Sunday, July 19, 2015

The doctrine of hurt feelings

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled The Doctrine of Hurt Feelings.


  1. The only thing you missed is that the liberals do not think they feel. "I feel that all should have free health insurance"

  2. are so right! We are being distracted by drama presented as news so we won't actually pay attention to what is really happening in the world. I am so glad my 3 sons are married to good Christian girls, boys have targets on them these days and we experienced a little of this drama a few years ago and it is devastating. People really aren't paying attention! Well said, although I worry that you are preaching to the choir!

  3. Superb article! What a screwed up world we live in now. You voiced many things that I couldn't find the words for.

    God Bless,
    Janet in MA

  4. Well said Patrice. However, I'm a victim. I'm a victim because I am forced to contend with fools on a daily basis. Why can't everybody be sweet like me?


  5. Yes, it appears the new national pastime for (too) many Americans is the now profitable art of being offended.

    A. McSp

  6. Patrice, you nailed it. At this point, the only way out is through.
    Montana Guy

  7. UNITED we stand, DIVIDED we fall. That is why there are sub groups of sub groups.

  8. Thank you!! Sadly, people will be offended by this.

  9. Actually, I have every right to be a racist. There is no law against being misogynist. Every law supports my right to be anti LBGT. If signs advertising bacon and eggs insults your Muslim restriction of pork I am still within my rights to advertise and eat as much pork as I can get down.

    Every time I am accused of being something my answer is-- so what. You object to my freedom to differ with you? That offends me and hurts my feelings.

  10. I feel you; I am very tired of every statement that isn't effusive praise being treated as a felony. It makes it hard to, well, speak to anyone, about anything, ever.

    At the same time, sometimes I understand where the other side is coming from too. I HATE being judged incompetent to _______ [raise my children despite the fact that they're thriving, drive a car despite not having caused an accident in 18 years, build a simple structure despite having built several of them, care for another human being for two hours despite having kept a house and cared for a family for 13+ years now), not on the basis of my past performance in any of those areas, but simply on the basis of a diagnosis, appearing nervous, or not being good at chit-chat.

    It hurts my feelings, yes... but hurt feelings are generally quickly mended.

    When I'm denied medical care and presumed incompetent because I disclosed a diagnosis in an attempt to explain that my stuttering and shaking hands were not due to drug use or withdrawal, it's not so easily fixed.

    When wonderful people like Piers Morgan use the same stereotypes to advance an agenda by promulgating (misplaced) judgment against an entire demographic, it does a lot more than hurt my feelings. It threatens (what's left of) my Constitutional rights and "silly" things like my legal personhood and my right to self-determination in choices about my medical care.

    It does those things to me even though I've worked very hard (continue to work very hard, without expecting anyone to notice) to rise above my issues, irrespective of any crimes or sins of commission or omission.

    Sometimes it's hurt feelings, and making laws about that is silly.

    Sometimes, though, it's the equivalent of saying that the protections of the Constitution and the (reasonable) laws of the land are for some demographics and not for others (and not on the basis of anything controllable, like say "convicted serial child molesters" or "fraudsters").

    That's wrong.

  11. God bless you for raising sane children, and taking the time to express yourself about this insanity. I've been ranting about this since around 1980, and of course nobody wants to think about it.

    I'm also, at 70, forced to recognize that I'm one of those men who just tuned out and left women to their own devices 20 years or so ago. Sigh.

  12. People need to turn their hearts to the One and Only One that matters: Jesus. But sadly, no one wants Him anymore: they have their god in the wh. Ugh!
    Love from NC

  13. I,oo, fear you may be preaching to the choir. Even in my own church I have grown tired of seeing the look on people's faces when I bring up certzain sub\jects. Folks do not seem to want examine the past or think about the future. Just go along to get along. Well, that's just not me

  14. WOW what timing - my husband and children were just talking about this a few days ago. Our 2 youngest work (yes they actually work for their own money) at a local cub scout camp and help run the shooting range (BB, Air rifle and archery). And our kids are always telling us how the parents complain if something doesn't go their or their childs way. They have VERY strict rules on the ranges that must be followed for safety reasons and if the child/parent does not follow them they are asked to leave. Can't even begin to tell you how many PARENTS complain to the director because their kid (or them) were not following the rules and were corrected or asked to leave. I have actually seen these parents scream at these working kids because they corrected their child for safety sake and the child cried. Instead of the parent telling their child they were wrong and to do what was told of them by the working staff they scream at the staff because they hurt their kids feelings. Seriously hurt feelings over safety? My daughter actually had words with one dad who was so nasty that she told him that there was an age limit on the range and since he and his child were acting like 3 year olds they both needed to get off her range NOW and he didn't leave she would call security. He left and complained and the director told him since the dad and his child could not respect the rules he could A) leave the camp or B) obey ALL the rules and the staff that implement rules that keep ALL the campers safe. I'm with you, I'm sick of the whiny babies and hurt feelings, grow up and get a spine, hurt feelings and people not agreeing with you is a part of life GET OVER IT! Thanks for a great article Patrice. June

    1. WOW. That is completely freakin' ridiculous. The next time I think I'm a lax parent and need to be harder on my kids, I'm going to re-read this comment and let it remind me what a disgustingly lax parent ACTUALLY looks like.

      That's not even spoiling. That's NEGLECT.