I usually use a debit card at another large grocery store that has a gas station. I never really paid attention until one day I was getting gas and the coupon machine at the cash register spit out some coupons for cat food .....the kind I typically buy.

    I put up with it for now because my checking accounts pay 3% on balances, but I have to use the debit card 10 times per month. If that perk goes away, cash will be king. It would be hard to turn down the amount I'm earning a year right now.

    1. I get those cards ...even on vacation.... I just give false info and I get the sale prices.

  5. It is great you are saving for a car, but I am not sure I'd leave money in a bank. As you state, bank tellers are told they have to ask questions if you want to withdraw more than $10K at a time. To be totally subversive, why don't you just keep the money in a lock-box at home?

  6. I have to take issue with "banks are unpaid spies for the government". Do you not recall the bailouts? They're paid a lot.

  7. I like cash. I love barter. The ‘War on Cash’ is another battle line being drawn. But remember, all government demands are ultimately enforced at the point of a gun. Like Washington warned us, ‘government is force’. Jail is no place to be when the chaos hits.

    I’ve thought about the possible lines where I would draw ‘a line the sand’. High on my list of triggers are any physical threat to our homeschoolers (force vaccinations, or forced anything), incarceration of my non-501(c)3 Pastor for exercising his free speech, resisting forced gun registration or forced gun confiscation etc. Your list will be different and maybe preserving cash will be on it.

    Believe me, I am NOT mellowing. The point I’d like to make is to encourage everyone to ponder which 'hills they are willing to die on'. Now would be a good time to grab a pen.

    Montana Guy

  8. Excuse me, ma'am....

    Was that 2 cents worth meant to be paid in cash? ;~)

    I remember a phrase we used to hear often: Cash is king.

    I think we're headed for some mighty dark times if we don't get our run-amok government under some semblance of control, and that doesn't seem a likely prospect, given what we see out there and the amount of illegal voting being encouraged by the current lawless administration. (And it's certainly not the only one. The Rs are just as guilty wrt voting integrity.)

    But perhaps the most troubling of all is the fact we have people in this nation so devoid of intellect or discernment that they'd vote for the current occupant of our nation's highest office. Twice.

    I too refuse to use "discount" or "club" cards, and I avoid businesses that use them. On the odd occasion I do shop at one of them, the sales clerk will, unbidden, whip one out of her pocket and use it to give me the discount anyway.

    Another thing that many people don't realize is the product tracking technology used in the packaging of many products. It's nothing less than freaky, imo. There are some products that should be unwrapped when you leave the store and the packaging left in their garbage cans before you take them home.

    I'm with Montana Guy. It's time to figure out where those hills are on which we need to make our stands.

    A. McSp

  9. I read a bumper sticker years back that said, "Confuse the IRS, use cash." I try to live by it the best I can. - Maggie