Sunday, July 5, 2015

Happy Dependence Day

Here's my WND column for the weekend entitled Happy Dependence Day.


  1. Well, durn. I had hoped that this would have lots of comments and perhaps even people noting their acts of independence against the feral government. But, of course big brother and big sister are watching and listening, so perhaps those small (and not so small) acts of rebellion should best be left unreported.

    I'm going to assume that everybody else is like me and does small acts of rebellion at every opportunity.

  2. I believe our Founders’ Republic finally fell (along with our Bill of Rights) on New Year’s Eve 2011 with the signing of the NDAA. Hordes are now flooding what were our borders. Our riches are being plundered. The government is bankrupt. The actual physical collapse or splintering is nearing. Personally I believe it is vital now for folks to focus on preserving liberty for their loved ones, NOT preserving a government.

    Keep in mind that future borders may once again mean the difference between liberty and tyranny. Choose your location carefully. Something will rise from the ashes of this once-great country. And there lies real hope…

    Montana Guy