Sunday, May 31, 2015

Why people homeschool

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled "There's No 'Risk Behavior Survey' in Homeschool" (originally titled Why People Homeschool).


  1. That is the message parents need to hear. It reminds me of a previous quote of Patrice, "Children are the currency of tyrants." What is taking place in government schools is even more sinister than you describe. It is by design of tyrants.

    One of the greatest joys for me is seeing all of our homeschool families every Sunday. Their parents are doing it. So can you.

    Montana Guy

    1. Montana Guy, you are right on the money! God bless you! --Fred in AZ

  2. we lived in nj about 17 yrs ago. decency prevents explication of what was being taught in sex ed. classes there.
    when i was told about it by another homeschooling mother i asked if the teacher were still in prison.
    you can tell that i'm a dinosaur.
    the teacher was well thought of by the powers that be and was still teaching.
    that is the merest tip of the iceberg.
    a teacher here [ohio] was victim of the new grade school 'game' in which little boys trip the teacher.
    she had to have surgery.
    the principal said the teacher must have done something to anger the child! no punishment was given the tiny criminal.
    you know that the power behind this movement hates children because those who love children protect them and nurture them.
    the Devil is winning!
    while americans are glued to their electronic devices.
    if we call on Him with one accord God can pull us out of this. after all, nineveh was saved. there can be hope for us.

  3. A friend confessed she avoided me for a year. She had been homeschooling, but felt she needed help with math, just math. So she "joined" a charter school, just for math. The tutor from the charter school was a homeschool mom with all graduates, and she was great with math, so it seemed like a good match. As time went on, my friend realized that the tutor was having to spend more time every visit on "assessments" and less time on math. When my friend realized that the questions were intrusive, they were being asked directly of her children at her kitchen table, and all that info was going directly into the laptop, she got creeped out and withdrew her children from the charter school. She is now an extremely effective advocate against Common Core because of her personal experience. She is back to homeschooling for math as well as everything else, and it is much better than "with" the charter because of the sanctity of her home.
    Great article Patrice!
    Bend, Oregon

  4. So very glad we homeschooled our children, even back in old days. They were born in 1976 and 1979. Wouldn't have wanted it any other way. They both turned out beautifully even if I do say so myself. Nancy

  5. As one who has worked in public school K-12, I have to say I strongly endorse Home Schooling,

    A word of encouragement to anyone who, for any reason, believes they really cannot home school. Being a single mom or dad might be the case (or can relatives pitch in? Be creative).

    Home Schooling simply put, is just TEACHING YOUR CHILD AT HOME. If your child is currently in public school, then you can 'after school' your child.This can and should occur at anytime of the day or night, Hint: if your child has been identified as 'gifted' then there is a very good chance that you are already 'after schooling"

    Enhance and build upon what your child is learning at public school. If your child is learning about butterfly's make it a point to visit a butterfly habitat on Saturday etc. etc. If your child is learming to subtract, get the coco puffs out and SHOW your child how it works etc etc While you;re at it, teach your children good manners, morals and character,

    Explore all the resources available to home schoolers on the internet (including various home schooling styles) and use them. Explore home school resources in your community and connect with those parents. You probably have home schooling parents sitting next to you in the bleachers at your kids little league game.

    Chances are, children will not be destroyed by public elementary education, but by 5th grade they will have fallen behind home-schoolers in most areas, and math will be especially harder to learn, due to the Common Core math method. (there are many very awesome elementary teachers, some refuse to teach CC) Know what's going on in the classrooom and talk to your child's teachers.

    I feel strongly that the WORST time for a child to be in public school is during Middle School. If you could only pull your child out, or find suitable alternatives, for 2-3 years I would strongly advise parents to avoid the over-crowded and inappropriate-ness of public Middle School. There are too many factors to go into here, but Middle School today is very hard to teach, and very hard for kids to endure and come out unscathed in some way. At the very least, it's generally a very poor learning environment.

    A child with strong parenting at home, could probably succeed (academically and morally) in public High School, with strong,clear goals and parental support.

    My Grandaughter went to public school but was 'after schooled' by me ,from pre-school throughn4th grade. She loved her public school experience due to awesome teachers. She loved our learning adventures at home. She helped set up our after school and 'summer school' programs at home. Her father enrolled her in our local Christian Academy starting at 5th grade. Because she was a straight A student, she did not have to be tested for Academy. (Many kids coming from public school are behind the Academy standards and repeat or drop down a grade) She just completed 5th grade with flying colors, and loves her school, Uniform and all.

    My son (her father, who taught both public and private school) is committed to her skipping the public Middle School experience, for which I am so very grateful.

    It's possible she will go to public High School, only because of the award winning, flight training Academy offered, but we shall see.

    Pray... and talk to full time and part time home school parents. And by all means, no matter what, be a parent who teaches at home!

    You CAN do it, Sooo much support online and in most communities, You can customize your child's experience, and make it FUN!!!

  6. Convince this modern, career oriented woman that it is better and easier to stay at home and raise 8 children, while working the farm, gardens and home. How will that make me more feminine to break my body and work a load that requires a physical type of strength that goes beyond the feminine body. And the man goes out and works in the office. HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH. No smart woman would fall for that, and that's why women don't want traditional roles, traditional roles for women mean heavy,heavy,physical jobs. LOL!!!!!! But good luck trying to convince the modern woman.