Sunday, June 7, 2015

Are the bullies backing down?

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled The PC Bullies: Beginning to Back Down.


  1. Good post. I'll link it on my blog and Facebook.

  2. This was a good article, and I agreed with it. I think the most Americans are too polite to speak up and smack the bullies, until they have had enough. I, for one, have stopped being politically correct. I am an Islamaphobe....yeah? So what. Go back to your country and stop trying to change mine. If you don't like what I say, don't listen. If a word is in the dictionary, I can say it. No more Mrs. nice guy!

  3. Delenda est SJW.

  4. Save your copy of The Declaration of Independence.
    Montana Guy

  5. It's about time.

    You know, I know some very nice Muslims. Delightful individuals.

    I know some gay people that I would trust with my life (or my kids) in a heartbeat.

    I know some Pagans who I like very much. I'd like to add that they're some of the most conservative people I know, and they see "political correctness" for exactly what it is: an eye for an eye, a concerted effort to serve back the bigotry and repression that were served up for so many years.

    In other words, the worst idea since Reconstruction. A bad tree that will bear no good fruit. A stupid, mean-spirited mistake that needs to stop. NOW.

    I want legitimacy for all those people that I know. I just don't want it to come at the price of delegitimization for someone else. And I'm smart enough to understand that there's a big difference between legitimacy and validation.

    One of them means something. The other one is cheap, hollow, and politically correct.

  6. Don't get ahead of yourself - I suspect any changes we see at this point are tactical repositioning, not a true change or real backing down - they won't give in this easily!

  7. they will never give in. their master is the father of lies, whether they realize it or not.
    he is kicking up more dust, not less, as his time grows short.
    it is a real feather in his cap to bring down this nation.

    the son of an acquaintance emigrated to australia, because he couldn't stand the p. c. here.
    it didn't take long before he and his wife were back--said the p. c. there was worse than here.
    the devil is winning the battle, but not the war, praise God!!
    we must endure to the end.