Saturday, August 15, 2015

The zombie apocalypse

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled The Zombie Apocalypse.


  1. If I had to guess about the composition of the US, it would breakdown like this: I am defining 'Builders/Producers' as those working (or doing their best) to live and let live, and care for themselves.

    Destroyers/Takers 20%
    Builders/Producers - Asleep and Unprepared: 75%
    Builders/Producers - Awake and Prepared 5%

    The 20% Zombie group presents little dilemma to me. But what about the 75% group? It probably contains the loved ones that most of us have been trying to wake up, but to no avail. Those of us in the 5% group may suddenly find ourselves staring at unbelievably difficult moral decisions.
    Montana Guy

  2. Wow! Great stuff. Couldn't have said it better myself.


  3. Another divide and conquer piece of violent propaganda by a so called "Christian" who thinks her way of life is the only one that matters. All those "mindless zombies" you refer to are the product of the very type of behavior that you refer to here. The divide and conquer, I'm better than you are mentality has created these zombies and the lack of knowledge of how to be self sufficient. The Bible teaches us to help one another and especially those less fortunate than us and not to buy a gun and shoot them when they show up at the door for help. The best thing is that your end of the world scenario is a pure figment of your imagination and likely not anything similar to what might occur. I bet you will change your tune when one of those mindless zombies is the only person left who can save you from sure extinction. Nothing will ever change in this country until people realize that we are one and all exactly the same and the only way we can survive is by helping each other. Instead of promoting violence and division why don't you try doing something useful and educating some people less fortunate than yourself.

    1. Susan, you acknowledge that "all those mindless zombies" do in fact exist. And we agree that we should be educating each other. So please educate me. Exactly what is your plan when "all those mindless zombies" show up at your front door for help?
      Montana Guy

    2. Ummmm, what precisely do you think she's doing??

      We COULD be one, and exactly the same. However, the fact is that our choices make us different. Right here and right now, there is still time (however short) to make a different choice. After the fact, though, it's too late.

      The time to be ready isn't after the fact. After the fact, the help that can be given will be limited. The time to band together and help each other is NOW.

      Giving a warning isn't a "divide and conquer, I'm better than you mentality." It's a warning, a call to yoke up and start pulling in the same direction while you can still get the cart out of the mud.

    3. Susan, it has been 72 hours since I asked for help, and got silence. Frankly, while disappointed, I am not surprised.

      My first clue was when you wanted to disarm the people. Why would anyone want to take away my God-given right to self-defense and my God-given DUTY to protect my loved ones? History has recorded the genocides that followed EVERY time people have been disarmed.

      My second clue was the philosophy that “‘we are all one”. Oh yea, ‘It takes a village’, managed of course by Big Brother. He looks at the property of everyone and redistributes it from makers to takers. And what results from this? The Socialist government creates hordes of ‘mindless zombies’. Like Grandma used to say, ‘You get what you reward’.

      So Susan, your solution is actually the problem.
      Montana Guy

  4. The article you linked to in The Atlantic was fascinating!! Scary and sobering, but fascinating, nonetheless. I'm sort-of a mental health geek though. :-)

  5. I can't read the Atlantic article without stopping in the middle to spout off. It's so truthful it makes me sick.

    What is being done IS NOT about emotional well-being. Like so many other things going on in our country, it is about emotional well-being theater. It's about comfort, convenience, and the sanctity of the paint job covering over our wounds so that we can pretend we haven't got any. Because, you know, pain is MESSY. Like, ick-y!!

    It's unmitigated bullshit (sorry about the profanity, but the shoe fits). I know mental health-- I've spent most of my adult life fighting for mine. This is about illusions, not sanity. It's not good for anyone's mental health. It's about making people weaker, and more distrustful. It's about the destruction of the human spirit.