Sunday, August 2, 2015

Male feminists and unfaithful wives

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled Male Feminists and Unfaithful Wives.

Now compare the slime in the column to the beauty of an email I just received from an elderly reader:

"Had my child bride managed to live another 17 days (but in pain...) we would have been married 62 years today (Saturday). She didn’t, and crossed over on the 14th. An “open marriage” was never in our thoughts, and hadn’t been since the start."

Who do you suppose has a richer life?


  1. The elderly reader was a real man and real husband. He and his bride were in a real marriage. God blessed them.

    Those in the NY mag piece are not even worthy of addressing.
    Montana Guy

  2. What amazes me is how some people can totally misunderstand what you say in many of your articles. Then when others attempt to straighten them out, they get hateful and argumentative! At times it can be very frustrating. --Fred in AZ

  3. Well, if they want to do that, I guess that's between them. Not my place to tell them how to live their lives and all that.

    I think it's a bit silly. I know a few SAH dads who I don't consider in any way emasculated (just doing what's best for their families under the current circumstances, which is what a 'real man' does in my opinion). Likewise, I never cared much for "alpha males." Wonderful human beings I'm sure, but the man who chose me had been bullied relentlessly by an "alpha" father and developed a more "beta" personality type. I've always been attracted and touched by his gentleness and non-aggression (not to say that he's not capable of being aggressive in our defense-- he is!!). But it seems to me as if this guy is trying to convince himself.

    I see nothing misogynistic or "un-liberating" in monogamy. It mostly involves commitment and impulse control, which in my opinion means using your higher reason to liberate yourself from the tyranny of your feelings of the moment.

    Certainly I wouldn't want to deal with a polyandrous/polyamorous marriage. The peculiarities, pathologies, preferences, and personalities of two partners (the two people involved in a monogamous relationship) are complicated enough!!!!

    What they do at the end of the day, though... Up to them, I guess.

  4. I think the whole who-is-more-alpha-than-the-other-man speculation is an utter waste of time - a lot of guesswork based on assumptions that may or may not be true.
    However, I always wonder who in their right mind would try an "open marriage" or polyamorous relationships or whatever the "in" name is - imagine the stress. Imagine the emotional upheaval. Imagine how much pain might be the result - of the adults, but also of the children involved. I know how grateful I am that I can rely on my husband (and he can rely on me), that we have known each other for a long time and know how the other person "ticks", that we can focus on the tasks that life sets us and don't have to oscillate between relationships and try to balance all kinds of urges and jealousies and needs...ugh. It's not worth it, I'm sure.

  5. I read your article yesterday and my immediate reaction was to go to the bathroom and throwup. It kind bothered me all night that I knew I could not comment without using offensive four letter words. The whole thing is so wrong on so many levels.

    Carl in the UP

  6. I love my house-husband!! He spent years defending our country and putting his life on the line. If he is more comfortable being at home, I am 100% cool with it. I have a warm, tidy house, wonderful meals, clean laundry, well maintained yard and most importantly, the love and support of a faithful and trustworthy hero.